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  1. I don't have much experience with FL or Reason and they're fine on their own but I completely agree that it seems like a waste of time to use it as a stepping stone. Just read the manual instead. Getting into a different workflow is just confusing. I'm a SONAR user and I mostly love it, but yes there are some annoying things about it and having tried ableton I got pretty excited about it, even so much to considering a complete switch. Spindrift: do you reckon the sound really isn't up to scratch with that of the major sequencers? In that case I'll stick to Sonar, but damn I like the workflow in Live Several music mags are raving about Live, they've never mentioned anything about lesser quality sound? BooM
  2. Well, I didn't buy the monitors at Turnkey if that makes you feel any better Spindrift Got them from KMR Audio, an excellent shop in north London, really nice people and good service - they even agreed to send the monitors to Sweden free of shipping charge + they threw in cables as well. Worked mah magic there Haven't tried the Tannoy's but I hear they're supposed to be good.. however, people I've spoken to say the KRK's are right up there with them, also SOS magazine liked them and they know their shit.. Anyway, I am sure they will be good enough for my purposes.. it's not like I do this for a living but you can always hope hehe boom boom
  3. Many good answers here.. would just like to add one thing! When it comes to getting a 'hardcore' sequencer everyone is going on about Cubase/Logic all the time. Yes they are great, no doubt. However, I've used several others as well and I don't see what they have that for instance Cakewalk SONAR or Ableton Live doesn't have?? In fact, if you read some music mags you'll see that professionals' opinions are quite varied in this regard so don't feel limited to just those two! Many people will recommend Reason, but bear in mind that it is foremost a soft studio.. the sequencer is perhaps not as good but hey.. it's all about finding a tool that feels natural to work with.. you can make amazing music with all of them. Good luck!
  4. Hey guys, thanks for all the answers! You can stop discussing now because my KRK RP6's are on their way as we speak. Markoos: can't thank you enough, the guys at KMR were fantastic!! I also shopped some other stuff at Turnkey and true enough their customer service was poor to say the least. Not that they've messed up my order or anything (yet) (cross my fingers) but they were plain not very nice to deal with. Anyway.. can't wait 'til those babies arrive!!
  5. Not to sound cynical, but I completely agree with you Spindrift. The discussion is money-driven, nothing else. If psy artists were selling records like britney, do you not think that people hearing their work being used without permission so that YOU can make money from it would be pissed off and do something about it? They would indeed. However, as it is now there's no incentive. 1) There's so few people listening to psytrance that awareness of sampling is very low. 2) There's no money in psytrance. Even the biggest names in our scene have record sales that pale in comparison to mainstream commercial artists. Like Spindrift said, if warner bros were anal and stupid enough to pursue a case they would end up losing money - the costs will be high and there's almost nothing to be gained. Unless the world population suddenly starts tuning into psytrance, I say there's nothing to worry about, sample all you like.
  6. I would sure like to try it first but there's no demo version available as far as I can see?
  7. Ok, had a listen... first of all, good work! Hope I'm not sounding too harsh but here are some of my thoughts: 1) Liked the intro.. nice way the kick comes in 2) Nice bassline melody... but I don't like the bass sound, it's not prominent enough, feels like it's "hiding" behind the kick. Then again everybody has different bass taste, maybe its just me 3) The leads.. I have to agree with other people here: not necessarily that they sound cheap, but they don't drive the tune forward, they're sorta just there. I think they need to be faster, twistier, maybe add some distortion because the sound is very static and thus becomes a bit lame.. simply add more variation to them. A good tune you can certainly make it better! my2cents boom boom
  8. Ok thanks for the tip bro, I was going to visit turnkey on friday, might as well pop by KMR also... the KRK's seem really interesting.. gonna see if I can have a listen to them! Not that its of any importance, but true enough they also look the most stylish of any of the budget monitors I've seen. I will have a listen if I can, but SOS magazine is as you say pretty much as trustworthy as they come... They're surprisingly cheap too! So what's your experience with the RP8's so far? Or have you not gotten them yet? I just hope KMR ships internationally as I'm not going to have them here in the UK... Thanks again for the advice, it was very useful! /boom boom
  9. I'm thinking about buying Spectrasonics Trilogy... supposed to kick ass for bass sounds of all kinds. I've never seen (heard) it in action and as it is quite an expensive piece of software it would be cool if anyone using/having used it could spill some info on how good it is. I'm currently using audiorealism bassline which works fine... but it's always nice to fatten up the bass I guess I'm wondering.. is it worth the money?? // boom boom
  10. Thanks for the replies guys, I've been doing a bit of research and I think it's gonna be either the alesis, tapco or tannoy ones. A friend of mine has the alesis and they are really good... but perhaps not super-crisp. Then again a good bass response seems to be the most important thing for psytrance. And they are cheap... Anyway I've decided that I have to go and try them out before i buy so that's what I'm gonna do. Markoos: regarding prices there is no cheaper place than Turnkey (www.turnkey.co.uk) in London (charing cross road) Reason being that they will beat any genuine quote on identical goods from any UK or European dealer at the time of order... it's in their business resolution. You're right about the range tho... I hadn't noticed that the Mackie's for instance was 350 pounds EACH, not for a pair... ooops
  11. Hi everyone! I'm setting up a small home studio (nothing fancy, mostly software-based), and I need some advice on monitors... I'm going to buy active nearfields, but I would like to get a pair for not more than 400 euros. The ones I've been looking at are Tapco S8 Samson Resolv 80A Yamaha MSP5 Tannoy Reveal Active Mackie HR624 Fostex PM1S Alesis M1 Active MKII If anyone has any experience with any of these, or any good advice really - I'd be most grateful. Any that works particularly well for psytrance? Thanks a bunch! // boom boom
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