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  1. Hi! Just released a new EP; for those interested in electronic / downtempo melodic stuff.. might be worth a listen. Cheers! http://xerxes-music.com/ Klaus
  2. Thanks sir! First new album up now - Selected Tracks : Volume One. Free ofcourse. More ST albums coming over the next few weeks. Cheers!
  3. howdy, just wanted to let you know http://xerxes-music.com is back up an running with a radioheadish method to get tracks. totally free if you wish, and if you wish to support - pay what you wish. not all the music is up yet, still working on that and some few fixes to the design - but you can get the unreleased 2009 album which has 7 new tracks in various genres. cheers! klaus aka xerxes
  4. somewhere between chillout and uptempo house/trance.. i really dont know. anyhow, hope you like it ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/parties/2008/kind...-_cleopatra.mp3 cheers, klaus
  5. @abasio: thank you for such kind words in your review. i am happy you like my track, and that you were able to appreciate the minimalism (which is always a bit scary to do, and pretty different to what i usually do). i think your experience of it pretty much sums up the feeling i had while making it. cheers from norway klaus
  6. sorry, here is the link i use on my website: http://guest.xerxes-music.com/video/xerxes..._in_germany.mp4 cheers:) klaus
  7. cheers boys, http://ftp.back2roots.org/untergrund/break...and-Friends.mp4 (400mb download) on drums: bendik hovik kjeldsberg on guitar: eike steffen (aka romeo knight) music by: xerxes a fun gig we did, not really the chillout style i usually do. i hope you like it anyhow klaus
  8. cheers again! an edited version of this is out on the beautiful new ajana records compilation. check it here: http://www.ajana-records.com/ajacd009.htm klaus
  9. really really good stuff!! should be released on one of the more prominent ambient labels. thanks, klaus
  10. really really cool track! loved every second of it.. cheers klaus
  11. hmm.. sounds like you didn't get the entire file. is the source file 45mb-46mb? it lasts for 20 minutes
  12. thanks man hope you like the tune!
  13. hey everyone! i am much obliged for the positive feedback, thank you so much for taking time to listen .. it's a bit demanding to get through, i am glad you find it useful for its purpose greetings, klaus
  14. thank you both of you! much appreciated.. an edit version of this song (shorter/compressed) will appear on next ajana records compilation.. (a double cd). they will inform more about that when time comes. happy new years cheers klaus
  15. http://www.xerxes-music.com/?pid=710&NewsArticleID=824 cheers :-) klaus
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