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  1. "Transients next release ‘Resurrection’ (compiled by Head of A&R, Kristian) will be hitting the shops early 2006. It will include tracks by Dino Psaras, Aphid Moon, Triptych, Star X, 2 Hi (from Brasil), Freakuliser, Fortu, M klome v Dj Kristian, and a blistering collaboration between Rizzo from Dark Soho and Dj Kalimamboh from newcomers Dejavoo. This will be followed by a Day and Night V/a album (highlighting the best tracks played in the night time madness and morning tranquility of an outdoor party). Also coming in 2006 will be another installment of the classic chill out series Mashed Mellow Grooves and a couple of artist albums. " ND
  2. Today i've read this article (in israeli net news mag) with Zoo-B (the manager of USTA) that says psytrance is dead and was amazed by the bullshit he talks He's like talking about himself without noticing that... It's on hebrew but here few quotes: "The trance scene is no more exist, what's played nowadays its not the same music we did back then, we both sad about the trance and house got so commercial" Hmm... They did? Commercial? USTA is the mother of commercial labels. "Today the only reason to visit parties is the drugs" So, why you orginize all this mega parties in Israel? "One of the problems in psytrance is that in the 90's it was hard to make tracks, nowadays every kid that thinks he is an artist can make it with his computer, and lot of bad music was released in trance" Says the guy who has the most big number of young unknown producers, who hardly paid anyone of them. No comments. USTA. ND
  3. 1997-1999: Discovering Goa Trance after being mainly into dance, techno and other electronic music. Catching a maniacal collector desease and starting to fill the shelves. 1999-2001: Trying to produce music, exploring the world of audio, music being made mostly for fun and on free time. Playing amoung the friends. ProSect projet was found. 2001-2002: First time the tracks of mine shown on the net and to more wider audience. Being one of the Psynews.org contests winners. Getting good feedback and taking the music production more seriously, diving deeply into the beauty of this art. 2002-2004: Producing tracks on the spare time from the college and army. Finding my own style, while the scene is on the levels of getting into the similarity and commercialism. Meeting Liron and starting the Sound Field. Both of us with a vision of being progressive and unique. First CD's hitting the label mail boxes. 2004-2005: Debut release of ProSect. Starting to experiment, touching many courners of the electronic music spectrum. Meeting Peter from Australia and launching the psychedelic freestyle project - ICO. Falling between the chairs, having hard times with music publishing. By the end of the year I've probably contacted 80% of the labels on the psy scene. A new love to more progressive, deep, tribal and funky music leading me into starting the Sonify project. Collaborating with Threshold Productions and signing our track to big UK label - Baroque. Meeting Oxygen records which support the progressive fullon with slight goa influences that comes out of Sound Field. 2005: The scene screams for a change, but no one tries to do it. Making PsyTrance with different flavours makes me out of releases while my music is popular amoung different artists and many other psy heads. Labels find it attractive but hesistate to release it. Finding myself listening to much less psy then ever, mostly into various electronic genres. On the good side of the things, the house scene surprises me with a big success of our 12" release, the single getting into #6 on BBC Radio buzz charts, chosen as track of the month on iDJ and picked by biggest DJ's around. On the psy scene, Sound Field and ProSect getting few more releases. Meeting Tribal Vision records which getting attracted by the progressive and the funky sounds coming out of my lab, signing few works with them. Working with VP records as well. Seing a little light at the end of the tunnel, when signing more different works to different labels. On the other hand, thinking of freezing ProSect project, a lot of material lies on the drive and no reason to make unwanted music anymore. Freedom of army makes me working more on the music and getting the live set ready for the next year. Hoping for good... 2006: Making eclectic music doesn't brings me money for bread, mostly working for living, no much time for music... That's a short story of my being as an artist, I'm happy that I walked through that times without thinking of chaning myself and looking for money. Cheers ND
