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  1. Tomasz almost had me convinced to jump on a plane and come to this....hehe... I hope you guys have fun tonight...new echoplex tracks rock and i've got a feeling I'll be seeing you in less than a month
  2. I'm just wondering if anyone has seen Jan Mueller of X-Dream play at a party recently. I'm curious as to what kind of music he's playing these days, particularly in his dj sets. Recently has anyone heard him play an old school x-dream set or is he mostly playing electro with vocals these days? Is he mostly playing club venues or is his music what ppl would want to hear at an outdoor party? at night, in the morning, or during the day? Discuss.
  3. Kindzadza- Waves from Inner Space ! :posford: on June 7! :rolleyes:
  4. -Gappeq -Pondscum -Hefty Output -Mubali -Arahat -Red -Onnomon -Naked Tourist -Kindzadza -Grapes of Wrath -Voice of Cod
  5. very nice! ahhh....drawing with sharpies is very relaxing indeed! you come to Gaian Mind festival and try to sell some there....
  6. Greetings and Namaste, The time has come once again for the 10th anniversary of the legenday and much anticipated northern California underground outdoor music festival lovingly known as GEMINI. This amazing gathering is dedicated to unifying our bay area, USA, and international global music family. Artists from all over the world and many nations have committed to creating an intentional community located in our own private town called Belden, 3.5hrs NE of San Francisco (full directions from all areas below) . That's right, we are taking over a whole resort, complete with restraunt, bathrooms, showers and dance floor porta-potties. This is a FREE gathering, (i.e. No Entrance or parking/camping Fee) which means it is what we all make it. To support this gathering please LEAVE NO TRACE and prepare to clean up after yourself and to urge your neighbors/friends to do the same… Please CARPOOL to save room for camping and for the environment. =) We are calling out to any and all participants who would like to help create a sacred, mystical setting for us to experience true freedom and bliss. If you have decorations, want to volunteer time, anything that you think would make this gathering better or safer… Please contact: Richard (wichdokta@hotmail.com) Please welcome all the new family members that are traveling from across the world to present their music and artistic creations for us enjoy. The new energy is going to be very welcome on the dance floor. This is going to be something a very unique and special gathering. We proudly present 2 stages of different music for your dancing and listening pleasure, a trance stage and a fully stocked chill area. PLEASE NOTE: Renegade sound systems will not be tolerated, you will be shut down and kindly asked to leave the gathering. Spread the word to all family and friends about this UNIQUE and SACRED gathering and the amazing new venue. So get ready to have a great time and collectively transform this town into a "PSYCHEDELIC CITY". Belden Resort 14785 Belden Town Rd., Belden, Ca. 95915 (530) 283-9662 Surrounded by majestic mountains, you will drive by many waterfalls and through rock mountain tunnels, view luscious valleys of green and old bridges on your journey into the Sierra foothills. The river that runs adjacent to the town is great for rafting and swimming. The event location has plenty of camping under the trees. There is an Old Style Saloon for drinks, snax and water and NOW also featuring a fully stocked restraunt . All cabins at Belden are now reserved. There are additional Rooms for rent only 1.5 miles from the event at the beautiful Pine Air Hotel (530) 283 - 1730 * Sound on both stages by: Full Circle/Know Audio featuring a giant system for the Dance Stage with over 30,000 watts of Pleasure! * Visuals on both stages by: Geomagnetic.tv * Decorations and Sacred Shrines by: Mindalters, Taodeco and the Phoenix Family LINE UP FOR DANCE STAGE FRIDAY NIGHT - SATURDAY MORNING (Scroll Down for Full Bio for the Artists/DJs) 8 pm Nagual ( Phoenix Family ) [san Diego] 9pm Jeto ( Psytribe ) [LA] 10pm Kri ( Touch Samadhi ) [North Carolina] 11pm Collision ( Mind Outpsyde) [iowa] 12am Primeordial Ooze ( Touch Samadhi/Divine Balance Rec. ) [illinois] 1am Facehead ( Geomagnetic.tv ) [Pennsylvania] 2am