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  1. yes is true! Boom only in 2006 now.. this year will be Freedom Festival in Portugal, same time, more or less the same location, good lineup... http://www.freedom-festival.org/
  2. I use Reason, Nuendo and VSTs... great VSTs: Waves, Voxengo, Native Instruments, Orange Vocoder, Lexicon VST Instruments: Vanguard, Albino, Korg Wavestation, Atmosphere (this almost seems a copy of Cybernetika's) against my will, i have a giant tendency of making everything from scratch @ reason, not using too much VST instruments.. wich sound great!! I definitely have to go find some kind of reason addiction treatment
  3. cosma "the time has come" cosma "human evolution" cosma = sweet trance
  4. c o m e o n i n !!!!!! pretty damn good place to take a walk and a talk
  5. 10x nemo! interesting and useful information for all PCHeadz
  6. good idea! the chill one is very flowy and astral, like it!! the speedy one is funky and jumping, with the ethno mystical goa lead over it, beautiful!! you're a great composer IMO, you got what it takes!! go for it Serguei | Swan X-1 http://www.swanx.net | http://www.soundclick.com/swanx1
  7. wrong Topic... but empty Topic!! xiphiaz "eximo" is a masterpiece! great sound, congratulations man Serguei Swan X-1 www.swanx.net | www.soundclick.com/swanx1
  8. very good work indeed! goa power for the people. nice RMX man Serguei Swan X-1 www.swanx.net | www.soundclick.com/swanx1
  9. hi Xiphiaz! "excessive thinking" is a great goa track, with fresh psy influences and warm progressive influences also IMO, like it very much! it's perfect like this "feel it" has a stunning intro! VERY well done, good rush. production is clean and pumping! goa leads coming from space with crystal sound, and then its rising till the end, beat driven, very good. you sure got what it takes! best of luck Serguei Swan X-1 www.swanx.net www.soundclick.com/swanx1
  10. coool chillout music, quality and good ideas that's my review man, keep up the good work!
  11. Wooowww great great work, man! wonderful story, sequence, groove, all! you are surely on the right track, and with a good style too best of luck! Serguei Swan X-1 www.swanx.net
  12. AMD rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been studying a LOT about new processors and its performance in sound aplications and there is no match for the new AMD 64 bit. I'm very looking forward to get the last € and buy my new AMD laptop by the way, Cubase SX3 and maybe Nuendo3 take already advantage of the 64 bit architecture, so when there is a true 64bit operating system this software and hardware will blast in every way our current perceptions of PC music production! Serguei Swan X-1
  13. www.soundclick.com is very good too, no sign-up needed for downloading mp3
  14. Agree with you guys! As Spindrift has been saying to us (Swan X-1), we are losing the (bad) idea of compressing and EQing everything.. By our experience, over compression makes the mix to become muddy and with poor sound definition/clarity... and too-much-EQ is normally extra-work-to-ruin-whats-good! I now think (as Cybernetika) that good samples and good Frequency architecture (studing the holes and the tops, seeing where are our sounds placed and where's the empty room) are the key to achieve a good mix.. and it's easier too! you just have to give your ears (and eyes, through spectrum analysers) and nice deep frequency training Overall compression, in mastering stage, will pump things up nicelly if the frequencies are at balance, with minimum distortion and maximum loudness.
  15. 10x Cybernetika! Glad you like it! I dig your sound a lot too You got right into every sensible spot in your review, very instructive for us to confirm some problems and to go and look about new ones. You absolutely right about the rough sounding of it. it's not intentional.. our problem are MONITORS We have to buy good ones, all this sound problems are because we mix in a pair of sony hi-fi speakers, take the mix to some good studio monitors and make a list of things to change but it's very hard to EQ thingd properly this way... i think in a month we can buy new monitors and our sound will explode in quality for sure 10x again mate, tune in for improvements soon! Boom boom
  16. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/5/sinfulparoxysmmusic.htm i could open it through this url
  17. Soundclick is back on!!! direct link to musical database: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/0/swanx1music.htm enjoy!! and review
  18. biosphere, the planetary mind... nice title! nice intro and ambience. pumping start. smooth melodic build up.. excelent second build up, more goa-style. -4:25 this restart sounds a bit like what's before in the track, getting freshness back @ -3:30 stop.. maybe it's a piece to cut off, IMO would work better. the end is too predictable, using too much of the first sounds and few new sounds or leads... could use more imagination IMO great work man! i like everything you've done so far. best of luck for your project, check mine and leave review please, Swan X-1 thread or http://www.soundclick.com/swanx1 boom boom!
  19. hi cybernetika! it's great when somebody puts so much material for others to listen, is a risk but also very brave to reveal your project and work this way, congratulations! bipolar: great structure, dark and minimal, good groove and (specially) fx, good bassline and sound.. humm.. tasty black market: progressive structure with very psy sounds.. groovy bass.. could go more far in story cubic mass: stomping kick and bass combination! gooood... good percussion and hats too. very strong build up and density, excelent structure (this sure is your strongest spot!) very psy, as all full-on should be IMO. only comment: the ending is a bit too confusing for me, clear it up a bit without losing streght dark seeds: daaaaaaaaaaaark!!! good ambience, a bit too monotone for me digital mescaline: great psychedelics and structure, dark ambience turning to funk sometimes. great track, last 2 min could be better IMO: stronger and less confusing shuttlecrafting: inteligent evolutionary dark as i like it! dark without repetitive massacre, with psychedelic freshness. great soft melody, great track! a little bit of improvement in the end (am i getting repetitive ?) great work man! promising and very wide in style and ideas! you shurely got what it takes to be sucessful and apreciated. at least in my opinion keep up, boom boom
  20. don't be so shy peolpe what do you think? or ? it's important for us no know what you fell about what we're doing In Lak'ech
  21. yes, boom festival happens every 2 years.. next August 2006. If you are still thinking of coming, there's Freedom Festival this year, by Crystal Matrix, August, Portugal: http://www.freedom-festival.org/ come and party with us have fun, Serguei
  22. Hello people! I'm new here.. musician/composer.. so I introduce Swan X-1: portuguese psytrance live-act, live guitar/keyb/effects/drums Serguei: composition, guitars, keyb, effects, mixing Syul'snak3: drums, mixing, effects, composition, keyb, guitars meet us soon @ http://www.swanx.net (site under serious reconstruction) mail to: mail@swanx.net --------------- please take a listen to our demo tracks: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/0/swanx1music.htm and please let us know what you HONESTLY think of our sound! we need extra criticism and/or motivation have fun, Serguei
  23. the 10 Rand-per-song price seems good and fair for me.. the 2 pound is too much, i this it will be a central issue to talk with the labels in order to make it work for everybody.. and this isn't easy as you know! best of luck, good project, lets twist this system Serguei Swan X-1 www.swanx.net
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