  4. Hey, I don't wanna go inside other stuff, but as far as I know, Deja Vu Rec. manager is not a poor guy (his family somehow involved in the oil business, and that's also the fact they released 7 cd's in one day once...), he could help with funerals and then release few compilations to cover this (I'm sure all his friends could sign tracks for free as tribute to him). Anyway that's my idea. RIP Viktor. Suicide is not the way out. ND
  5. Hey mars, very nice thread! I think I'm a bit less (~9 years) in the PsyTrance area, and my first tape was the Prana - Geomantik, and then the first CD was a mix by Tsuyoshi Suzuki (maybe it's the same that you heard?) with tracks by Transwave, Electric Universe, Green Nuns etc. First CD's and favourites were the Transwave, Hallucinogen, Cosmosis, Shakta, Quirk, Chakra & Edi Mis, Juno Reactor, Oforia and more. Also I was young in the 97-99 (14-16), it took few years to own a collection of 300 CD's and then I also remember that MD mania and I had loads of that too. Funny moment: in junior high I brought the psy to a school party, and danced like nobody's watching That year I became the official dancer in the school hahaha... Old good times ND
  6. He's from UK, DJ & manager of Pukka Music. ND
  7. Hehehe, once I will get my hands on Mishka - he got the russian blood I'm sure Oh, at NYE I drank pretty much, luckily good food covered the alcohol so I was cool. ND
  8. Heh, what an unemployed, depressed, uninspired & bored man can do in one evening when he tries to make some music with some beers around...? Happy new year friends! ND
  9. Hello? This is a JOKE Elysium: Thanks mate, I was bored that day That's a cool christmas gift for ya all =) Some facts: * Same post on russian forum was taken as a real review and release. * DJ MegaRave booked for world tour * Some dude tried to find a full cd on Saikosounds * Listeners favourite was the Toilet Master * Recieved 37 reports on hospitalization, so we want to warn you: DO NOT PLAY IT LOUD AND WATCH THE KILLER BASSLINES * No one yet revealed the secret of the mysterious act Fart-O-Meter. We can only say its a side project of side project of the side project of the man behind the side project project. * Simon Posford recieved a promo copy and quit psytrance * The CD & the fact that MegaRaver got superb skills in killer raving made a new opposite movement of people with super raver killing skills * Shiva Boom & Boom Shiva cooperated and made a new project named Shiva Boom Boom Shiva * The CD should be distributed by gEm, MYCEL and psyCZ Records soon Cheers ND
  10. it's taken from the mega goa compilation: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=30514
  11. VA - Hardcore Goa Trance Vol.1 (Goa Blaster Records) Compiled by DJ MegaRaver 01. Ibiza Armageddon - Drunk Clubber Has No Home (Escape To Goa Mix) [04:16][100 BPM] 02. MegaRaver - MegaRaver In Da House [01:35][093 BPM] 03. The Prodigy - No Good (Midi Killiz Remix) [01:01][144 BPM] 04. The Mafia (Interlude) [00:24][000 BPM] 05. Skazi - Hit & Run (Shiva Boom's Christmas Terror Mix) [02:12][145 BPM] 06. Voice Of Pot - You're Not Free [00:41][123 BPM] 07. Astral Projection - Aurora Borealis (Boom Shiva's Return Of Goa Remix) [01:02][145 BPM] 08. Medical Crew - Nuclear Holocaust (God Will Not Help Us Mix) [01:55][148 BPM] 09. Toilet Master - Bathroom Vibes (Secrets Behind The Door) [03:55][147 BPM] 10. Dark Noise Trauma - Run Bunny Run [01:35][165 BPM] 11. Fart-O-Meter - The Analog Worm [02:02][100 BPM] 12. ICO - Vanishing Desire (Broken Mix) [06:50][000 BPM] ---------------------------- DJ MegaRaver is one of the pioneers on the psytrance scene. The roots for his name came from superb skills in killer raving. He met pure Goa Trance in mid 2005 and started his career as a Goa Raver. DJ MegaRaver has been a psytrance DJ for over the last 3 days, but we truly trust his skills, he has collected 11 dancefloor killers that will kill the dancefloor because they