Shotu ( Hadra / AP Rec. ) LIVE & DJ SET [FRANCE] 4am Konflux ( Psytribe ) [LA] 5am Medi-monks ( Touch Samadhi ) [North Carolina] 6am Dragon ( Touch Samadhi / Vortex ) [Mississippi] 7am Shagee ( Esoteric Gen) [Arkansas] 8am Mulu (Paragon Family) [Arcata, CA] 9am Helios ( Geomagnetic.tv / Magic Glasses ) [san Francisco] 10am Rob-Ot ( Phoenix Family / Psy-Booty Rec. ) [san Francisco] 11am N ick Synergy (OverMindWorks) [Arizona] 12pm Takuan ( Phoenix Family / Touch Samadhi ) [santa Cruz] MAIN STAGE TAKES A REST BETWEEN 1PM - 5PM SATURDAY NIGHT - SUNDAY MORNING (Scroll Down for Full Bio for the Artists/DJs) 5pm Michael Liu ( Secret Psychedelia ) [san Jose] 6pm Spyros ( Psytribe ) [LA] 7pm Solomoon ( Metameme ) [Colorado] 8pm Random ( Geomagnetic.tv ) [san Francisco] 9pm Shapestatic ( Geomagnetic.tv / GiainMind Rec. ) [North Carolina] 10pm Wichdokta ( Full Circle / Phoenix Family ) [ukiah] 11pm Kali ( Fractal Rec.) LIVE & DJ SET [ SPAIN] 1am Aktif (Mind Outpsyde)[iowa] 2am Dia ( Psytribe )[ LA/Japan] 3am Brains ( Mubali,Bodhisattva, and Arahat ) [illinois/SanDiego] 4am Moksa ( ATLpsy ) [Georgia] 5am KodeSix ( Geomagnetic.tv )[Montreal, Canada] 6am Virtual Light ( Geomagnetic.tv )[Ottowa, Canada] 7am Meta ( Geomagnetic.tv ) [santa Barbara] 8am Lauryn ( 28th Day ) [New York] 9am DJKT ( Touch Samadhi ) [illinois] 10am Saturnia ( Phoenix Family ) [san Mateo] 11am Paradigm ( Geomagnetic.tv / Maia Rec.) [Missouri] 12pm *Christine* ( Vaporvent Rec. ) [santa Cruz] 1 pm Closing Ceremony Main Stage Shuts Down --- We Love You! ---- LINE UP FOR CHILLOUT STAGE Friday Night - Saturday Morning LINE UP TBA Saturday – Sunday Morning LINE UP TBA -DIRECTIONS and LOCATION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GOOGLE MAPS: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&...c=addr&om=1 ** FROM THE BAY AREA ** Take hwy. 80 towards Sacramento. Take the Hwy. 505 off ramp and follow it to I-5. Take the I-5 North to Williams. Once in Williams, take the Hwy.20 East. ( Follow the Hwy.20 signs when you come to the first town ). Once past the first town you will follow Hwy.20 to Yuba City/Marysville. These 2 towns are separated only by a bridge, you can't miss it. Once over the bridge and in Marysville, be in the fast lane and follow the Hwy.70 signs. It's alittle tricky but if you pay attention you will get through it. Follow Hwy.70 about 49 miles past Oroville and turn right into Belden Town. There are signs for the town on the Hwy. " ** FROM NORTH OF S.F. ** (Anywhere north of Santa Rosa) Take Hwy. 101 to Hwy.20 East 5 miles north of Ukiah. Follow Hwy.20 all the way to Yuba City/Marysville. ( pay close attention to the Hwy.20 signs at the first town past Williams). Once in Yuba City/Marysville you will go over a bridge ( this bridge separates the towns, you can't miss it ) be in the fast lane and follow the Hwy.70 signs. It's a little tricky so pay attention. Follow Hwy.70 about 49 miles past Oroville to Belden Town. There are signs on the Hwy. for this town. Take a right over the bridge and your there. ** FROM LOS ANGELES ** Take the I-5 North to the Hwy.99 junction and take the Hwy.99 to Yuba City. Take a right onto Hwy.20 towards Marysville. Be in the fast lane and follow the Hwy.70 signs once over the Marysville Bridge. You can't miss it. Follow the Hwy. 70 signs carefully, they're a little tricky. Follow Hwy.70 about 49 miles past Oroville to Belden Town. There are signs on the Hwy. for this Town. Take a right over the bridge and your there. More Info: http://www.geomagnetic.tv/events/gemini2007.html
  7. mwahaha...will be there in full force.... this party is going to rock! ...and what about the dude playing the morning set...who's he?
  8. ahhh...i like the samples....i just don't understand why everything in this style must be so FAST these days... this sounds interesting to me.....
  9. All of the above...evenly spread. Any other way just bores me. You're missing a chillout option tho
  10. Hello, I'm going to be putting together an interview for Yab Yum (Peak Records) aka Ajja and Gaspard for a website here in the US as they will be coming here next month to play...I will of course also post it on here. I was wondering if maybe you guys could help me out a bit with some questions or ideas for things I could ask them about....thanks!
  11. new recruit!!!! mwahahaha!
