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  1. Hey Filteria, you make some crazy goa tunes. Rare on this days! Keep the coming. ND.
  2. Hello Asura! Great news, the second album been played not once on my stereo, i'm really looking forward to hear the new one! And about the new direction, by your works i can see the soul and the talant goes in there, i don't care about the style, for me it's good music or bad music, no styles. ND.
  3. Frogacult "Something For Sundays" Iboga Records, 2004 Review Intro: Saturday morning (sunday isn't a holiday in Israel), woke up a bit late, small hangover after some bar sessions during the night. Playing some chill music while grabbing some breakfast. Ok, i'm done, took one beer with me and dropped myself to the sofa. The volume is on mid-high level and lows gained up a bit, pushed the play button, here we go... 01. No Rush: First track on the album, let's see how it sets my mood. After short intro came the drums and the pumping bass followed by soft and wide synth lines that filled with verbs and delays. The break in the middle made me a vision of a morning in some village at the spring time. Ok, the groove back and i'm starting to flow with that rhythm, the synths make the vibe a bit darker so i feel like the lazy sun isn't here yet. Rating: 8/10 02. All Seasons: Strarts with percussion and bass combination, then a sudden screamy lead sound comes with the drums. This lead is still here and makes me awake, loads of effects and percussive lines leading into the housy part of the song. While the housy groove runs, more synths and various sounds are coming till the end of the song. I must say it's more massive and deep then the previous song. Rating: 9/10 03. Back To The Woods: Here we faded to the next song, the kick starts straight from the beginning and the bass pumps fast. same bass sound as was on the first song. Ok, let's close the eyes and try to go to the woods. Indeed some water and wood sounds help us in this journey. A break, the bass somewhere far from here a cool lead part comes. As the drums back, the song goes smoothly into pure psy soundscapes. I love the electro stab sound, makes me dizzy. The tune ends by fading out, i'm ready for the next journey. Rating: 9/10 04. The Black Mamba: Collaboration with Rene "Beat Bizarre", looks promising! Amazing intro, wide synth chords and female vocals, here comes the synth line, it fades in till the breakout and the magic groove comes. This groove makes me dance - i'm not on sofa anymore, tribal percussion comes and some goblin vocal (probably he came from the woods). Beautiful synth lines! In middle comes the break that transofrmates and give us a pure blast, now we back on floor with some cool bass and synths. That was the best tune till now, could be it's the best on the album. Rating: 10/10 05. We Sell Shivas: Collaboration with Jonas Hultman. Hard kick and great percussion is what we got in the beginning. Great work on percussion, pads, bass and synth sounds that go thru all the song. That tune got a hypnotic vibe and also a great one for the dancefloor. Rating: 8/10 06. She's Got The Dreamer's Disease: Something happens here in the intro, the bell sound prepares me for the journey. Yes, as i suspected, groovy stuff - funky bassline. A girl voice says that they want something. True, as the Frogacult guys wanted, it brought me out of the chaos. Amazing sound work, the bass addon that starts in the middle and end up by the end of the song is really groovy. Peace and love all we need. Rating: 9/10 07. Chutney Punch: Oh yeah, finally a change in the vibe and similarity of the songs. Deep kick attached with wide bass, delayed and pitched by the end chords with some electro sounds. This track is really deep and progressive, really takes me to the city nights. Well done. Rating: 10/10 08. That Day In December: Last track, intro that makes you think of that - "is all over?". Not yet, massive and deep bass is here. What's that? Sweeped resonanced synths followed by trippy pads. In the middle of the song some melody comes, it continues till the end. Those pads and leads hypnotize me, please don't stop! I've made it thru, the end just showed me that it's not over and i should keep on grooving for the rest of the day. Rating: 9/10 Review Outro: Thanks to Mikkel & Casper for wonderfull journey, sometimes smooth and sometimes clear but most important of all that it guided me directly and without loosing the vibe thru all the album. Cover Art: 9/10 Sound: 9/10 Album Concept: 9/10 Overall Rating: 9/10 >> Taken from ProSect's homepage: http://www.prosect.tk > Journal: Reviews Thanks goes to Banel and Frogacult.
  4. thanks man i will do my best... soon my little homepage will be online and some of my new/old stuff will be there, don't miss
  5. hello guys, i'm little bit unhappy because i didn't won (Prosect), but i knew it will be like that, the tracks i've sent were one of my first works (in beginning of 2000) without a good production, so i don't care know thank for everyone who supported me, working on my tracks now (wait for releases ). anyway about the contest, the Agalctia and Amygdala are good stuff. keep the frequency !
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