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  1. hey hey sorry to bring this old topic back up, but i was surfing thru here and thought id add in my 2cents the japanese psytrance scene imo is incredible. this coming from a person who attends events every weekend... ( i need to slow down for many many reasons, but ah well...) dont think you can get even a taste of what its really like from a track or a couple of japanese psytrance cds to be honest - its what happens on the floor, stage, field, beach, whatever. im just glad to report that im having a blast over here PS the good good events happen either at major parties, ie. solstice, mother, koa, ect where foreign djs fly into tokyo to spin such as astrix, alien project, altom, rinkadink, raja ram etc - and equally the smaller local events where "minor" djs spin. imo the "bigger" japanese djs events are often more than dissaponting...ie tsuyoshi (tho he spins now some alright "elec guitar" psy trance) PSS the only "big" japanese psytrance dj i really really enjoy is DJ Ryo of Solstice .
  2. my 2 cents whether high on drugs, drunk from alcohol, or flying without any substances (other than music), music is heard from different angles, and perspectives. Hell, i do this everyday.... i would be completely sober, and listen to a track one day, and then another day - it would sound compeltely different - well, not completely, but i would "see" things differently than i did the day before. And yes, i would be sober. This same thing happens when im under certain substances aswell. Anyways, bottom line - music is music, and it is heard from gazillions of different ears, at different times, in different places. Music is Music - it sounds awesome at whatever state you are in. **Beleive in the power of MUSIC**
  3. good to be here thanx again
  4. ageha

    V/A - Urban Legends

    Sorry to bring this up again, but i do have to say that.... this comp is really, really good. 2 thumbs up for sure!!
  5. thanks everyone for the warm welcome good to be here!
  6. smiles - ok. Youre not from BC are you? Just a guy i used to know resembles that pic.
  7. Wow, great lists.... i love Phony Orphants and, Beat Bizarre (both Lewd and Pandora's groove box) too. one of my other fav's are ov-silence (chapter 3) and urban legends (tribal visions..?)
  8. thanks ensign. is that a pic of you on the left? you look amazingly like a person i know... hehe
  9. Hiya, 25,female, currently living in japan. just a hello from yet another newbie
  10. well, i for one love this album and it falls under one of my fav categories. I tend to like a lot of stuff from Iboga. I love the deep bassllines and i love the fact there isint much melody involved - like how some of you posted, that it doesnt progress into anything, and that its boring. Well, thats exactly what progressive is really - deeper, not as upbeat and melodic. I dont consider this club music either, at least where im living. Its hard for me to find this kind of music (progressive trance) at events than psy-trance events/clubs.
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