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    PsyTrance, Art, Love people & Love Music ( all kind )
  1. I would can you guys give me a good remix, Like example : Shakira - waka waka ( psychedelic trance goa remix ) I like remix from some famous track, or famous artist.... so if you know some give it to me Thanks !
  2. Give me link if that isn't problem ! Thanks
  3. Give me the best of your goa or Trance music, i new in forum i like to heard what you think is the best ? So give me name of track or artist of " thing " that you seems that is for you the best ! Thanks
  4. There is a more better music, Aerosmith is shityyyy
  5. Waves of sound ? Does anybody say something about his other albums....
  6. I was on much live's but i will tell you that the best live is Astral Projection lives I was 11 times on their concert Last time i was, is in zagreb disco Astralis there was tegma too, but was awsome
  7. Yes I agree with, but for me he is still a good Dj.... i was last year on his concert was Incredible....
  8. How you think " cheesemaker ". Explain ?
  9. Like title say.... i wounder what you guys think about Dj yahel i think that is very good dj with very good music, i was on his live 2 times and i was too good.
  10. It is very good ! Thanks for posting that !
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