are the dancefloor killers! ---------------------------- Ibiza Armageddon is a project of an angry betrayed Ibiza clubber, Alex. Once he forgot his ketamine and found that through all this years Ibiza DJ's were fooling him by playing the cheesy trance. But now he found his new love and writing the most original anthems around. "Drunk Clubber Has No Home" describes his period of loneliness till he found the Goa land. MegaRaver himself contributes with a massive psy rap combo "MegaRaver In Da House". The end of the track is very massive and you have to watch it, once one dancer was killed by the power of his kicks. Midi Killiz need no introduction, this duo got the greatest midi skills and the most powerfull hardcore sound. Remix of Prodigy's "No Good" being spinned in the most of the clubs nowadays and finally its avaliable on our compilation. Shiva Boom is one of the most original artists on the scene. He best known for his unique goa melodies, hard guitars, energetic basslines and funky grooves. He remixed Skazi's blockbuster for our CD, a total christmas terror! Voice Of Pot are Colya and Andrey from Russia. They're very creative and unique, allways sending their feelings and messages through the music. "You're Not Free" is about... not sure, but I'm sure they know. Boom Shiva is the hottest fullon artist on the scene, with ocean of creativity he makes only original music - each track is a new piece of art. He brings old memories to us with his remix to classic Astral Projection's "Aurora Borealis". (Shiva Boom is not him) Medical Crew are DJ Death, DJ KillerKick & Robocop. They came from hard metal, and now they creating the hardest psytrance you can find. "Nuclear Holocaust" is a total dancefloor megablaster. Toilet Master is known for using his natural recordings and pure mayhem. After making few festivals in his toilet he made the "Bathroom Vibes" anthem. Killer. Dark Noise Trauma are 2 young fellas with a very hard sound. "Run Bunny Run" is a sad story of a poor bunny that was killed by an evil maniac wolf. ICO is a project of Andy Yakovlev (ProSect) and Peter Mullins. Together they bring an emotional song which describes their vanishing desire for psychedelic culture... ---------------------------- Free for download here: http://www.psyreviews.com/killa/ Or here as .rar
  12. revealing the formula of success: killer bassline: yes! guitars: yes! lsd samples: yes! glory orchestra: yes! spiritual goa melody: yes! psychedelic level: 9.5/10 *humour: a lot! ND
  13. We're proudly present a new blockbuster, a dancefloor smasher, a pure goa anthem, a true spiritual dark track, totally new style, a hit of the forthcoming year! FREE FOR DOWNLOAD! Skazi - Hit & Run (Christmas Terror Mix) Tempo: 145 killerkicks per minute Age: 18+ Sponsored by Psyreviews.com Merry xmas and happy new year ND
  14. Wasn't amazed by their previous album back in the days, so this CD would be my real introduction of their work. Crystal Cream is something deeply hypnotizing, something you can smoothly dance to or even dive in your sofa. Hello Kitty got a good and an easy progression, slightly funky and electronic. Shake your ass carefully to the Trance Popper beats - it's something deep and lazy, no overheat. Bravo is something to navigate with far from the urban place, tribal parts and some small light signs within. With Botox Party we're getting even deeper. Dark shades of sound remind me of a ride on a train through the night. Groove Garden by the first part of it leaves you clueless, on the second part of it you're getting more towards the discovering of the paradox. Eifelgold is like a cube full of spirals. metallic percussion and weird noises. Dandy Division tries to be clear but the noises and muddy pads scrambling on the light sources. The jounrey ends with Tussy De Luxe, a good sound simulation of electronic streaming information, futuristic vibes. Creating Social Success didn't set any new standarts, but it definitely a step for a success. No stress in this album, feels totally relaxed, you may move on your own, smooth. Cover art is enjoyable as well, with lot of philosophy! ND www.prosectorium.com
  15. ProSect

    Meller - Rockable

