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  1. This CD rocks!! I love "My House Is Back For New Generation", "Bloody Sword", "Chromosome X" (cool Dune samples in there), and pretty much all the songs. 9.5/10 (9.5 because "When Sex Begin Primitive" is just "ok").
  2. All these reviews are all over the place. Last week I was on DC++ (yeah sorry) and was randomally picking stuff and saw 1200 Mics was all over the place, so thought: "...what the heck...". Personally I really like this. I like the "cheesy" samples (as some of the previous reviews described them as), I like the full-on, I like the drug themes...it reminds me of the Matrix when the dood with the chick with the white rabbit on her arm talks about mescaline. After a couple listens, I'm giving this one a 8.5/10. 8.5 because I'm not groovin' to every track just yet. But I'd suggest this one is you like full-on.
  3. Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Demonoizer Artist: Battle Of The Future Buddhas Title: Demonoizer Label: BooM! Date: 2002 Track listing: 01. 50,000 CC 02. Reversed Vertigo Complex 03. Master Of Deception 04. Demonoizer 05. Primetimeslime 06. Hippy Crack Panic 07. Hubba Bubba Rub-A-Dub 08. Scoobydoo Meets The Fluff Monster 09. Leprechaun War Dub (-1% Edit) Review: This is my first review, so go easy... I'd consider this more "static-ie" music. Tons of distortion. But, when I'm in the mood for something that I can workout hard to and kick some ass, this is the music for me. I'd say it's full-on, not AP like (*whew*), more like Deeper in Zen or Xenomorph or Sonnenvakuum. It's not the Infected Mushroom type either...all the sounds kinda mix together with a static-like background woven through all of the songs. You have to listen to this music loud and on a good system or it just sounds like static with drums. On to the songs: 1. This is a catchy tune thats got a really cool melody that is of the really trippy flange type that I oh so love. 2. Very cool with samples from 2001. 3. Nother cool one. 4. This is one of my favorites. I downloaded this off the net (I know, taboo) before I got the cd, and this song is the main reason I got into BFB in the first place. It plain and simply rocks! 5. Good one. 6. This is another good song with a ginding sample of that stupid robot from the movie "Short Circuit". 7. Gots some funky rasta guy sample in it and a bit of rasta flavor. 8. Nother cool song. 9. Some more rasta flavor mixed in here. It's a slower chill-out song. It's cool and all, but its no Shpongle. I know the individual song reviews are short, but if you like their earlier CDs/songs or you like the noisy loud full-on sound, then you'll like these guys. I give this one a 8/10 only because I hate that Short Circuit sample and I'm not so hip on rastafari (even when it's hardly there). But, on the other hand, Demonoizer is outrageous! and 50,000CC is almost as gnarley. Orebro Freak Factory is still my all-time BFB song -- go get that CD!!!
  4. garraeth

    Mino - Metallic Universe

    Very nice. Got some real good "Guitars on Mushroom" type songs. 9/10...some even 9.5/10.
  5. Agalactia : Awkward Lightrate is crazzy! got any other stuff?!?
  6. ...good stuff, but notice how everyone is starting to sound a lot like IM? I love IM, but "there can only be one."
  7. I agree with all those who give this high ratings (9/10-Classical was better)...and I agree w/ Jon Cocco. I'm in the States and have seen everthing get washed out by the media plenty'O times...bleh. IM please don't get corrupted/bought out by $$.
  8. garraeth

    V/A - Made On Earth

    Cool story. That's sorta how it happened w/ me too It was a total ephipiany! [thinking to myself] "OMGosh! This music is IT!"
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