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  1. Philter - Beyond The Perimeter Buy at Psyshop 01. Philter - 28 Days 02. N.O.K. - In Heaven With You - Philter Mix * 03. Lightsphere, P.G.M. and Philter - 3000 Miles - Arsch Wackel Mix ** 04. Philter - Water Sensation - Magic of the Sun Mix 05. Philter - Werkmal 06. Philter - Rise - Riddim Mix 07. Philter - When I Fall in Love 08. Philter - Electric Eyes 09. Progenerator - Needfull Things *** 10. Philter feat. Richard Köler - Know Your Root **** All track marke with a * are collaborations: *....Original from Alexander Dorkian - Remix by Philter **...Written by: Waldek Biskup (Dj Dharma), Andy Böckmann and Philter ***..Written by: Björn Salewski (Dub Monster - DJ Subster), ......Daniel Haas (Hasus) and Philter ****.Written by: Richard Köler (Saxophone) and Philter. Progressive Trance that truly deserves this description 'lovers'! In its very original meaning, the term Progressive describes a persistent evolution, a steady process of experimentation and therefore it re-defines itself again and again from one moment to the other. This is also exactly the musical approach of Philter. Growing up in a musician family, experiencing directly the London Acid House movement in the late eighties and finally making first experiences with sequencer software already in 1990, mark just a few stations of Simon Phillip Spies' very intense musical background. For his second album he withdrew to his studio for one year and reflected all the experiences he had at parties and gigs during the last years as well as in his personal environment. The result became remarkable varied: Reaching from strong, rolling bass lines, hovering sound layers and deep, dreamy atmospheres to some decent experiments with vocals and rather experimental beat structures, this album represents sophisticated lovers! Philter at Myspace Philter - Homepage
  2. CD cover art work for my 2nd album (out soon on spin twist records) hello visual artists, i am looking for an artist to design the art work for my second album. before you read further i have to tell you that there will be NO PAY only fame o.k. having said that i will tell you a about the progressive trance project "philter" Artist profile: Over the past two years, the uplifting sunrise music of live-act Philter has been beaming positive vibes and energies onto in- and outdoor dance floors, on occasion also at events beyond the German border. Having a background in sound engineering, the step to becoming a producer and live - act was a natural progression. Philter developed his passion for trance music while training and working at Butterfly Studio, one of the pioneering studios that played a major role in shaping trance music and the scene. Compilation releases and a remix for the Hamburg based "DJ Feuerhake" paved the way for his debut album "Global Transmission", released on synergetic records in 2007. Hypnotic arrangements, atmospheric and uplifting melodies combined with solid progressive grooves are fundamental for the driving progressive flow of Philter`s music. At the heart of the project lies absolute dedication, passion and love for progressive trance music. for details and sound clips check: http://www.philter-music.com/ and: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/syn/syn1cd021.html for more sound clips type "philter" in the search on: http://www.psyshop.com/ or http://www.saikosounds.com/english/ art work: as to the style i can say that i was very impressed with some of the work on devientart, especially the breathtaking landscapes collection. mabey you are one of the artists that made one of these ? the art work will be for a cd jewel case with a 4 or 8 page booklet using 4 colours. all text etc. can be send to you. the art work will be printed from a pdf file. i still have the art work from my previous album if you need a template. the album will be released soon on spin twist records, you can see some covers at psyshop. link: http://www.spintwist.de/ if you are interested then send me a link of some of your work to the mail adress below. phil. phil ((at)) philter-music.com
