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  1. Ticon is on my TOP 5 progressive acts. Looking forward. ND
  2. ProSect


    Who is the owner of that site? the pictures in his gallery are from my research on funny party people, back in the topic "ProSect live in russia" I wonder who collected them hihi ND
  3. Listen and understand. ND
  4. Back in the "Nizhonot" years I wondered what Eyal Barkan has to do with Elysium and MWNN melodies. I asked Kristian and looks like he doesn't even know about that. So I've searched for it. It was one song, but yet I'm not so sure that's the only one that appeared with ripped music. Reverse Psychology - Misra Maluk (VA - Over The Sunrise) http://s63.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3NO5RE7...063H015ZBVIAYTM Tracklist: 1. Elysium - Yamaya 2. Reverse Psychology - Misra Maluk 3. Elysium - Trancelestial Psychobabas 4. Reverse Psychology - Misra Maluk 5. M.W.N.N. - Teleport 6. Reverse Psychology - Misra Maluk ND
  5. The most amazing release of this year so far!!! You never heard something like that! http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=5116 Check all of the names and tracks! Track 10! I can't stop laughing... Damn this is good! They got balls I tell ya' Wackos Cuddles ND.
  6. Hey soliptic, Tranceform Records (Finland) done the mastering and coverart is in the progress. So, don't worry (and better remove that tune from free download...) Contact Kalle for more info. ND
  7. Haha, yer man, I'm not alone Yes there are some good ones on the remixes cd, but that's other story... ND
  8. Lovely review, happy to see that you liked my track DP. My copy should be here soon (Israel allways last) Sorry pal, someone had to do this here to you ND
  9. I don't like "dark trance" as you call it, if you like and find quality in its fine I just think its wrong commercially to release 8 cds in one day? But hey Deja Vu owner can release 1000 of them (my secret intelligence sources say that ) ND
  10. Good luck friend! All the best! ND
  11. I love to produce any kind of music. Expanding my horizones. ND
  12. Didn't liked it at all... ND
  13. If you got the original cd you probably noticed that Andromeda - Imploded isn't the same as the original. On the creditds it says: Andromeda - Imploded Written and Produced by Anders Nilsson and Nikos Kostoglou. Published by Millennium Songs Ltd. courtesy of Y.S.E. No credits to us were given, they didn't mentioned us at all... It should be done that way: Andromeda - Imploded (Sound Field Remix) Written by Anders Nilsson and Nikos Kostoglou. Remixed by Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia. Thanks for your time. Andy.
  14. Personally I prefer Synth1 and Superwave P8 for wide synth lines, Crystal for effects and atmospheres. But others usefull too, jsut tweak 'em up! ND
  15. KarmaFX KarmaFX Synth Download @ KarmaFX Krakli EZ-Poly Download @ Krakli Odo A-Pad Download @ Odo Synths Oxe FM Synth Oxe Soft reFX Claw Download @ reFX RGC Audio Triangle II Download @ RGC Audio Superwave Superwave P8 Download @ Superwave
  16. !j Development Rebel 2Max Download @ Klangformer Angular Momentum Analog Warfare Download @ AMVST Bojo Impulse Download @ Bojo Software Dash Signature daHornet Download @ Liqih Synth ERS Iblit Download @ ERS ERS polyIblit Download @ ERS Green Oak Crystal Download @ Green Oak Ichiro Synth1 Download @ Synth1
  17. Robert Miles - Organik Salt Records, 2001 Review Intro: Soft remains of the sun beams run around my room in one wide flow, waiting till they will dissapear so I can make a step into the dusk. First days of the autumn, I'm looking for some inspiring adventures into the sound. This is not the first time I'm going to play this cd, but now I will go deeper into the dark territories of organic expressions of sound. 01. TSBOL My first step into the bizarre world starts here... Deep pad sounds morphing into orchestral score, a feeling of something mysterious, this could fit any spy movie. The morphing sounds plus the screamy flute sound keep on moving around the ears while the beat is broken, feels like it plays with you. Very imaginary. 9/10 02. Separation The rhythm had come, the percussion sounds layered with some kind of metal sound that actually talks with you. It feels very funky now, moving slowly but surely while the distorted guitar comes. Stop. Here it comes again. Dissapears. Now let's back to the groove. 9/10 03. Paths I hear some female voice talking somewhere there in the deep. This song contains amazing vocals (by Nina Rocha Miranda), hypnotical sarangi sounds (by Shruba Ghosh), jazzy bassline and smooth percussion lines. "Many paths to take, I hope to find my freedom again...". She's defenetly lost but the music will lead her into the right place. I feel it. 9.5/10 04. Wrong I think I went to the wrong path...? Very asian feel in here, might be I'm in the lost city far out in the east. Amazing and masterfull guitar leaks (by Nitin Sawhney) with other ethnic strings is a very powerfull combo, it feels very spiritual. So maybe I came to wrong place, but my soul got inspired. 9.5/10 05. It's All Coming Back Slowly I'm getting back to reality. The bass is deep, it's all surrounded by high frequecny sounds. Here comes the lead sound, very futursitic, followed by a distorted guitar. Future funk. 9/10 06. Pour Te Parler Keeping on the funk experiences. Very thrilling. Emotional string sounds and the moving bassline keeps me on. It stops in the middle, clear acoustic guitar comes, playing some chilling motive. Then the groove is back, and I'm again on the thriller track. 8.5/10 07. Trance Shapes Let the rock begin. Begins with a hard driven guitar leads with a various vocals around. Then comes the floor shaking bassline, and when the first kick drum is hitted - the guitar lead is on. Half breaks, half dance rhythm with the guitar leads till the end. On this part of the journey I'm still in the year 2023. 9/10 08. Connections Now it's the time to find some connections between the previous happenings. I'm here to find the truth. but I feel someone is chasing me. The screamy disted sounds make me feel like some kind of evil power is around me. Relaxing in the middle, but not for long, the chase begins again. Very confusing track. I will not manage to find the reasons... 7.5/10 09. Release Me I found a divinity again. This place - I've been here before. If you wonder I'm at eastern part of the world again. Many asian ethnic instruments with one groovy bassline. A big variety of sounds here, by the end of the tune comes the strength guitar. I'm free again. 8/10 10. Improvisations Part 1 No more loudness. Only relaxed deep sounds that touch my body. Some weird dizzy noises try to get me out of depth but I only let the drums to wake me up. Chilling. 8/10 11. Improvisations Part 2 I woke up by the sound of fretless bass (by Bill Laswell). Weird human vocals flowing around while other vocals make some mouth grooves. It's like being in a mirror room, different reflections from different courners. 8/10 12. Endless The final episode. It has some psychedelic groove in it, the sounds keep on moving around. It ends up with an ethnic lead into the deep. End? No. 7/10 Review Outro: This album is an amazing journey into something different, epic. No formulas and no rules. Elements of funk, jazz, alternative rock and movie themes. Discover the radical side of yours! Cover Art: 9/10 Sound: 9/10 Album Concept: 9/10 Overall Rating: 9.5/10 >> Review by ND. ProSectoirum
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