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  1. Hi there another new piece made by my friend Svarrog. http://soundcloud.com/svarrog/the-eye-raw-export
  2. My iniciation to Goatrance began by Return to the source - deep trance and ritual beats.. a friend of mine sent copied tape to me..around96-97...after that my life has changed forever !! in 97 i had the very first party experience at Stara Hut Tekknival..there was a dutch sound system with big wooden statue in front, fires around ,fractalic UV decos...mystical.. and the sound was mega loud...total trippy:)))
  3. Butterfly Effect | Darkpsy, Full-On, Morning | October 10, 2012 | Released by Surface Tension Records | 01 - Xatrax - There Is No Reason (105 BPM) 02 - Fractal - Nazca (148 BPM) 03 - Binarstorm - Silent (148 BPM) 04 - Gappeq - Cerberus (150 BPM) 05 - Trimurthi - Yagya (150 BPM) 06 - Jirik - On The Root (141 BPM) 07 - Shivatrance - Absorbing Of North Waves (140 BPM) 08 - Seroquel - Serenity (146 BPM) 09 - Smoke Visions - Bongobass (140 BPM) Butterfly Effect is the second release from Surface Tension Records, a label dedicated to exposing homegrown Czech sounds. The opening is a study of basic tribal beats in endless scary plains by Xatrax, a weirdo from industrial city of Ostrava. Same roots has Fractal, who let a butterfly flap its wings in a mystical place called Nazca. A not really silent storm is coming from the hands of Binarstorm, leading to a little brainwashing. Next is Gappeq, an ugly goblin whose personal bodyguard Cerberus is made from strident steel. A young producer from Slovakia, Trimurthi, the lone intruder from a neighbouring nation on this release, made a Hindu forest meditation called Yagya. Then we arrive at Jirik, a Moravian, who does not hesitate to usher in the rising of the sun with the live elements of On The Root. Shivatrance follows with entrancing atmospheres and a slow elevation of layers, approaching the new day with optimistic moods. Seroquel drops in to provide a bewitching piece with rave-like energy, Serenity. The ending is shrouded in the exotic dubstep aura of Smoke Visions. Mastered and compiled by daemon Fractal himself, this release should make you stand up from your chair, dance around the room like insane, and roll all dance floors everywhere. Artwork made by elvish entity G_Taurus.
  4. yep ..must say pretty danceable stuff
  5. Absolutely must have album for all goaholics...great melodic journey...
  6. hey man..i think you should think littlebit, before you start write something.. no offense..but whats the matter.. he does a great job with Shpongle..younger brother..benji..etc IMO he's the true psychadelia master album will come in right time man this one's kilaa track..
  7. i think you have uploaded something different..dogma.i-create yourself...????
  8. i think its gonna be goodone ...nice driving acidlines...
  9. yes as i sad before this guy is very beginner..so mixdown could be better ..and still its positive trance tune.. im glad you like it
  10. Hi Guys..try to keep an eye on this...a friend of mine.. he is actualy a very beginner at production..but i think he is very promisin' talent.. http://soundcloud.co...varrog-sun-rays
  11. Hi guys..another goa track of mine... http://soundcloud.com/spacekirtan/jayex-instant-enlightenment-v the sound might be as better as always...its just a raw version.
  12. yeaa man this is classic sunshine flyhigh tune great melodies..
  13. goasia rulez..so unique style...pure goa....
  14. cool track ..i like your cup of tea mate...delicious
  15. Hi guys..check out my latest piece:)) http://soundcloud.com/spacekirtan/jayex-windmaster
  16. Hi everybody, here comes my new melodic goa mix http://soundcloud.co...babiletoindamix enjoy it..
  17. well this isn't album of the year.. for sure but,if you noticed the main melodic line ...imo..was great ..even U can hear it in every song of this album.. so the result is respect..you've done well bro
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