    At first I wasn't sure about that CD. I got back to it today and realised I enjoy other tracks as well and not only few of the remixes. Rockable is an intensive techno funky tune, good percussion and synths. Something I would like to groove to on the dancefloor. Fatboy, My Favourite Man and Phase Nacht are very original, analog alike, harsh and kinda funny. They sound not well produced and mediocre. Aurora is the more dreamy one, very nice atmosphere. NASA Remix is very acidic and synthetic, a good mash up of psychedelic and the more progressive sound. I really love the Rinkadink Remix, this artist is one of the ones I love from the more psychedelic side. Energetic tune, with amazing vocal work as Rinkadink knows how to do. A highlight. Tegma Remix is something to be played on party as well, very massive and fat, cool flanged lead by the end. Etnoscope Remix is tribal like allways, something that carries you inside the forest nights. The last track is my favourite, the Vibrasphere Remix is very uplifting, something to enjoy in the early morning, great work. Overall its a fresh idea, the remixes are something that most of the usual psychedelic progressive listeners can enjoy, while the originals are definitely matter of taste. The album cover is something I've really enjoyed. ND www.prosectorium.com
  16. Grand Avenue Moonflower Productions, 2005 Review Intro: The latest compilation from Moonflower Productions brings to us the hottest progressive titles, unlike their previous releases dealed with the more tech side of the PsyTrance. Let's see what the young but a promissing label got in store. 01. Chris Pointdexter - My Baby First heard of this artist by his release on Spiral Trax, which was very shiny. The track has a very comfortable feeling, solid club groove with soft repeative melodies. Really enjoyed the summer feeling of this track. 8.5/10 02. Son Kite - Gazing At The Sun Son Kite keep the summer vibe alive. What we got here is a soft percussion section, moving arpeggios and a shiny pads. Not the best Son Kite track, but definitely a worth to listen. 9/10 03. Kalimax - Where Is The Party Very soft tune. The sounds seems to be in the backround which gives the tune more chilling atmosphere then dancing one. Something to relax to and release all your thoughts. 7/10 04. Tegma - Needafix After our chill session comes the intensive groove round. Very solid synth sounds and a repeative vocal sample. I found this track more interesting then tracks on their latest album. 8/10 05. Ticon - We Are The Mammuth Hunters (Live Mix 2005) Ticon is one of my favourite progressive acts. The live mix for one of their greatest songs played almoust everywhere this year. Useless to describe its amazing sounds and dancefloor mayhem that it can create. 9.5/10 06. Human Blue - Woup One of my first introductions to Scandinavian sound was by Human Blue. This track develops really slow and by the end we got the famous Dag's phased synth lines, which are very of the old school type. Nothing to hype over, but not bad at all. 7/10 07. Perfect Stranger - It's All About I really enjoyed the debut tracks of the not so new to the scene Perfect Stranger. What we got here is a synth chords plus the scratching sounds which followed by great percussion work and a very tech and minimal feel. 8/10 08. Cybertronic - Let Feel You This track brought a drastic change on the cd. Very clubby, Ibiza feel. Moving straight forward with its steel sound. I guess I didn't connected to it, lacks some clearance. 6/10 09. James Benitez - Not Over Yet (Parham & Plaza Remix) Very well produced groove, tingling sounds and a disco type of synth comes all the way through. Hypnotizing. 8/10 Review Outro: Very solid release, a good variety inside the progressive psychedelic sound. A CD that worth a buy for the progressive lovers. Cover Art: 9/10 Sound: 8.5/10 Album Concept: 7/10 Overall Rating: 8/10 ND www.prosectorium.com
