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    Boston, MA U.S.A.
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    Most Psy-trance ranging from raging full-on to funky progressive, I like it all. Currently I am part of a production group in Boston called Sonic Beating/Changmian Productions. We produce indoor and outdoor events around New England and currently have a monthly called Psyforia. I am also most likely going to Peru in June as part of the Peace Corp. for 2+ years.
  1. Sonic Beating/Changmian Productions Presents: Psyforia: Boston's Monthly Psy-Trance Event May 20th, 2005 – 10PM - 2AM Come dance under the stars along the Charles River as we take Psyforia outdoors again! Tonight's festivities will also feature video mixing by three of Boston's best VJs! Ed Guild-Vizzie (Nikulyden's VJ – www.vizzie.com), Jeff Mission, and Leonid will present their latest artwork. We also are proud to present the following guest DJs: ::: Hugh Sharpe (FutureTech) Brooklyn, NY – The paradigmatic acrobat, Hugh has walked the cutting edge of progr
  2. Hello all I am brand new to this forum, but it sounds interesting. I recently found out that I am traveling to Peru and living there for a few years and wanted to find out about psy-trance in Peru. Does anyone know how prevalent it is there? Is there a thriving scene? Are they into full-on or progressive? Any info would be appreciated, thanks. -Psyjacked
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