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  1. Greetings friends! Wasn't around for a while, the thing is that I took a break from music and net, and daily work takes time as well. Just wanted to say that my debut album (Sound Field - Audio Surfin') about to be released in couple of days, I was one of the first users here (since this forum was black/purple alike), one of the things that pushed me into a more serious production levels was the Psynews competitions... Thank you all Cheers ND
  2. Hello! I'm back Thanks for the feedback, hope you'll like it! Have a great year ND
  3. Hey funky brutha! Looks nice Keep on groovin'
  4. I've heard that MegaRaver currently dates WITH ShivaXXXGirl_666 ND
  5. Please add DJ MegaRaver to the superior elite artists section. He asked me... ND
  6. Sounds cool! I like BT's stuff Pavel, check it out and let me know ND
  7. Maybe its the Shiloh album on Baroque? ND
  8. The first one is "Technological Terror" that will be out on Sound Field album around december. The track with the house is "Sonified", you can find it on Tribal Vision's "Inner Circle" compilation, but without the house sample (I just improvised this one). Thanks for interest! Regards ND
  9. That's some MASSIVE project! I wish all the best for you, the scene needs more organizations like this. I'm relly glad to be a part of it Slowly but surely! Much respect ND
  10. Dude that's so wrong... Face the new stars of Goa Blaster Rec.:
  11. Well, I've made a track right after I had sex on the beach, which was full of passion and I was inspired till the next morning. It's called Sound Field - Passion Session, you can find it here: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/psb/psb1cd002.html It's a soft progressive psychedelic track. Cheers ND
  12. Thank you people That's some cool & funny fedback hehe Ah, Canada... Mmmm... Had so much frikking fun there! MegaRaver will save the planet, you'll see! ND
  13. Here you can download the live sets from the Samadhi Festival (Canada), they contain many unreleased material including the Sound Field forthcoming album tracks. Enjoy: ProSect/Sound Field Live Download 01. Sound Field - Psychedelic Revival (Audio Surfin' / Oxygen *Coming Soon) 02. Sound Field - Midi Tales (Audio Surfin' / Oxygen *Coming Soon) 03. Sound Field - Technological Terror (Audio Surfin' / Oxygen *Coming Soon) 04. ProSect - Sonified (Inner Circle / Tribal Vision) 05. Sound Field - Ocean In Motion (Satellite / Oxygen) 06. Sound Field - No Roots (Parsec / Oxygen) 07. Sound Field - Return To The Field (Audio Surfin' / Oxygen *Coming Soon) 08. Sound Field - CrossBreed (Audio Surfin' / Oxygen *Coming Soon) 09. Sound Field - One Step Above The Sun (Occurance / Oxygen) 10.1. ProSect - Tribalogic (TBA / Ghost Label *Coming Soon) 10.2. ProSect - Tribalogic [Amygdala Remix] (Mainspring Motion / PAR-2 *Coming Soon) 11. ProSect - Afro-Dust Bundle (Unsigned) 12. ProSect - Dr. Ivan & The Mad Peyote (Mainspring Motion / PAR-2 *Coming Soon) Sonify Live Download 01. Sonify - Urban Glide (Unsigned) 02. Threshold & Sonify - Sunscape (Unsigned) 03. Threshold & Sonify - No More Silence [Damien Heck Remix] (No More Silence / Baroque) 04. Sound Field & NSL - Lifted Higher (Audio Surfin' / Oxygen *Coming Soon) 05. Sound Field - Funk Science [southern Mix] (Audio Surfin' / Oxygen *Coming Soon) 06. Sound Field - Second Step Above The Sun (Audio Surfin' / Oxygen *Coming Soon) 07. Sonify - Groove Seductive (Lime Light 2 / Tribal Vision) 08. Sonify - The Disco Craze (Tribal Disco / Genki Music *Coming Soon) 09. Sonify - Sonifunk (Street Art / Tribal Vision) 10. ProSect - In Styled (Serwe Em 2wise / Psybooty) 11. ProSect - Addictive By Nature (Unsigned) 12. Sonify - Second Coming Of The Squeak (Unsigned) 13. Hallucinogen - LSD [sonify Remix] (Unsigned) For more info visit: www.prosectorium.com For booking, music licensing or any other inquiry contact: prosect [at] gmail.com ND
  14. Sorry got no scanner here... From the site above:
  15. This is a new groundbreaking way to perform live, no more need in equipment or to be near it. Its a mind control probably. Well still don't know how he plays it, but I'm gonna adopt this for my next performance... ND
  16. supergroover: Thanks, Blue Tunes/Spintwist got very closed sound line of psy-prog music taht is famous nowadays. I work with Tribal Vision, unfortunately they don't pick every track, but take one for compilation each time. Sonify album should be on that label as well in future. I will try Nano for Afro-Dust, could be... I will not send to you, you trade them for unrlsd skazi gems. FP: Thanks baba. Yes, many wankers up there in the labels. Considering making another below the average full-on compilation which will barely sale amoung 1000 alike. Why not make something different, with good promotion and pro work you may achieve something I guess... Uhmm.. Forget about it, they prefer wanking in the same way Shaft: You will find ProSect "Dr. Ivan & The Mad Peyote" on the next PAR-2 compilation within another tune of mine remixed by Amygdala. Thanks. *Update* I removed "Lifted Higher" from here, it will be featured on the Sound Field album. ND
  17. Hey, you welcome guys! Have a nice production week ND
  18. Damn, I was too emotional. Next time I'll say suck donkey balls ND
  19. Thanks for those who cared to listen and those who not. I knew there would be comments like this, its hard to take a classic and make it stand out and noticable without making a shame to the original composer and myself. So, like it or not, I think I somehow succeed. Here you can find a longer version: Sonify MySpace ND
  20. Ok, so I did a remix to the classic. Hope Simon will like it Here, taste it, its fun - electro progressive house blended! Download Demo *fixed* ND
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