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  1. very well done indeed, superb chill music!
  2. Great tracks Filipe, nice compositions and oldschool vibe! Good luck for this project
  3. great melodic goa trance indeed, very well done and with inspiring spiritual melodies, congratulations Peace
  4. Thank you so much for the amazing review, Jon Cocco! You really got it, my goals, my visions and my music These tracks are really diferent from each other because they were started at very diferent times, between 2000 and 2005. I listened to all my previous work and rearranged it with my 2008 ears This album represents my quest to learn all the subtle realms of psytrance and to seek my sound and vision. Maybe in the future I'll bring all these experiences together into a more uniform sound... or maybe not, ehehe, I like to experiment a lot! Peace, Love and creative Music!
  5. interesting project and oldschool acid sound, live and quietly developing, I like it Sounds warm indeed, curious to hear the tape recording in the future. Nice work Filipe, good luck for this! Tweak that Roland machine Peace
  6. Superb work, Alexander! I have already decided that I want you to design the artwork for my next release, whatever it will be! Peace
  7. Thanks Psytones for the great review! And Uth for the kind words @FTP: I was not "there" for a live set... maybe some confusion? I would love to hear what others think about this album, feel free to download and comment! Peace
  8. i'm just amazed! I've been a D'n'B fan in the past, but modern d'n'b got boring and uninteresting for me. This album is all that d'n'b should be, with extra psychedelism coming from an excelent psy producer! Congrats Lars, you got here a masterpiece! Makes me wanna listen do D'n'B again Superb melodies, superb sound quality and specially superb compositions. Peace and the best of luck!
  9. ( getting-out-of-here-disapointed-smiley )
  10. Thanks mars! I tried to PM you before, but the system told me that you weren't recieving PMs. Peace
  11. Q: What do I have to do to change my current username? I want to change it from "serguei" to my artist name, "Xamanist" Thanks Peace
  12. please? Come on people, I'm giving it up for free for you listening pleasure... please comment! Peace
  13. for those who downloaded it, please comment I'm curious to know what people think about my approach on guitars & psytrance. Peace
  14. Hi, I've decided to make my actual live-act fully available for people to listen and download. My goal is to show how "live" it is, full of guitars and twists... and to get feedback and constructive criticism from you! Please download, listen a comment! Xamanist - Live Demo 2009 Peace
  15. Thanks Uth for the review! It's always good to know that people that are not very fond of the style still find it interesting and understand my vibe Loved the Hypnotic Psy label boom more reviews?
  16. very very very good and emotional track, congrats!!!
  17. Hi Rafael, what's up? You can download any of the songs of the album from Ektopazm website and put them in your site As for Goa parties here in Portugal, some organizers are trying to bring goa projects (Cosmosis, Etnica, Arkanoidz) I'm working on taking my liveact to a goa party soon, lets see how things go! Peace ( waiting for your review )
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