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  1. i don't go for warm i go for crunch more feedback!
  2. no offence mate, but you should try and work stuff out for yourself. you're not instantly going to be able to make amazing tracks, but have a go, don't just ask people to do everything for you
  3. http://www.zebox.com/hydrophane can i get some feedback for my new track "politics" it probably needs a bit more tweaking still.
  4. gotta be: vanguard, tau pro, v-station, pro53 and i've recently discovered the virtues of imposcar
  5. don't know about virus, but my advice would be get tau pro
  6. ...absolum cpu... i like full on. i got into trance through astral projection and cosmosis but when i heard full on i thought it was a definate improvement. much more effort put in productionwise i'd say, and a lot more thought put into the drums. I think a lot of people don't like it cos "it just aint trancey enough". more people should just forget about what label it may or may not come under and enjoy it as a new genre thats at least doing something different. That's not to say i'm not getting a little tired of the amount of releases that sound exactly the same and follow the full on formula. but there are some artists who are full on but have there own unique sound. i'll shut up now.
  7. you're right i don't put much panning in my tracks, it's just lazyness really. Do you think it would give my tracks more depth? i use fruityloops.
  8. thanks mate, i know what you're saying about the vocal sample, but i think it's good to try and have a vocal that works for longer in a psy track. i'm getting a bit sick of drug related one liners that then just delay away. just trying to do something different
  9. it's not bad, but it's not great either, there's a lot of very cringeworthy stuff in there that ruins it for me. The big synth chordy bit in the intro and middle of "en sof" makes me want to stab the creator. It's Straight out of Ibiza and is what psy trance should be pissing all over not copying .
  10. just finished another new song and would like to hear everyones feedback. http://www.zebox.com/hydrophane the songs "this is scientifically impossible" the names a piss take by the way
  11. well, originally it was taupro but then i changed it to vb1, i think it's vb1 in the version you have heard. but now i've reverted to tau pro and fiddled around a bit. don't you hate it when you think a tracks finished and then you're still fiddling two weeks later. http://www.zebox.com/hydrophane "delysid"
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