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  1. Holy cow, that E-Mantra track Liquid Frequencies! O.O
  2. I know exactly what you mean, well almost... I'm not familiar with this track specifically, but Astral's ambient side is absolutely amazing. For the longest time, when I lived in hot and sunny Israel in my teens I used to come home everyday after school and listen to Ambient Galaxy and Liquid sun (and I think a couple more of their ambient tracks... well, they don't have many, but I just remember those), and I used to put on the UV-light, the air condition, and incense and smoke a Nargila (middle eastern style fruit tobacco water pipe) with my friend and just zone out and eventually fall aslee
  3. Yeah, that might very well be... I didn't get the impression he was necessarily focusing on pure Goa... but everything derived from Goa... I guess, seeing as how he praised how it keeps evolving he was in fact talking about Psy and High-Tech and all that stuff. Which brings us back to square one on the whole point, lol. Oh well...
  4. I actually think it's possible to create a hell of a lot more innovation within the same (sub/)genre... At least, when I hear a lot of tracks I often think of all the things I would do to the track to make it more wicked, and I can imagine it vividly, and the way it sounds in my mind still allows for it to be in the same sub... Anyway, there are artists out there who effectively manage to innovate. Just look at what Posford is and always has been doing to Psy and Goa... he always took it a step deeper, and seemingly with ease. He just has the mind and touch for it... and instrumentation... he
  5. Cool... that's a beastly track, they both are... ^^
  6. Lol... I knew this would be controversial. I get it, I feel you. I get the underlying cheese of his music, but I have a conflicted affinity for his music. Midnight Sun struck a chord with me though when I was young, like I said... that CD became a travel companion. I feel like he went in a different direction with his newer albums. But yeah... I just had to ask the community here... pretty much expecting this reaction... lol.
  7. I have a weird affinity for Alien Project. Back in the days when you only listened to the hard copies of what you actually had to physically buy and before internet orders were as easy as they are today - Alien Project - Midnight Sun was one of my deepest and trippiest audio landscape adventures I could partake on. When internet streaming opened up I started to listen to all his next albums, and though I don't think any of them really touch what Midnight Sun was... (they lack atmosphere, etc.) I for some reason always go back to them, as well as Midnight Sun. What do you guys think of his wo
  8. Deimos - Blood Magic (Jack-O-Lantern Psychedelic Acid Mix) No really mind blowing peaks per say... just a very amazing journey...
  9. Wow... The genre was my favourite thing growing up and I just fell out of it for a few years and coming back I think it's refreshing and awesome, and there's so much of it to dig into. I guess you should never grind the same old gears of any genre too long, and allow your curiosity to take you elsehwere. Lately I mix it up with dub mostly... : P Checking out other related genre's that were mentioned here I stumbled across this track which starts on 37:57... it's amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yluxX0o6Pag I would include it in my Psy-Trance mix. It delivers the same effect, just a d
  10. Dimension 5 are amazing...! Right now I'm listening through The Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls and The Secret of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls.
  11. Well, yeah... sorry about my rant and thanks for you answer. I just had to vent on the topic I suppose. I got the answer I was looking for, more or less. Just all an effort at understanding. By the way. You guys really think progressive has become so mainstream and boring? I never noticed either of these things. Not prog at parties/festivals and neither it being mainstream. I love me some Liquid Soul... that stuff is amazing... I guess it could be boring if too much of it were played though... I dunno : P
  12. In terms of psychedelic - the old authentic stuff trips me out more (very often and with greater assurance) than the new stuff despite the trippier sounds we have these days... and that seems to be simply due to the fact that almost all the old stuff just was layered in a very complex and smart way. Maybe all these modern trippier sounds are too often simply being used as short-cuts instead of true ingenuity.
  13. I'm glad this topic has been brought up. My last festivals were Boom and Ozora in the late 2000's. This has been largely due to a turbulent economy/life, but I remember how shocked I was at seeing what negative, mindless, unintelligent, unenlightening drone of sound was going on through the speakers. I grew up with the uplifting complex melodic and hypnotic sounds of 96 - 99, which was and still is the core of what I love in the genre... and coming from that expectation to what met me at the main stages was devastating. On one hand I placed spiritual value and life-outlook in what I felt throu
  14. You might like music by Ananda Shake...
  15. I just settled into a new apartment and have an office room, a living room (and a kitchen actually) that I'd like to put new sound systems into... so I'm looking for inspiration for new sound systems to get. And I'd like to see what you Psy-heads have. So boast, post pics, show and tell!
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