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  1. Psy: 1.)Crop Circles;Tetrahedron;DAT Records 2.)Kino Oko;Alphabetically Divided Highway;Tribal Vision Records 3.)Procs;The Lonely Land Of Tada;Manic Dragon Records 4.)Jikkenteki;Flights Of Infinity;PAR 2 Productions 5.)Perfect Stranger; Free Cloud; Iboga Records Chill: 1;Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus / Universal Symbiosis Records 2;Hibernation;Some Things Never Change;Aleph Zero Records 3.Ott - Skylon - Twisted Records 4;Emanuele Errante;Humus;Somnia .
  2. Entheogenic - Entheogenic ( my personal favorite) Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination
  3. I like this one a lot, its right up with their first two albums, which in my opinion are the best psychill albums out there.
  4. Now, thats what I call service. Btw, mine arrived very quickly, thanks! .
  5. I just had one of these - oh my god - experiences - This is it , this is the one. Above the crowd, above the clouds, nothing close . And yeah hell, I am excited!
  6. god bless, i ordered mine through their website, took some time to get there, felt almost like waiting in line. .
  7. The first Entheogenic album is also my favourite of all times!!! Though the last Shpongle I couldnt stand it, one of the worse albums I had listened to in a long time
  8. Forgot to give my score 10/10
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