  3. Waldfreakquenz 2 - WAFCD902 Waldfrieden Events follow up release to their succesful Waldfreakquenz compilation is this... time around compiled by resident Djanes alice D and D Joanna, giving this summers compi a fresh female, psychedelic taste. alice D Joanna is a fusion of the two Waldfrieden residents whom founded their back to back project together in 2004. They both started mixing around the same time, between 2000-2001, playing at parties all around Germany including main floor bookings at Antaris Project and Wonderland. These popular girls have also played plenty of gigs in other countries Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Columbia, Peru and Egypt. Known at the parties they play for the fun that they have together behind the decks and transfering their energy to the dance floor, alice D and D Joanna are also both big dance floor visitors themselves. Waldfreakquenz 2 is a selection of tracks handpicked and tested by the girls, including tracks from other Waldfrieden residents Psyko Mantis and Philter, fused together with progressive trance favourites Feuerhake, Day.Din and Necmi, as well as some psychedelic gems from up and coming talents Atsara, Lumbago and Lightsphere. Waldfreakquenz 2 will take you once again on a psychedelic trip through the Stemwede Forest just in time for this years Wonderland Festival. Psyshop Link - Waldfreakquenz 2 Waldfrieden Track list: 1 Philter - Water Sensation (Magic Of The Sun Mix) 2 Lightsphere - Roborhythmix 3 Day.Din - This Is The Love 4 Lumbargo - Maximiser 5 Necmi - Smooth Sexual 6 Atsara - Ostara 7 Feuerhake vs. Analog Pussy - Vision 8 Psyko Mantis - Your Life
  4. my first post after about a year.... these have proberbly been posted before, but for those who missed it: blue-line plug-in-pack, basic but very cpu friendly fx... digilogue.de hyperprism plug-in-pack, also basic but again very cpu friendly fx... http://www.cnet.de mda plug-ins, jx10, dx10 and mda e-piano good vstis... mda.smartelectronix.com karmafx modular synth, incredible sound and really good presets, currently only as 30 day trial version, but you will not regret downloading.. karmafx.net drumatic from ephonic, 808/909 clone...... www.e-phonic.com have fun......
  5. Philter - Global Transmission - Full Lenth Debut Album - Out Now! Philter is a progressive trance act based in northen Germany. Having a background in sound engineering, the step to becoming a producer and live-act was a natural progression. Technical ability, experience and some studies in popular music paved the way for this promising project. Philter developed his passion for trance music while training and working at Butterfly Studio, one of the pioneering studios that played a major role in shaping trance music and the scene. Phil has already worked for Synergetic and remixed Feuerhake's Dancefloor Bomb 'Tic Tac'. The key elements that define Philters sound are: Hypnotic arrangements, atmospheric and uplifting melodies combined with solid progressive grooves. The full lenth debut album 'Global Transmission' showcases 9 dancefloor orientated tracks, each unique in their own right, yet all with an infectious driving progressive flow. The sophisticated and mature sound captures true emotion, and gives rise to a positive state of mind. Dj tool and listening gem alike, Global Transmission will delight all listeners. Compilation releases and some national and international club and open air performances let the project grow and mature. Global Transmission is the result of this growth, development and absolute dedication, passion and love for progressive trance music. Turn on your reciever and adjust the antenna, the Global Transmission broadcast is on air. Visit: Psyshop Synergetic Records
  6. Moon Spirit O/A Poland 1/6/07 - 3/6/07 Psary near Turek.... Live: ******AUDIOMATIC ********* SPINTWIST REC. GER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********MAD CONTRABENDERS ********** MIDIJUM REC. NL presents new Album ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********PHILTER *********** YSE REC / SAVVA REC. GER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********LIGHTSPHERE********* MENTAL ARTS REC. PL/ GER presents new Album ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ********PSYBORG *********** SAVVA REC. ITA presents Debut Album ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *********MUMMERAH********** SAVVA REC. NL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **********BARRACUDA *********** PULSAR VIBRATION PL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ************PROPHET OF ORION************ URDIUM REC. PL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **********NIEBLA DEL MAR ********** SAVVA REC. GER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DJs: Audiomatic ( Spintwist Rec. GER) Loopbitz ( go-A-way GER) Znok (Slitage / Savva Rec. SWE) Elias ( Savva Rec. GER) Dharma (Mental Arts Rec.PL) PGM & ILA ( Savva Rec. GER) Omegha ( Children of Ganesh NL) Dj Trom ( Solarsiv Rec. ITA) Epix ( Pulsar Vibration PL) Sathi ( Pulsar Vibration PL) Philter ( Wonderland GER) Milan ( Nataraja GER) Embrion ( Pulsar Vibration PL) Atan (Toga Dansverg PL) Bongo (Hallabanaha PL) Chill Local Heroes and friends Deco Pulsar Vibration ( Poland) Savva ( Germany) Funplastica ( Bali / Germany) and Friends Location nice Place 20 ha with a small Lake by the camping Area Entry fee 50-60 ZL ~ 15 € Organizer Moon Spirit Crew ( Gabriel , Savva Records , Lightsphere ) 3 day´s ,camping area, nice Soundsystem,food & shopzone for information in polnish >>>>>>>http://www.psytrance.pl/forum2/viewtopic.php?t=1920
  7. great topic, heres a great documentary from the bbc about the radiophonic workshop. this is "pre-synthesizer" electronic music. alchemists of sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrdrrbQjtk8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMVhNztuiEI...ted&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5wW-Sq5AyM...ted&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggBAV9yYdSE...ted&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8EFNKFV1x4...ted&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v92bRhD-ar4...ted&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZKnlItjTRM...ted&search=
  8. Tantra Trance Vol 2 (Y.S.E.) compiled by A. Ligowski and Dj Mikadho. Tantra Trance Vol.2 is an authentic product amongst the so called 'Spirutal Compilations' which comprise mainly of fake chill out and odd groove music made by one producer only. The release of Tantra Trance Vol.1 has been well received by the people and slowly grown into one of those Underground tips with Vol.1 still in high demand. Tantra Trance Vol.2 delivers sexy and groovy Trance grooves with rare tunes and unreleased material. CD 2 offers the most beautifull chill-out music and this concept is a killer in quality and track listing. Well know acts such as Shulman mingle with true rarities such as Geo, Zero Cult and Jens Buecher. In addition, unreleased material by Sandspider make this Album special together with 4 more unrleased tracks by Jaia, Dualsnug, Philter and Etic! Track list: CD1 01 Fitalic - Twisted Diffusion 02 Atmos - Ordinary Weekend (Thomas Penton Rmx) 03 Perfect Stranger - Consequences 04 Symphonix vs. Xibalba - Find A Way (Earsugar Rmx) 05 Philter - Follow Me 06 Dualsnug - 400 000 Million Stars 07 Liquid Soul - Crazy People 08 Cyklones - Music Religion 09 Vibrasphere - Floating Free CD2 01 Shulman - I Dive 02 Geo - Glow Motion (Short Edit) 03 En Voice - Lost in Space 04 Side Liner - Screaming Tears (Zero Cult Rmx) 05 Digital Mystery Tour - Dematerializer 06 Zero Cult - Neokarma 07 Jens Buchert - Take Air 08 Not Drowning Wave - Cold and The Crackle (Arcane Trickster Rmx) 09 Augustinu - June 10 Tina Malia - Sarva Mangala Check: Psyshop or Saikosounds Also out now: Open Air Vol 4 (Y.S.E.) compiled by Dj Mikadho. Check: Psyshop or Saikosounds
  9. Open Air Vol. 4 (2CD)........YSE2CD124 The best of euphoric Goatrance Season 2006. Our yearly edition of the Open Air Series is a wonderful opportunity to reflect again on this year's open-air season, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. This time, Dj Mikadho has compiled Open Air Vol.4 with brand new picture material from the main festivals, provided by Kai Mattersdorf, chief editor of Mushroom Magazine. This is a Cd for lovers and hardcore festival goers and to spice it up, Volume 4 brings you 8 exclusive tracks! http://www.psyshop.com http://www.saikosounds.com/