  17. Voice Of Cod - We Are Free Organic Records, 2005 Review Intro: Here comes my journey into the loony world of the Cod. I expect something new for a change and I'm almoust sure that those talanted artists will give me a proper fresh psychedelic music. So let's put this CD on and see how far they went... 01. Bubbles Of Nothing We're starting with a funky intro that reminds me a bit the old arcade game music. The groove and the feel is very funky, a lot of soundscapes and distorted sharpen leads. In between the complexity you can find some futuristic melodies, I would place that song in one of the Japanese mangas. 8/10 02. The Unknowns Probably there are a lot of things we know and we don't know, but I will not look for the answer here, otherwise I will get lost in that trip. We got here more massive bass and a thrilling leads. Lovely acoustic drum breakout in the middle then we back to the mayhem. Very noticable old school goa elements. 9/10 03. The Art Of Funk Shui Some monkeys are trying to sound funky? I think they kinda managed to do this. That's getting more weird, I'm trying to concetrate on the groove, but my attention disordered by the twisted sounds. A relief comes on the 4th minute, where the lead tries to speak with you, magical feeling. The track probably recorded at some space zoo. 8/10 04. Go Downtown A lot of talkings and different psychedelic sounds in the first 3 minutes. Ok, I'm heading towards my urban adventures. Through the whole track I felt like I've lost my way, acidic sounds fused my brain, but I've managed to get out. Very trippy piece. 7/10 05. Misinfotainment This track got some more old school art on this album. Very interesting panned percussion. I really enjoyed the synth sounds, magnetic! The vocals in the backround treated very well. On the second part the phased melody finds it way amoung the metallic madness. 8/10 06. Bakelite Satellite This would be my favourite one from the album. Very solid groove and percussion. The guitar alike synth does a wonderfull job and of course the acid aquare line which comes afterwards. The effects applied on the synth lines are brilliant! The break part in the middle took me to a different world but then threw me back. Amazing TB sounds by the end. 9.5/10 07. Slysis Me Atmospheric journey with a wide space feel, a lot of echoes in that one. Futuristic melody takes you on a ride, while the track keeps on changing. A bit weak feel here, I feel like I need more energy in that one. 7/10 08. It's Just A Ride (Zuloop Rmx) We back to the massive grooves again. Very epic one, while the melodical parts and the pads makes you relaxed, the drums and the effects parts keep on twisting all around. 8/10 09. Heart Of Gold Uplifting track, flawless cartoon psychedelia. All we had from the previous tracks is here as well - the acid lines, the pads and the multiple layers of everything. 7.5/10 Review Outro: Endless sound layers, mystic pads and funky melodies - that's a pure tripping for the complicated trancer. I really enjoyed this cd because of its concept, old school feel and the funkness. Also I will not call it Full-On, it's more about Psychedelic Trance as it should be. What I really missed here is a higlighted element in each track, sometimes it's too messed for me and I seek for something to follow. The sound reminds of Rinkadink and Triptych with more goa elements and bizarreness. For sure an album that shouldn't be missed. Cover Art: 8/10 Sound: 9/10 Album Concept: 9/10 Overall Rating: 8.5/10 ND www.prosectorium.com
  18. EMU 0404 has 1 stereo in and out. Not sure if you're using the digital ones. Just let us know what you gonna use it for? And I wouldn't go for Behringer. Recently I bought a compact mixer for connecting multple sources (2 pc's, cd player any kind of synth or anything I'll bring over, guitar and mic if needed, and out to monitors, to recording pc, and 2 moitoring headphones). Not sure yet if it's necessary, but that's a good christmass gift ND
  19. *offtopic* Jikkenteki: what's the best way to contact you? I may have some psy/prog/goa crossover music for you. Thanks. ND
  20. I can ask Seth (Aeon Rec.) about it, as soon as will catch him online. Cheers ND
  21. Ok, sent to Demon Tea as well Message from Chemical Crew on that: We need more killlar guitars!!! ND
  22. Ketuh you mean. Hmm.. Lemme check their sound before I waste my time again. Sent to Gi'iwa, Vertigo and Apoxina. Thanks guys. ND
  23. Damn... Those too hard for this are you crazy? ND
  24. Nowadays you can't make music, you have to stick to formulas... Tried now few dark killer labels on my msn too funky for them Fuck em all I say Will stick to Gi'iwa and Apoxina, freakdance & exogenic - never managed to reach them ND
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