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  1. i agree with supergroover its sound alot more like minimal techno than anything else with a little bit of chill influences nice track though really nice tune
  2. Rowe


    http://rowe.mine.nu/Rowe_-_Eisen_prew.mp3 Please comment if u got any suggestions or anything
  3. Acid Pro 4 is pretty good for that i belive.
  4. yeh listen to Digital Psyence although if u want to learn to really make the sounds your after try starting reading manuals and instructions of the synths u got it will say there what every pot does and what happends with the sound when u apply it that way your gonna be a pro in a year or 2
  5. Hmm on my Virus A i can make delay Patch Specifik give me a pm and ill tell u how i did it. greets
  6. hello there ppl i was wondering if some one of u know hows to get a virus A to run on 16 chan midi it might be a dumb Q but i have had it for several years now and havent got it to work allthough i havent tried so much but if some 1 wants to help me it would be great !! thx // rowe
  7. hehe good to hear im not alone to think they are uniqe then but sub 6 - droid save the queen is a pretty nice track :u almost they same puchy basslines as they have and for u who wrote that the remixed album sucked i tottaly agree to much "new" fullon action in it Well thanks for the tips of artists and keep posting if u find any new alikes greetings rowe
  8. hello there ive been looking around for a while now after grp that make the same kinda fullon as psysex its hard to describe but its very fullon not anything like astrix delerious etc etc. if u know any grp plz post a reply greets rowe
  9. hehe i got the card man but im screwed up by all the routring dont get shit yet but i got some nice pointers from spindrift so soon i hope to make it all possible allthough i dont think i will use so much from the vsts and stuff im all about hardware cant take vsts =/
  10. h0h0 ppl The Cd is like regular fullon as u say but the special thing that i think is the wicced short breaks the have in all their tracks that aint something u hear very often atleast i dont to shorten it down i think its a great cd !
  11. thx for the info im gonna try to do something with it and ill get back to u THX alot m8
  12. Hello there ppl ive just bought a Creamware Pulsar II and im having big problems with it im using XP and the installations CD is for 98 but i think i managed to install the soundcard not sure if i did i right though. if any 1 knows the right way or have some knowledge of this i would apreciate it really and some help with the adat would be nice to want my yamaha 02r running asap greets Rowe
  13. How do u basses to sound then ? give an example of an artist that u want to sound like and i can try to help u out
  14. Actually nothing was eqd or masterd it was a realtime export from the mixer and the riff was just playing the guitar nothing more to it and some things are out of sync also just a fun clip nothing serious
  15. hello there here are 2 basses the first 1 is fullon the other is a bit darker http://rowe.mine.nu/bass.syx http://rowe.mine.nu/bass1.syx insysex format they are optimized for Virus A but it might give u a hint how to make them greets rowe
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