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  1. Psy: 1.)Crop Circles;Tetrahedron;DAT Records 2.)Kino Oko;Alphabetically Divided Highway;Tribal Vision Records 3.)Procs;The Lonely Land Of Tada;Manic Dragon Records 4.)Jikkenteki;Flights Of Infinity;PAR 2 Productions 5.)Perfect Stranger; Free Cloud; Iboga Records Chill: 1;Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus / Universal Symbiosis Records 2;Hibernation;Some Things Never Change;Aleph Zero Records 3.Ott - Skylon - Twisted Records 4;Emanuele Errante;Humus;Somnia .
  2. Entheogenic - Entheogenic ( my personal favorite) Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination
  3. I like this one a lot, its right up with their first two albums, which in my opinion are the best psychill albums out there.
  4. Now, thats what I call service. Btw, mine arrived very quickly, thanks! .
  5. I just had one of these - oh my god - experiences - This is it , this is the one. Above the crowd, above the clouds, nothing close . And yeah hell, I am excited!
  6. god bless, i ordered mine through their website, took some time to get there, felt almost like waiting in line. .
  7. The first Entheogenic album is also my favourite of all times!!! Though the last Shpongle I couldnt stand it, one of the worse albums I had listened to in a long time
  8. Forgot to give my score 10/10
  9. Simply the best Entheogenic album until now! Amazing!!!
  10. I don't understand some of the comments. This was a poll and shows the opinions of all not of one person. Whats the point in saying I would not have put this in Nr1 or that in Nr.3?? Who cares. Everybody had the chance to vote and those are the results.
  11. 1Entheogenic - Dialogue of the speakers 2Quality Relaxation 3Derango - Tumult 4GMS - Emergency Broadcast System 5Apsara
  12. Uh, people are getting excited And Cinos it doesn't help you to insult people here, they wont change their tastes because of it. IMHO Entheogenic are the best in this field, that's of course my opinion.
  13. I liked the older Shpongle, today Entheogenic are my favourits. They have more feeling in their compositions. Both are good, but Entheogenic has the extra something that does it better for me.
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