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  1. Well some kind of, the riffs are also "tiny". Just a point of view
  2. A minimal track? I would say "lacking". Interms of incomplete structrure. But anyway it has some spirit. I would listen to it more, successful. Keep on
  3. Around the first part, i reckon the main lead is somehow . . simple? I liked the part 4:20 - 4:40, true groove. At the end it is progressing and so potential Has to be evaluated more
  4. Its not bad but I find it too fluffy. It sounds also ... "tiny"
  5. Ability to model your inner message to music and beyond is essential. Thats what artist`s real aim must be. About the newbies, what the fuck? Its not overboard. Well if you are a real 1337 you have the right to get angry when e.g newbies are cheeky. All in all no point in discussion over it.
  6. radi, ти хомосексуален да пенис твой не истински стръмен, тоя майка от твоят казан на мене кога тя вземам сукане сух твой сестра! You homosexual yes penis your not real stepp this mother from your said to me when she "I take" sucking dry your sister
  7. How do you find him, good or poor? is more sensible here..
  8. Exactly, sometimes you don`t know if even the more expensive source is not hollow......
  9. Exactly. And they cannot succeed anyway, so I feel even.
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