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  1. According to the Underground Man, excess consciousness is a disease. And I tend to agree with him. It weakens an organism and causes a lot of suffering. I can tell you from personal experience. Why do people name their tracks like "Expand Your Consciousness" and why do we listen to them? Do we not already have enough consciousness? Are we masochistic? Or are we doing it unwittingly....
  2. Too bad that's not psytrance. The only psytrance album I've really enjoyed, other than borderline stuff like The Delta: Scatterbrain - Infernal Angel Very awesome stuff there. Let me know if anything else even gets close to such a unique and talented sound. Edit: just checked and made sure it wasn't on Basilisk's essential list.
  3. The Bible is pretty good. Old Testament as a traditional fiction teleological interpretation of events. New Testament as a brainwashing campaign and taking over of the lower classes.
  4. Basilisk and his boyfriend are going to be licensed by psynews to post their homemade gay porn in every thread I take interest in? Seriously though, I bet your idea is something like "ignore you". Amirite? Unfortunately this forum is pretty much nothing without me. I'm the smartest member here. The controversy and discussion always revolves around me. Nobody could ignore me. I've watched this forum when I wasn't active for a few weeks and it's pretty boring. Everyone is basically waiting for me to return. Only a small minority actually wants me to be gone in the first place. Keep dreaming.
  5. Nobody reads huge-ass reviews anyways. Just type up a bunch of crap without even listening to the CD and nobody will be the wiser.
  6. Please tell us, I'm sure mars, nemo and myself would like to know. To current knowledge, I'm unbannable.
  7. Flickr is for homos 100%.
  8. Nobody here cares what the track list for your latest set is buddy. Email that shit to your mom, she'll congratulate you. This thread is about Suntrip Records not insolent fools basilisking in my triumph.
  9. I'm not trolling, your site really sucks. Sorry about that. If it ever takes off I'll eat my shoe. It's a lot worse than myspace and facebook which are already shitty. This particular social networking site doesn't even have anything to do with people you know, it's a whack load of people that listen to similar genres of music as you. The main reason your site is going to fail is because mainly intelligent people listen to chillout music, and these people, who are often even reclusive, don't waste their time on stupid social networking websites.
  10. No need to lie, anyone can go check out your website and see that what I'm saying is the truth.
  11. Goa has nothing to do with respecting people or love and peace or anything, sorry. Goa is a place on the map. Goa is also a type of music. The difference between goa and 4 other types of music is how the kick sounds and at what intervals the hihats are placed... that goes to show how stupid all these subgenres really are. Afgin is right about that. But we can still discuss the differences between newschool and older goa because there is quite a difference there, both temporally and in terms of sound.
  12. Yes Basilisk is gay, I thought everyone knew this already. Please put more purple and pink hues on ektoplazm site so people won't be confused. Just to clear up why Basilisk got angry at buddha, it's because Basilisk hates oldschool music and loves new psytrance. He puts a lot of effort into slandering goa trance. Just look at his essentials list for proof, it's mostly "goa trance releases leading towards psytrance" rather than the best releases. I guess you are me then, because everyone that posts anything controversial on psynews is me. Welcome to the club. Be careful though, I've seen a few unknown people get banned before because people pointed and shouted "bwhale".
  13. Nice nice. Well it's bound to sound oldschool since you're using older equipment, but that doesn't mean it can't sound unique too. Good luck on your new acid/goa trance album.
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