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  1. My style is crossover multi-styled psychedelic music. Samples on my page www.prosectorium.com or at net music shops. Other questions you decide by yourself Have fun ND
  2. *warning: shameless self promotion* For the guys bitching about nowadays music, you should know that there is some project named "ProSect" (and all the side projects): creating different PsyTrance music since 2001. ND
  3. Fuck: * Labels and their closed mind * Modern PsyTrance and its dullness * Kids on drugs * Bad orginizers and thieves * Labels that aren't contributing but just flooding and causing a damage to others * Artists with their endless crappish illegal remixes on good old music * Those who set rules in music * Spammers and annoying promoters * Turn a kid to superstar managers * Cheerleader reviewers * Label managers that use their label status for booking themselves and not taking care about their artists * Boring PsyTrance music, including so called Full On, Dark and PsyProgressive sub-genres * Me for keeping on believing and making this music Sorry just a bad period... ND
  4. Hats of for Psybooty. One of the only Psy experimental labels that has the ears wide open. Lots of diversity here, I just hope this CD will be exposed and find its why to the listeners. Thanks for reviews and feedback! ND
  5. The promo text is killar too...
  6. Ooops, well yeah thanks to Pavel! ND
  7. Now I know who's responsible for the stage collapse... ND
  8. Why you always got the CD's before the participant artists Israeli's allways get it last... ND
  9. ProSect

    V/A - Celtic Records

    Got it My second psy CD ever. ND
  10. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=27403&hl= ND
  11. Now on Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/kag/kag1cd121.html
  12. Btw, they split now as it says on isratrance. And the irony of this video is that he/they gonna play at japan and mexico soon. ND
  13. Semsis - Letting Go All the album! "Big Balls" track is great. ND
  14. Yeah, expected more then that. This is pretty average. Sonic Cube album is more interesting for me. ND
  15. A new MegaRaver vs. NHJOHYENNRO album ND
  16. VA - ServeEm2wice Second compilation from PsyBooty Records, released March 2006. 1. Equisol - Mokoko 2. M-Field - Grokwave 3. Behind Blue Eyes - Rumble In The Jungle (Vacuum Stalkers Remix) 4. Etienne - This Moment In Time 5. Prophei - Sickly Fantastic 6. ProSect - In Styled 7. Duca - Pozitiva 8. M-Field - Focus 9. Sound Field - Passion Session Equisol is the Trance project of Steven Fava. A US based artist working out of Southwest Florida, Steven holds a solid presence on the PsyBooty artist roster. He has two previous releases on PsyBooty Records, and has also seen his music released as a member of D-Space (Soular Records). M-Field is among the newest additions to the PsyBooty roster. The collaboration of Jay Indigom (Alpha Channel / Indigom, PsyBooty) & label DJ Rob-ot (Rob Watson), these boys are poised to take the world by storm with their deep, funky progressive psychedelic style. M-Field is currently in the studio putting the finishing touch on their full-length CD to be released on PsyBooty Records in 2006. Behind Blue Eyes / Vacuum Stalkers: Behind Blue Eyes is the project of Rene Nielsen (Beat Bizarre), and DJ Banel (Iboga Records). Their self-titled debut, released on Iboga Records, was easily one of the best progressive psychedelic albums of 2005. PsyBooty is proud to present an unreleased remix of BBE’s “Rumble In The Jungle” by Russia’s Vacuum Stalkers who have been making quite a name for themselves lately in the progressive circle, in addition to releasing down-tempo creations under the name Koan. Etienne has been writing music for almost 20 years. In that time, he has experimented his way through Metal, Punk, Crossover, and Industrial, eventually creating his own unique take on Psychedelic Trance, which incorporates the various musical genres that have defined him as a composer. He has been performing live throughout the Northwest, Bay Area, and Southern California regions of the US for the past 3 years. Etienne’s track, “We Come In Peace” was recently released on Monomad Media’s compilation, “San Trancisco,” and he has written professionally for web movies and video game companies such as EA and Sierra/Vivendi Universal. Prophei has been writing, producing, engineering, and recording electronic music for over thirteen years. His work spans various vocal, experimental, and dance-floor styles throughout that period. His industrial dance project, annodalleb (with longtime collaborator cyrus rex) will release their single "dAATh" on N3 Records in early 2006. The single and includes a burning hot remix by Hallucinogen, currently being caned worldwide by Hallucinogen himself and any DJ with an ear remotely close to the floor! ProSect is the project of Andy Yakovlev hailing from Israel. While Andy's music is mainly categorized as Psy Trance, he seeks to break rules and be an innovator in an underground scene he sees as lacking originality. He has found recent success seeing releases as part of multiple projects (Sound Field, Sonify, ProSect) on a diversity of record labels including Baroque, Tribal Vision, Kagdila, Oxygen, and now PsyBooty. Duca (aka ANAX) is Dusan Sekic, of Belgrade, Serbia. He released his first full-length album as ANAX on Kagidila Records in 2004. Since then he has concentrated on multiple projects including his progressive project, Duca. “Pozitiva” is a progressive monster, which is sure to be one of the standout tracks on this compilation. Its deep dreamy synth work and smooth pulsing rhythms will appeal to fans and DJs across many electronic music genres. Sound Field is the collaboration of Andy Yakovlev (ProSect, Sonify) and Liron Atia (The Poofs). This unique meeting of the minds spawns a unique take on morning trance. Lush atmospherics, melodic and harmonic work, live instruments, deep, grooving rhythms, and excellent production quality are all hallmarks of the Sound Field aesthetic. The duo has been released on Oxygen and YSE Records and will have more material released on Iono Music, Crotus, Blissbits and an album coming on Oxygen later this year.
  17. ProSect


    i will never miss mojo jojo and dj megaraver! ND
  18. ProSect


    300km? its fair enough. I'm getting something like, dj mojo jojo live in brazil, reply now or die ND
  19. ProSect


    Ok, I got to my breakpoint of the shameless spam via msn messenger, icq and email. Case 1: leaving your e-mail on forum causing some "newsletter" listing of you on some labels, ok but we all write some old and unused email. sending personal email or getting with contact with some labels suddenly gets you on the same spam list even so you never asked for and used your personal email cause its more handy. Case 2: an artist/label or anyone from your icq or msn messenger adds you, or you added him some time ago cause you had some biz to do, or just for any other reason. now he never talks to you, but all message history is one big link stock with mega promo text, which you even don't have a clue what's that about like party in south columbia with some mega dj. or just a release from label that sent to you half year before during every month or less, and then half year after the release same problem. And I'm talking about artists and labels from our scene, how low they can go? I mean there must be some respect and proffesionalism. OK, I wanted to send them to fuck some wombats, here's the tryout: xxx says: !!! - NEWS FLASH - !!! Killargh promo text (shortened due to spam reasons) ProSect said: i'm sorry dude, but i would really appritiate if you will talk and communicate with me instead of just sending me promo text which i even dont know and have no idea what to reply about xxx says: ProSect says: !!! - NEWS FLASH - !!! xxx says: ProSect says: sorry but i'm just tired of msn/icq as spam tool. xxx says: ahhah me too... i alwuyas using and its a borring task Did you met the same problem? Discuss ND
  20. http://fac3.jamaica.ru/raskolbas/raskolbass.swf DJ MegaRaver & DJ PsyChicken (aka Powder Rangers) Live @ Moscow ND
  21. 8. IMAGINATION CORP - Deep in Blue Imagination Corporation = ICO and X-scream, I don't think this Chi-A.D. any new. ND
  22. Nice psychedelic chillout, but hey it supposed to be out since long I'm ashamed of my old track already ND
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