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  1. Try watching Firefly/Serenity... Seriously.
  2. This album still gets to me every time I listen to it. Words can't describe how beautiful these Movements are. I could only dream of the sweet, shining, and ethereal sounds all throughout this album.
  3. That cover is just so... imaginative. ;-) My only opinion would be to make the text sharper in contrast to the design, placed in the base of the temple. Other than the cover, this one has potential to further degenerate my brain into a state of blissful chaos.
  4. What can I say about this album? This is the best compilation Suntrip has put out next to Opus Iridium. The Awakening - This is a midtempo track which starts out beatless until around the final third when the track kicks off. My favorite parts of this track include a little whir that runs throughout and the key changes near the end. This is a lovely track from Mindsphere to start us off. Inhabitants of the Sun (Gnostic Theory) - Astrancer has this uncanny ability to provide bright, liquid sounds and neat patterned soundscapes. The leads are uplifting and warm while the deep bass line b
  5. I don't want them to go broke and have to give up on the scene because a Goa album doesn't get well received. As I said, The Prophecy and Open Society are fantastic tracks that I would not mind hearing on the new album.
  6. IMO Amen was a move in the right direction. There are plenty of people who first got into Astral because of that album. Sure, they tried all modern ideas, some to lesser success than others but I could easily take an album full of The Prophecy and Open Society. And yes, Goa's success in 2008 and 2009 have certainly influenced them. At this point, having been out of the spotlight for so long, I think they have nothing to lose by putting out an album like Dancing Galaxy but that is for them to decide.
  7. It doesn't get more electro/romantic/industrial than Music for the Masses. Depeche Mode made synths and drum machines sexy to the general public. About the new AP album, I sincerely hope it has new material on it. An older tracklist several years ago had all the tracks they have released since then alongside remixes of Open Society, and The Prophecy.
  8. Artha is similar to Hallucinogen in that they both have just those extra few tracks in the mix to give depth and almost everything is modulated and controlled, from the hats to the leads. Every time I think about Hallucinogen I imagine how much a new album would mean to the scene but if it isn't going to happen, it won't happen and we just have to deal with it.
  9. That's a big relief. I'm happy for Avi and Lior. While Joy doesn't sound very interesting, the album is finally being released, not to mention a large chunk of their works have been uploaded to their store.
  10. 1... 2... 3... How about one more, for good luck. Ineffable Mysteries is the most accomplished Shpongle album yet. Electroplasm begins right where Simon left us last time except this one has something different to it. Could it be the Indian influence? Could it be the mature and well thought out movements within the songs? Maybe it's the exceptional studio effects. The truth is while all of those things are present on this album, the reason why Ineffable Mysteries is the best Shpongle album and is potentially one of the best albums I have heard, period, is the Love and Passion all throughou
  11. I want a really really huge poster of that cover. Then I want four of them to cover all my walls. And then the Sundrops cover for my ceiling. I'll never look out my window at winter ever again.
  12. That's good news. It will be interesting to see what ends up on the album considering this thing should have been released 5 years ago. I also hope that this is not the last Astral Projection album.
  13. VA - Artificial Sun Was there a reason this one has not had much discussion?
  14. This is another nice release from Cosmosis. It's very funky and twisted. The production is perfect. A few tracks are not so good such as Samba del Gringo and Empty Space. The last two tracks, as mentioned, are deeper but I feel like there isn't enough going on in them. They almost sound boring. Fumbling for the Funky Frequency makes me appreciate the emotions on Psychodelica Melodica.
  15. You hardly have to sell anything to get on the music charts these days. Physical sales are unbelievably dismal. 5,000 copies would probably get you in the top 40 on the main billboard charts. Also, billboard's definition of dance/electronic is really funny.
  16. I know what you mean. It took some time to fully integrate myself with the layers, and I still have a hard time defining these songs. The most rewarding part of this release is the atmosphere. It is the perfect combination between earth and outer space in an ancient astronomical type of way, syncing the past and present. Layers float in and out of the mix making it pure floating trance and no, there are no hooks or lead synths that stick with you. It is a nice challenging release and draws closest comparison to Ra's 9th. With that said, I refuse to draw any conclusions about Arcana. I could lo
  17. The thing is, for me and I know there are others out there, goa trance never died. I was a kid when goa trance was at its height, as a genre. As a newcomer in this genre, I equally like new school and old school. I equally enjoy listening to old school classics for the first time, and listening to newer artists and I find the wealth of interesting sounds coming from each to be fascinating. Maybe after another ten years, I will look back at suntrip and remember what it was like when goa went through its first revival, and loathe those ultra new school, moontrip records copying Ra and Filteria.
  18. Psychedelic Dreams - The earth has just whithered and died. We left earth and are swimming in the galactic primordial ooze. An ominous chord progression warns us of the journey ahead. Bouncy melodies and acidic notes peak through atmospheric midtones. This track is really traveling and fluid goa. A nice melody towards the end blissfully hangs on every few notes before quickly dying out.A- Spacecraft - This one is similar to the first track in that it continues to project us further out into space. More nicely controlled acidic lines light up and melt beautifully with a sharp bass line. B+
  19. I think what is so fantastic about suntrip is how each artist really brings a unique sound with each release. It tells me there is real artistic freedom. However, by comparison to older material many of the suntrip artists lack the complex psychedelic sound in favor of more accessible sounds. Honestly though, if people can't get into Radical Distortion or Merr0w I don't know what say. One thing is for sure, I love having an outlet for buying psy trance that I know won't have me buying mindless dark psy (Which I enjoy at times as well). In that sense I am a suntrip fanboy. I'd beg someone to po
  20. Suntrip put up flacs available for download from their shop. I really appreciate it because this album is phenomenal. Perhaps it can become commonplace to put up flacs? What's cool is that they include high quality artwork with the download as well.
  21. Wow, I won't be offended by that but I will just tell you I am a college student and barely make even $150 American dollars a week which I spend roughly half on food. The rest I decide to save and/or spend on things like subway fare, books, movies, a newspaper, whatever I have to pay money for. Believe it or not I have other interests too which do cost money, none of which includes drugs. Technically I have enough money to buy it but it's not worth that much in comparison to other things. If I bought every album I felt like buying, I wouldn't have enough money to buy food. If it wasn't for the
  22. I would love to get this one but the price + overseas shipping = fail.
  23. Can anyone make out the sample/s in The Art of Happiness? I hear bits and pieces of it but the last bits of the intro and the breakdown elude me. I guess I am wondering where it is from as well.
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