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  1. The question is do people hate the DRM because it limits their burning of CD's (which we can even make unlimited) or is it because they can't share it? Maybe the answer here is to convince labels that whenever a track of theirs is played a webpage will open with links to buying another of their tracks. So DRM is a big no. Prices need to be about $1 per track. And preferably more than one format (say wma, mp3, aac?). Would you say this is the right direction. Spindrift: I appreciate your help with this. What system do you use for your shopping cart out of interests sake?
  2. Have look here - http://www.eff.org/share/collective_lic_wp.php - now that would be cool. I'd go for it.
  3. I think there are some good ideas out there. Trying to incorproate them all would be a difficult mission to say the least. I would just like to clear some things up. 1: DRM will allow you to copy your song to an mp3 player and burn it to an audio CD 10 times each. Thats 20 times you can take it from your pc with you. How many times do you plan to lose your CD's? The labels are not keen to authorize wma (not mp3 by the way) music files because someone pays his $1, downloads the track and gives it free of charge to all his buddies. Maybe they do take a bigger cut and the artist gets 1% but then sign with other lables that are more progressive in their thinking (but thats another topic). 2: It would be impossible to offer files in every format available. At the moment wma files (I know, down with microsoft, etc, etc - thats another forum) are what we've been investigating. 3: There would be a quality control process for independant artists - in fact we could probably pay somebody to help us out with this. Anybody wanna listen to free trance and get paid for it? 4: Cash wise we're just party goers like you guys and are looking to spread the reach of some the kick ass music we've all danced/tripped to. The site will start small but the more support we get the easier it would be to convince more labels of its usefullness to them. 5: It will be a community shop on the web, not some iTunes corporation. We're just 2 guys who dig the music. 6: How many of you guys have heard South African psytrance? I would think probably not many and this is my point - what kick ass music from South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, etc are you missing because the artist doesn't have the resources to print 50 000 CD's and distribute around the world.
  4. South African Currency. Equal to about $6 or 11 pounds
  5. Hi I am looking to start an mp3 shop specifically for psytrance. I stay in South Africa and getting CD's is a long and frustrating process (especially if I only want 1 or 2 songs). I would be keen to hear your thoughts on the subject as well as what prices you would be willing to pay. So far here are some my ideas: 1: Download mp3 files 2: mp3's use Digital Rights Management to protect Artists copyrights. 3: Allow Independant artists to sell their songs. 4: Provide a CD burning facility for "mix & match" compilations. 5: Songs would be about R9.99 (Rand) but the record label I contacted in Britain wants royalties that would probably push foreign songs to somwhere around 2 pounds. I also feel that this will allow a lot more artists and labels to promote their stuff internationally so everyone can trip the pink flamingo
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