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  1. It should have been said before :s
  2. Vectormode - Secret World Your name reminds me of it Your track is simplistic and slightly disjointed imo, but that is from 8 sec. lasting "sight" on it I will listen it just right now more while travelling to the soccer pitch :> It is not bad
  3. Detector: Maybe the set from Anoebis if you havenot got it; stuff from a guy who gives it for free; another Acid-Electro Set that is highly recommendable. Tell me whether you want links
  4. Hmm yep not pretty correct question, e.g on Neelix. But do not mind I will search myself.
  5. The Neelix site is funky. I like such colours, but it is not definitely an ultimately cool site; the greeny object is rough here and there. But the concept is cool, indeed. As the typography and the 'materialisation'.. I am going to take it to specialised forums for analyse.
  6. The set - except for one song - is average.
  7. I do not hate it or such, but I still do not already associate it to generic Trance
  8. Ami nz se pak ne go mislq napulno, wse pak vijdam che si normalen, ne govorq za vijdaniq ili durjane, no ot druga strana kato vijdam che te se bazikat natam nasam s razni akouuti i dedaznam. Chestno kazano e mn oburkano
  9. Hey maina slusham Rap shtoto me kefi kato e dobur; a tova tuka e otdelno, shtoto ne stava taka mixirano. A btw ti sega kaji, da ne si 4AP/\|/| ili CTA/\KEP ama bez buzik *^n~p^* Stalker - Lost Temple
  10. Goahead - Freebeach (Anjuna Mix) Blissful Oldskool Dark Trance
  11. Shiloh - March 2005 mix . Mixed also Snoop Dogg and Evanescence , corruption.
  12. From the title : "Progressive Morning Demo(..)" I thought it is Progressive Morning House. Sounds good I will check it out.
  13. The track around 40.5 is nice, very nice. The other part .. I will not comment yet. . .
  14. Ya have no bling blimg I ai no speaking wity`
  15. We need to agree as well
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