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  1. ...it just found its way online Two weeks after I saw Voice of Cod play live, I was inspired to open my cd book of progressive psy for the first time in almost a year, and this is what I recorded. http://www.28thday.com/choons/lauryn/Laury...Progressive.mp3 sorry no track list...it was rather spontaneous and i just don't remember what many of these are.... enjoy!
  2. I actually already posted this in the N. American section....so if a mod could delete this post, that would be cool. thanks!
  3. Ahhh well I'm not the one who coined the term, but its funny I was talking to my friend from Asheville about this same exact thing the other week....and next time I speak to her, I'll ask her to clarify for me...maybe I'm not properly explaining the music they've labeled 'neuro' and why... perhaps think also like, neuro as in neurotic, neurosis.....i.e. scattered, indecision...music that makes you feel crazy...joe's description of "full power getting into the brain stuff." works for me....its the darker stuff thats not really melodic at all and sometimes sounds like it has no specific direction....
  4. OK. So as far as I know, neurotrance, or simply what has started to be known as 'Neuro' was a term coined by a few friends of mine who are living down in Asheville, NC who were in search of another means of describing the music they are into...i.e. 'darkpsy', or in New York "psy-stomp" or what our friends on the west coast of the US had started calling "Trauma Trance". (See below) "The second release from San Francisco label Mistress of Evil Records, ... ... seeks to define the concept of Trauma Trance: Music that was meant to shake you up mentally, to stir up your emotions and push you forward to new perceptions and ways of thinking. Trauma Trance is not about dark vs. light, negative vs. positive, or any other dichotomy. It is music that tests the limits of your mind and makes you question your own sanity (and the sanity of the artists!). Step aside from the traditionally negative connotation of the word trauma and allow the music to alter your consciousness" Neuro came about as a means of describing this same music without the negative connotations of the word "trauma". So Neuro, as in neurological as in music that affects your nervous system and your mind....music that makes you think... I'm pretty sure this is a term I haven't heard used outside of the US, and the 'Neuro' subgenre of psytrance seems to be most popular in the southeast part of the country....you don't really hear the term Neuro here in new york for example... Hope that explanation helps
  5. wow! good to hear i love the first Neverending Story.... Will be checking this one out for sure!
  6. What I heard of her live set in Ohio back in January was great, she's definiately got her own unique sound going on, something that a lot of artists these days seem to NOT have...and Texas Hate off of VA-Neverending Story was one of my favorite tracks of 2006. Haven't heard this album yet, but definately plan to pick it up for sure when i next cross paths with Egnogra....
  7. For sure! I love Vancouver! ...was only there for a day and would love to go back sometime....was there to play at Organix...I'm assuming you know Chris aka Aya... BTW...i'm such a wannabe Canadian.....ask TC
  8. yes i don't think there's many tracks like this ....and to *just* have tracks with triplets in them for +/- 45 minutes might get a bit monotonous. But, if there's interest, I'd be down to record a dj set btw....where in canada are you from, eh?
  9. Lauryn


    Ultimae! Can't wait to take a listen
  10. Alladin Orb Summer Festival in Echo Lake CampGround Afton NY, USA July 12-15 2007 After four years of producing parties in NYC with the best trance artists on the globe, we feel that the time has come to go outdoors, for a well planned and highly produced 3 day festival, featuring over 50 of the best trance artists with three outdoor stages and 80K sound systems!!! This bigger than ever nature gathering will take place in Echo Lake, a beautiful resort, three hours away from Manhattan in upstate NY. This is an incredible venue, which has hosted numerous musical festivals over the years. This amazing lake surrounded by a magical forest has plenty of parking space, well maintained camping site and economy cabins available for rental. Situated around a secluded spring-fed lake in the midst of a pine forest.. Come and experience the purity of nature and the divine psychedelic waves of sounds floating around the lake, creating an amazing cosmic energy that brings people together. This one for sure will be an uplifting experience and an unforgettable gathering!!! Music Performance: SHIFT Live(Nexus Media, South Africa) HUX FLUX Live(Spiral Trax, Sweden) ATOMIC PULSE (B N E Records, Israel) TOTAL ECLIPSE(TIP World,mandala France) ZION Live(Alladin Records, Israel) D-TEK Live(Maia Recorsds Mexico) IBOJIMA Live(Millennium Records, Sweden) ZIK aka HORROR PLACE Live(Harmonia Rec, Drup Out, Greece) TWISTED SYSTEM(Nexus Media, South Africa) PETER DIGITAL( Digital Structures sweden) GRAPES OF WRATH-MONNO(Parvati, Denmark) DOMINO(Avatar/Wakyo,UK) NAKED TOURISTS Live(Parvati