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  1. Hard to think of an alcohol worthy of putting in such a nice bottle! Maybe Kombucha would be better ... Really great stuff... have you considered making a set-piece out of 3-4 bottles, similar to the fishbones one but actually making it into more bottles? Would be really cool (not that they aren't already!)
  2. Well... saw the movie a couple nights ago. I gotta say, I didn't get the whole "best movie I've seen at the theater in a long time" feel, for me I got that with the Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature Grindhouse At the same time, I thought the visuals were indeed groundbreaking, and that an alien planet has never been so realistically and beautifully rendered before. The 3d really made some scenes come alive, though felt very unnecessary during dialogue between the characters and other slow scenes. Would probably give it an 8/10 overall if I had to rate it, with my favorite part being the conversation between Jake Sully and the Spirit/Soul Tree towards the end of the movie (I was really sad when he talked about how we already killed the Spirit Tree here in our homeland )
  3. You might have better luck selling the CDs with jewel case but no back insert after you have re-bought some of those missing in your collection. Of course the people you sell to will just have to hope they never get the collector bug
  4. Not even just similar.... the orb fractal on the bottom is exactly the same other than the color shades. Must be bought from some art studio...
  5. +2... the album is amazing. Sounds like you need new speakers, if that is still bothersome, adjust your EQ... we all have different taste and like different levels of bass, etc. If it sounds bad, tune it down a little in the EQ, problem solved. I have found my Bose speakers, and headphones, to be too bass heavy by default, so I have it ever so slightly tweaked to reduce bass and increase higher frequencies a touch, sounds fantastic now. Cheers.
  6. I really agree with you here. Throughout the history of culture the use of psychotropics for the expansion of consciousness was not only ritual but a huge factor in the development of various herbal medicines and understanding of a spiritual bond between all of us. "Expansion of consciousness" is a very vague term, but to me it is really nothing other than a good thing. To say it makes a person more introspective/antisocial would, to me, say that they are not truly expanding their consciousness... an expanded consciousness sees light in all things, achieves greater understanding of the human condition and would be able to relate, or at least tolerate, any social situation with much more empathy and compassion than a person who could be described as "closed-minded."
  7. I know it's not entirely original, but I really like No Turn Unstoned on the new Shpongle album
  8. Just finished listening to this album for the first time today... truly a downtempo-psychedelic masterpiece. Right up there with the likes of Ott and others... I am really blown away, and amazed this music is so under the radar (even compared with other similar music). Big time recommendation here.
  9. I think that's exactly why I have always loved Shpongle... it refuses to be categorized and can really not be compared to anything else. This album is still growing on me but I already really love it, and have been listening to Shpongle for years now. I don't really have a favorite Shpongle album, there are such amazing tracks off of every one that really can fit such a wide variety of moods for me. This album is nothing short of incredible, though, and I look forward to having a psychedelic experience with it.
  10. Completely agree... dubstep is a mind fuck when hearing it spun live and on any kind of psychotropics... for me it has a very very tangible feel to it. Unfortunately it reminds me of a bad trip so I can't really get into it... kinda over the top for me anyway.
  11. I used to be pretty into underground hip-hop. My top two recommendations for anyone interested in very underground, very poetic selections with a unique style and conscious lyrics would be Aceyalone's Book of Human Language and Deep Puddle Dynamics - The Taste of Rain... Why Kneel? Aesop Rock's albums Daylight and Labor Days are amazingly thought provoking, and received well deserved critical acclaim for their deep social commentary. Also lest we forget A Tribe Called Quest? Annnd for more spacey, psychedelic production with good lyrical content I would recommend Cyne - Time Being, and a bit more spacey with harder to understand/get into lyrics would be El-P - Fantastic Damage. Below track is from Deep Puddle Dynamics, probably my favorite spoken word/hip-hop piece of all time, titled The Scarecrow Speaks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-_LGIC0VGo
  12. Funny... I was just searching around the Altar Records website a few days ago looking for any info on the next element album... I am Incredibly stoked for this release. Thanks for putting these compilations together, they have been fantastic. Very excited for the uptempo bits mixed in with this one, even though downtempo is what I dig the most.
  13. Completely agree... Of the four that I listened to this is the only one that grabs me, and that I would keep in my collection.
  14. Seriously.... who are these people??? The only part of that track I genuinely enjoyed was from about 7:50 on... I really don't like the distorted electric guitar sound much at all.
  15. Seriously... this thread should be locked by now it is so repulsive...
  16. District 9 is very much a theater-worthy title... I wouldn't miss it, or wait for it to be quite honest. One of the best blockbuster movies I have seen in a long time... and in terms of twists, there are definitely some surprises and a lot of irony and character development in the way they movie plays out. It deserves the critical acclaim it is getting right now in every right.
  17. Androcell is quite possibly the best downtempo act to ever exist... and I mean that in all seriousness.... really, fucking, amazing. Well my buddy and I ventured to see him DJ at an event called The Fountain in Washington, and Tyler Smith (Androcell/DS) said the sample at about 3:08 (the scat-like chika chika hoo in the background) in Process of Unfolding is actually him So I imagine in a lot of cases he is pretty crafty, and creates the samples himself. In others, like the sample for Neurosomatic Circuit, I'm not so sure. All I know is it's fantastic
  18. Agreed... especially when it comes to taste in movies... some people can't help their trollishness though.
  19. A couple additions... one obvious - Ott - Skylon ... and one not so obvious, The KLF - Chill Out ... probably one of the best ambient albums of all time, if you haven't heard it, I suggest getting it and listening while laying down Great list, BTW... this will keep me busy finding some new tunes
  20. I just typed IDM into my foobar2000 (best media player out there for music) filter and hardly anything came up... my favorite being Pleiadians I.F.O Best IDM out there, I have to agree with the Autechre folks out there, but really it's just anything from Warp Records. Aphex being my personal favorite from them. IDM lacks the kind of depth being found in downtempo psy nowadays, and I'm honestly even confused as to WTF an intelligent dance would look like as compared to (as the name infers) other forms of 'unintelligent dance music' :wank:
  21. I just saw a movie called Pontypool the other day... really freakin claustrophobic movie where scares come from excellent character acting not from gore or shock-horror. I would give it an 8/10, and recommend it highly to any horror fans
  22. It's all good music. I don't know how one can complain when the psychedelic music scene has evolved SO much... the downtempo scene, if nothing else, is THRIVING... Androcell/Distant System, Solar Fields, Ott/Hallucinogen in Dub, Asura... I think psy lovers should be counting their blessings these days, and I'm not even mentioning the uptempo smashers like RA's 9th or Filteria (my favorite is Back to Earth on the Opus Uptempo)... I can understand your being nostalgic, but "Nothing is fucked, here!" (Big Lebowski)...
  23. Well, SOMEBODY's angry about the bad seeds in the psy scene.... at least it's hilarious
  24. Wow.... I am getting a much more elaborate response on this than I expected, and I love it. Visine, I am going to try that method as it sounds incredibly wise (starting at lower volume than I prefer), and I hope this topic helps others too. As with everything, safety first!
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