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  1. Hill-Top festival 2005 - JUST B THERE..............
  2. hi everybody - im looking for an old song not a new one - and it says "psychosis - chemicals - drugs......effect the way your body work...." i think its a famous one that i lost thx guys
  3. ive been to alot of festivals in my life but i dont think that there is any one that can b compared to "Burning Man" its just...........................i have no comment actually !!! i can just picture it in my mind again and again and again !!!
  4. seraph u r right dude !!! the full on we hear now most of it is crap and commercial shit !!!
  5. DARK SOHO is the most disappointing no doubt
  6. the truth dude i dunno about all that list but one thing for sure dont get the Yamaha MSP5 in any way i had a very very bad expirience with them !!! (with gnd) at first i thaught its a problem with amplifire or my electricity plug !!! but the speakers are the problem !!
  7. i heard that set long time a go but i remember one thing that not all the tracks played there are sub6`s tracks !!!
  8. well................ after i wrote up there i saw the other review down there !! so u got this disk twice :)
  9. Ananda Shake - Emotion In Motion: 1. Old School 2. Wrong Answer 3. Let The Music 4. Wonderland (Album Version) 5. Caution! 6. Banana Banji 7. Break Dance 8. Make Me Shake 9. Total Madness 10. Emotion In Motion dudes and gentelmen ...... this disk will b in the no1 in all charts very very soooon !!! Osher Swissa and Lior Edri from israel got together again to give your imagination a new dimention of limits. after dealing with goa music they deliver a brand new agressive full-on style "emotion in motion" !! every track is different a adventure different sounds different level of madness !! This album reminds me alot of Xerox &ilummination - temporary insanity ! it have a heavy mad rythm with an angry TB !! combined with nice melodic sounds floating in the track !! enjoy !!
  10. OffBeat

    track id

    hi dude !!! im always happy to help !! its astrix - closer to heaven (it seems to be unreleased but alot if people in israel have it "from friends" ) its a combination with michelle adamson witch by the way her voice just one of the best voices i ever heard in psy music !! enjoy !!
  11. skazi is just an asshole.....his beats are bad and his music is not that amazing !!! i dunno why everybody says that skazi is the best actually im from israel and i heard skazi more than 50 times live........ he is good...........but not that good !!! comparing to azax syndrom / psycho micro / twisted system / the nommos and many others.......he have alot to learn !!!!!! speaking of whitch..... chemical crew new album is a failure in mt point of view maybe some of u doesnt agree with me .......... but trance is all about taste !!
  12. Dreambody (Progressive Mix) no doubt its the best track on this album its pure progressive
  13. hey guys i just finished doin my 1st psy track i realy want to upload it here so u can hear it its good to have some sort of feedback but i dunno how can i upload it so u can hear any help?????? thx
  14. Menog - Emotions : 1. Beyond emotion 2. Kinhos alucination (feat kinho) 3. Already found it 4. Cosmic consciousness 5. Emotions 6. Dna chaine 7. Litle bit freak (Menog album rmx) 8. Analog (Menog rmx) 9. Malana 10. Complicated minds The second release of Spectral Records, and 'Menog's' second album. An excellent album that show us the efforts and the work accomplished, by one of our most talented artist 'Menog'. 'Emotions' is a unique album, a different vision of reality, a journey to new sensations, charmed melodies that pass to spookier tones, and noisy sounds, that take us to a fly, to new perspectives and dimensions of sound, excellent work of drum sets. Trance reality is revolting more every day, these are the results of what we believe, of our efforts to make the best we can. Spectral Records presents this new album, which represents musical innovation, musical touch, and a kind of music that pleases to all the fans of electronic music. (psyshop)
  15. with all though respect to shpongle and ott/asura/............... medicine drum has to be in the top 5
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