Records, Germany) REEFER DECREE Live(Iboga Records, Denmark) ENERTOPIA Live(Alladin Records, Israel) KNO-B(Alladin Records, Japan) ORBIT Live(Alladin Records, Israel,Japan) ONNOMON Live (Gaian Mind, Soular Records, Philadephia,) COMBINATIONS Live (Groove Criminals Records, Israel, Austria) D-SPACE Live(Alpha Channel/M-Field,PsyBooty Records,Soul trance) JAY SELWAY aka CYZUM Live(Zero Divide/ JOOF Records/ Iboga Records USA) M.T.R Live(Queens, NYC) BUBBLE CRAFT Live(NYC, Israel) PSYLAB Live(Boston, USA) DYNAMIC RAIN Live(Israel) EARWORM Live (NYC) SPYROS (Psytribe, Los Angeles) YANN (Ultra Groove, Tech Safari, Canada) DRIZZT (24/7 Records, Montreal) CRIS (Alladin Records, Mexico) KIFE (Omnitribe, NYC) STEVE-O (Goa Babies, Gaian Mind, NYC) BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher, NYC) EARTHIAN aka ANIMALTEK, (Omnitribe, NYC) SUNIL vs MADUH (Malysia/India) LAURYN (Peak Records/28thday, NYC) TONY UNORTHODOX (28thday, NYC) RICKAM (Neurobiotic Records, Tech Safari, Canada) EG_BOT & MESCALINIUM (Gaian Mind/PSI-Philadelphia) LUIS (Tsunami, Dreamcatcher, Brazil/NYC) CORAL (Touch Samadhi, NYC) PHATMIND (NYC/Israel) VADIM (Loft.N.Space, NYC) SHUUNY (Mad Elephant, NYC/Japan) GAVIN (Digital Structures, Spectra,NYC) ELNADIV (Alladin Records, Israel) SINPATEX (Alladin Records, Israel) BABLA (Kagdila Records, India) NOLA (Alladin Records, NYC) EGNOGRA (Shaman films media, San Francisco) ROE REVOLUTION (South Florida Psytrance) INNER MONGOLIAN (Russia/NYC) KEN (NYC, Japan) INDRA (Omnitribe, NYC) STAS (Omni Tribe, NYC) BEN (Light-o-Matic, NYC) IGAL (Loft.n.Space, NYC) ALIEN AMBASSADOR (CoSM, NYC) DROOZI (Pune, India) MANNY (Green Sector, Los Angeles) Deco by: DAYA CAYUNG SEVERYN Alladin Deco Team And More TBA!!! Visual By: SERGE GUILLAUME CLAVE And More TBA!!! Drum sircle By: MZ.IMANI(Shaman of the drum, Cosem. NY/DC) Sound By: Metro sound Advance Ticket: *$100 till May 6th *$120 till June 1st *$135 till July 11th Entertainment activities: Fishing, Boating, Massages and meditation area, Work shops, Vendor markets, Chai shops, Hookah lodge, Drums circles, Body painting, Fire performances, Laser shows, Arts backdrops & Decorations, Special nature lighting, Food vendors, Fruit bar, ***Several designated public camping tents*** ***Hot showers, clean and well maintained restrooms*** ***First aid on premises*** and Lots more!!! http://www.alladinproject.net/
  11. So, I was just as curious as you, i went through my chat history and found the missing line....not really sure why it was missing in the first place honestly... .::::Lauryn $#^&%$&^$@!!: welll. i think he must be reevaluating his personal priorites and musical goals as an artist. I'm sure he'll be back on the scene in full force sometime soon. if he really enjoys making music, then why would it matter, and why would he stop....
  12. pm me your email and we can chat through there
  13. They are still going on monthly...the party only goes until 2am, but always have a good turnout. Any other questions, feel free to pm me! I lived in Boston for about 5 years, so I can pretty much tell you everything you need to know
  14. I totally don't remember you having long hair like that! But then maybe its been that long since i've seen you in person! Hope you're well!
  15. awwww come on nemo, I'm coming from outside of the country as well for this party :wub: Canada!
  16. Wooohoooo!!! And Echoplex too! Ray's new tracks are really rockin....heard him in Montreal last month
  17. Ahhhh....its such a psynews best of 2006.... ...just an observation... I hope that next year's "best of" voting will differentiate between compilations and albums...full-on, progressive & chillout..
  18. Ahhhh been there to visit friends three times this year and not been hastled at all. I find the US Customs much much scarier than the friendly Canadians. Weird that I get nervous when I'm trying to re-enter whats supposed to be my own country....
  19. for your post, it says 12:02am for me, but i think i purposely set my time like this so i could fit in more with everyone from europe....
  20. it doesn't. but does it really need to anymore?
  21. my new favorite ~> http://www.sofaspace.ch/
  22. polished formulaic and predictable full on perhaps....whereas Elements was more of a myriad of ideas and melodies - a distinctive Mr Peculiar sound, with Mind-dala he lost that distinctiveness and just started sounding like everyone else.
  23. In just about 2 weeks from now, Mr. Peculiar himself will be in town....tho he's playing a party here with Skazi...and I'll be elsewhere that night. Agreed. Elements is one of my all time favorite albums. Mind-dala was such a huge disappointment to me. In 2003, I think about a year after the release of Elements, Mr. Peculiar came to Boston to play a party in the basement of a dorm at MIT....it was probably one of the best parties I remember going to in Boston. All of the music I heard there that night was amazing- much along the same lines as Elements. Most of it I never heard again after that night....word is later that year, his computer crashed and the music was lost.... don't know how true this story is....but regardless. I miss the old Mr. Peculiar.
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