  10. 10. WALDFRIEDEN WONDERLAND OPEN AIR DANCE FESTIVAL 18.-20.08.2006 live: Bamboo Forest ( MP / France ) SBK ( Avalanche ) Neelix ( SinnTec ) Den Kozlov ( In R Voice / Russia ) Mad Contrabender ( Midijum / Netherlands ) Sonic Cube ( Schweiz / Out on tribal Vison Records ) Psyko Mantis ( Waldfrieden ) Philter ( Waldfrieden ) Nobusan ( Akitoka / SinnTec ) Xibalba ( Mexico ) Sonnenvakuum ( Schweiz ) Orange Live Acoustic Trance! DJs: Konstantin + Mikko the Violinman ( Spiritual Healing ) Narayan ( Belgien ) Dr.Changra ( Evil Knivel Rec. / Berlin ) NeuroLogic ( Akitoka / Sinn Tec Rec. ) Pots vs Yannick De Yong ( Tribal Vision Records) Edoardo ( Neurobiotic / Italy ) Bakke ( Spiral Trax / Sweden ) Paulina Cewe ( Gen 6 / Planet B.E.N. Rec. / Sweden ) Glen C ( Iboga / UK ) Kore ( Plastik Park / Mexico ) Vanja ( Liquidandsolid / Macedonia ) Flow & Zeo ( Tropical Beats / Brazil ) Sebastian Krüger ( Avalanche / Slope ) Kai Mattesdorf ( Midijum Rec. ) Miss Napalm ( Elektro-Lyte ) F.l.U.X. ( VP / Synergy Tribe ) Tari ( Tuvalu ) Beauty & the Beat ( Synergy Tribe ) Mikadho ( Waldfrieden / Chaishop Rec. ) Anais ( Waldfrieden / Brazil ) Philter ( Waldfrieden ) Le Loup ( Waldfrieden ) D.Joanna ( Waldfrieden ) Alice D. ( Waldfrieden ) Sally Doolally ( Waldfrieden / Plastik Park / AP Rec. / UK ) Götzlich ( Waldfrieden / Synergy Tribe ) Tante Lotte ( Waldfrieden ) Loalita ( Waldfrieden ) Sonnenwind ( Waldfrieden ) Elektrigger ( Waldfrieden ) Spurtnix ( Neverland ) Chill : Live: SECRET SOUND LABS (Belgium) Chill out DJ's: Angry Teddy (Belgium) Secret Sound Labs ( Belgium ) Paranormal Activity ( Psyntology ) Jimmy Psybration ( Belgium ) Mikadho ( Waldfrieden / Chaishop Rec. ) Vanja (Mazedonien) Natti and Matti (Holland) Konstantin (Spiritual Healing) Deco: Lightmotiv Jimmy Psybration... Gansedoline Liquid Sky Dimension Lenalien BlackLightMagic Clickwo rk Alice im Wunderland Waldfrieden Location: WALDFRIEDEN - EVENTS BERGSTRASSE 32 32351 STEMWEDE - WEHDEM GERMANY Infos: Wald und Wiese und Lagerfeuer + free camping + Goadätischer Dance Dom ! + Aussichtslosenturm ! + Abenteuerspielplatz Waldfrieden ! + 100% Natur ! + Ohm Soundsystem ! + Neue Chill Out und Indoor Area - bis Montag Morgen ! :-) + Tipis (Indianer Zelte) + Feuerschow + Elfentanz Performance + warme Duschen + Pick-Up-Service vom Bahnhof Lemförde + FEUERMASCHINE (Flammen.org) url: www.wald-frieden.de/
  11. cubase and dual core processor problem. since yesterday i am the proud owner of a new mainboard (asus m2v) with an amd athlon64 x2 dual-core (so am2). here is the problem: windows seems to think that i have two processors but cubase sx1 still thinks i have one. the box where you can tic multiprocessor mode stays grey. i have googled but i have come up with nothing. does anyone know how to solve this problem, or is the processor simply to new for sx1?
  12. set the attack as close to "0" as possible, the release depends on the speed of your track and how full the kik and bass pattern is, you could start somewhere around 10ms and gradualy increase till it sounds right.
  13. thats exactly what i mean. nothing speaks against doing that, it is however wise to atleast group kik and bass to a compressed channel.
  14. a compressor is a device that limits dynamics, the link below illustrates this quite well. the main effect on your bass drum will be a change of the evelope, that is if the compressor is only used on the bass drum. a sidechain is a means of routing an idependant signal to the compressor to trigger it. http://www.oneonta.edu/academics/music/xla...or_expander.htm if you want to add more punch with an eq then have a look at the bottom midrange. to add a "click" to your bass drum slyghtly boost somewhere between 2 and 5kHz. also maybee slightly reduce the very bottom frequencies. a good starting point is to group kik, percussion and bass. find a good ballance for all elements of the group, then add a compressor with a fast attack and release. remember less is more.
  15. a spring reverb is a reverb unit that actualy uses a spring to simulate a chamber. the principle is quite simple: a long spring is driven by an elecrtomagnetic coil similar to those found in loud speakers, the audio signal lets the spring swing even after the signal stops (thus reverberating), a pickup similar to those found in electric guitars is used to recover the wet signal. if you want to build one: a crude version using loud speakers can be found here: http://www.electronicpeasant.com/projects/...gs/springs.html
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