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  1. It is probably better than the original. The beginning is even better
  2. I haven`t heard a lot of Progressive Psytrance (Psygressive ?) but these days it seems it is convergent together with House/Trance. Or maybe the three of them? This is truly complex. If you dont know about Psytekk (Minimal Psychedelic) and Nitzhonot means you can figure it out. And this is worth checking always: http://img329.imageshack.us/my.php?image=g...derfotos2aj.png
  3. Do you work now with graphics as a main job or far from it yet?
  4. Anesthesia - Floating http://www.last.fm/music/Anesthesia/_/Floating What genre falls this one into?
  5. Hm was the track "Inspire" of yours? In this case, it has ideas but its basic
  6. Deepdrone


    Beh, you naive. Wait till someone posts his flaming here and proves the opposite
  7. My browser rejected the page because of the severe lack of talent applied there
  8. " People needs to realise that it doesnt matter ONE TINY LITTLE bit what some random forum idiot says about music you like, heck it doesnt even matter what your friends thinks of your music, as long as you like it yourself. .. I remember this site had a long list of reviews earlier, when you entered the site there was a menu on the left side where you could choose forum, reviews, etc The list of reviews had the links to the reviews colored green, and some of them was red (think these was the recommended CDs or something) Anyone know where this list went ? Maybe i am in the wrong web site ? " hello J man. do not pay attention to random idiots and do not get on wrong sites
  9. Do you have a considerable amount of successful pieces
  10. Sure :> Well made and housy as well; pleasant, analytically no remarks .. or maybe a bit random. But thumbs up
  11. What a choice .. Progressive is a best
  12. Metal used to be Metal .. now it is Techno
  13. Side dishes is what you write with a small letter, punk.
  14. Is tomorrow out. It could be lovely
  15. Quality House can be SO captivating and divine that it blows away..
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