  12. Nick's a friend of mine...not sure he's on this forum, but I'll pass along the link to this thread to him....
  13. What would be an example of Neurofunk?
  14. Its funny to see this same conversation show up on the N. American psy mailing list, so I thought i'd post some of the descriptions here... Neuro is the east coast slang for Trauma trance.. it's the same thing, just called different on the other side of the country... The thing is, everyone's getting caught up in the speed war, not really my cup of tea, but if people are making 170 + shit, I could probably get away with 1 or 2 over 150... Hell, I've got a couple with some us friends here that are 161 & 166... They don't get played too often, but if ever the need happens where it will fit, I'll play it... the thing is you never know what people will respond to unless you feel them out. Oh and the reason people refer to it as Neuro trance was taken from Suria's Dark Side of the Sun cd. The second disk was supposed to be this cutting edge neurotrance, as it was promoted.... listening to it again recently, it really didn't have anything in common with what is now being interpreted under that name. I think also a russian comp called it that too... ~~~~~ I find it funny that everyone keeps thinking up names for this stuff..... I always called it the hard shit, or aggressive nightime music... of course there's varying degrees of hard... but for the most part it's pretty much very very different then what Chemical Crew is releasing or has released... I find a lot of what you guys refer to as neuro or trauma trance or whatever it'll be called next week to have a little more chaoticness than your typical ask and answer big melody riff stuff... Maybe the focus is more toward frequencies than than melody, but I'd say that if you really want to look into the differential of these musics, you need to go to an event where you can actually hear whats going on and feel why they are different... ~~~~~ I have never heard of "Neuro" trance. "Trauma", yes. I'm sure they're kinda the same thing. Pretty much most of the San Francisco producers create this style of music. It seems that Alien Mental, Xyla and others seem to hover around 150bpm, if not faster. I've heard Xyla play a song that she grinned and told me was, "172!" Hardcore, psycore, same thing basically. When you get into speed territories like that, me no likey. In my old age, I've slowed down to like MAXIMUM 147bpm, and I like slow all the way to ambient. No hip hop tho. Mubali and Ghreg on Earth (imo) seem to steer clear of this trend (but maybe not, I haven't heard them in a while), and focus on dark, hard stuff. Mubali is amazing for nighttime hard music, and Ghreg is likened to Industrial music (the good ol' stuff, not the new bastardization of Industrial that is basically cybertrance). ~~~~~ Try This for Trauma http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/moe/moe1cd002.html and these for Neuro http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ime/ime1cd011.html http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ava/ava1cd039.html http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/dej/dej2cd005.html And yes it does seem to get faster and faster, some would even call it psycore ~~~~~ triplag.com usually has pretty seriously slamming mixes streaming as far as neuro goes, the definition is really vague i think... dark was the name it had previously but then it got faster. a couple times. ~~~~~ Chemical Crew has very little to do with the so-called dark "neuro" trance, it's testosterone-fueled Skazi bs. for some free sample downloads of (full tracks in 128 are free, i believe, you have to pay for higher quality though). link to a stream of v/a Vapour. Not the best in the genre, but a good representative of the sound, imo. http://sonic-energy.net/Download/vapour.m3u track list: 01. Lemurians - Input Flip (Procs Rmx) :: 145 02. Mubali Vs. Infinitesimal - Exciting World of Hip :: 145 03. Halava (Atriohm Vs. Encephalopaticys Vs. Yudhisthira) - Soma Rasa :: 147 04. Ocelot - Under the Table :: 148 05. Aldus B - Match in the Dark :: 148 06. Ghreg on Earth - Metafictional Quagmire :: 148 07. Encephalopaticys Vs. Kulu – Esopotron :: 148 08. Bodhissatva 13:30 Vs. Devic - Confused Perception :: 150 10. Kerosene Club - Haunted Civilizations :: 150 09. Triptonics (Kashyyyk & The Galactic Brain) - NL3 :: 150 11. Electrypnose – Vapour :: 151 ~~~~~ I'm pretty sure that this is the territory of Mubali or sometimes DJ Lauryn ehhhhhh...ok maybeee ~~~~~ This Neuro Goa Gil - Worldbridger http://shop.bne.co.il/product_info.php?products_id=876 ~~~~~
  15. Sennheiser HD25SP I've been really happy with these for djing and listening to music....I'm not a fan of huge headphones...I always feel silly wearing them when i'm djing...
  16. Ahhh...was at Rhakti Dei 2 years ago and had a lovely time.... wish I had known more of your psynewsers then so we could have met up!
  17. ...what's that you say? no worries i don't personally use the term as a way of describing this music myself.... i don't think its so much a question of "pigeonholing" a genre, but more simply a means of describing the sound, which of course, everyone has their own interpretation of.
  18. YIKES! semantics semantics..... Wasn't claiming any ownership to the term, or stating any opinion of my own on the subject...only saying thats where I first heard it from and trying to explain the best I could the music people sometimes refer to as Neuro. go :wank: elsewhere my friend....
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