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  1. Well, the summer is nearly over and that means its time for more psybreaks! Keeping with the robot theme, this mix is about a mech assassin. Stealthily, he infiltrates the mech compound and blasts them all with his gigantic fucking gun. Look at that thing. That thing could blow up entire planets. Anyway, this mix starts off nice and slow, and I keep it funky, chunky, and dark. I never break 128 BPM. It gets seriously intense though, so don't think you're in for an easy ride. This is a war against the machines! Neurodriver - Man Made (Hedflux Remix) [broken Robot] Colombo - We Are Back [iBreaks] Boson - Blackout (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot] MartOpetEr - Homegrown Disaster (Roboteknic Remix) [Divergence] Retroid - Last Seraphim (Fisso & Spark Remix) [Ego Shot] Ghettface & Yanix - Blackout [Ridiculoud] Too Dusty - Stardust [Tek] Ogza - Quasar [Progrezo] Isolate - Sadhana (MDK Remix) [in Bloom] Blazer - Low Gravity [Ayra] Feuerhake - Under Pressure (Kiwa Remix) [Logariddim] Elite Force - We Are Distrikt [u&A] The Riddler - Debeli Gmaz [Logariddim] Far Too Loud - We Want To Dance [Funkatech] Aggresivenes - Into Oblivion (Affective Remix) [Elektroshok] Ziptnf - Mech Assassin (1:17:36) 178MB ~320kbps Image credit to GeorgeLovesyart Enjoy!
  2. Psystep has lots of flavors, but very few actual tracks. Last year I made Intelligence Quotient, a mix based on IDM and a really strange niche of psystep that highlights really slow and tripped out music. This time it's more chilled out, with the classic psystep elements of Heavy Gravity. Lots of variety and interesting soundscapes, melodies, and textures. This one starts out nice and slow, but picks up quite a bit as it progresses. Enjoy! Ott - Adrift In Hilbert Space [Ottsonic] Chris Komus - Everything Just Started To Go Apart [Enig'matik] Whitebear - Lost in Vibrations (Pt. II) [Muti] Slackbaba - The Wanderer [Mystic Sound] Quanta - Nature of Reality [Dubmission] Gibson - Regal Beetle [Merkaba] Birds of Paradise - Phyzicism [Additech] Desert Dwellers - Seeing Things (Eat Static Remix) [Twisted] Bird of Prey - Atrium [iboga] KarmasynK - Psylther [swamp Music] Mr. Bill - Shatter (Whitebear Remix) [Adapted] Soulacybin - Moldavisions [Merkaba] Image credit to lindelokse. Left-click to download: Ziptnf - Liquid Compounds (64:30) 148 MB ~320kbps
  3. Hey thanks for listening, Drew! Glad to see you've heard some of my other mixes as well. Any of them stand out to you? And yeah, it seems like a lot of people hone into the trancier, J00F-style prog-psy, or the more melodic stuff. Not many people try a taste of the stranger stuff. I feel like this mix showcases some of the lesser played stuff.
  4. I've been trying to find an excuse to make a mix featuring a different flavor of progressive psytrance, and there are multiple directions I can take this style. That's why I'm beginning a new mix series of the brewer's choice. The first volume in the series is packed with a curious and unusual sound, with the slightly weirder, more rare tracks from lesser known artists around the world. Unseen Dimensions - Real High (Mult1verse Remix) [Airglow] Jiser & Rael Bleep - Enjoy [spin Twist] S!m Pro-Ject - Off Beta Colors [Midijum] Sonic Sense - Kids n' Drugs [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Vaishiyas - Arped [spin Twist] Mental Flow - Morning Light [EDM] KIN - Mushrooms [Phantasm] DNA - Caffeine (Dominant Space Remix) [DNA] Alion - Plastik Peoples [Magnitud] 3G_KON - Akiloa [biomechanix] Ranji & Unseen Dimensions - Change [blue Tunes] Skyfall - Not Quite Human [Nano] Echotek - Space Knob [Goa Crops] Download link: Ziptnf - Variety Pack, Vol 1: Strange Brew (1:09:09) 158MB ~320kbps
  5. The last time I attempted to make a mix of psychedelic drum & bass, it was a little all over the place. While there were a few great tracks, the mix had next to no flow, and the variety was far too much to be considered a legitimate representation of such a rare style. The theme of science fiction allowed me to mix neurofunk into this set, and the spacey sounds fit perfectly with what I was trying to do. Lots of energy and interesting music here. Enjoy! Cybernetika - Devoid of Gravity [Ektoplazm] Lumin Essence - Phobos [Genome] Cybernetika - Hayashis Journey [Ektoplazm] Xenofish - Sanctus [Ektoplazm] Xenofish - Arashi [Ektoplazm] Axi - Mayan Temple [Mindtech] Dementia & Dephas8 - Surrounded [Mindtech] Black Sun Empire - Don't You (State of Mind Remix) [blackout] Myselor - Reality [Full Force] Optiv & BTK - Tapout [Dispatch] Black Sun Empire - Fever (Chris.SU Remix) [blackout] Unknown Artist - Still Alive (VIP Mix) [Fokuz] Ziptnf - Encrypted Universe (1:07:47) 156MB ~320kbps Image credit to nellieanger.
  6. This mix was originally supposed to be something else entirely, but I deviated from that position when I simply couldn't find any psytrance of those styles that I liked enough to play in a set. So I am back with another "chapter" of my high tech full-power psytrance series with a second mathematical submission. You can find the first one here: Fractal Geometry. I named this one after calculus because calculus is confusing, and so is my flow and some of my mixing decisions. The first half blazes with highly technical and mathematical glitch and sequence work. The second half blisters with full power night psy. Just like calculus, it's kinda weird, but it makes sense if you think about it. Twilight - Bass Walk [Airglow] Digital Tribe - Sweet Dreams (Gemini Remix) [Goa Crops] Psyrabbit - Get Crazy [Zombster] Mind Control - Interzaptor [Trance Gold] Azax Bliss - F_cking Bass [Nutek] Azax Syndrome & Bizzare Contact - Summer Anxiety [Mainstage] Ultra Sheriff - Deception, Oil & Laser Beams (Blastoyz vs Sokrates Remix) [sectionZ] Biokinetix - Ultra Magnus Style (ft. Echo Logic) [EDM] Khopat - Full Encoding [Hypergate] Zinx vs Echo Logic - Crazy Nun [Terror Lab] Brainwash - We Have the Power [Fractal] Magneto & Brainwash - The Trip [Hypergate] Zetno Project - Necrovision Last Battle [speedsound] Ziptnf - Auditory Calculus (71:17) 164MB ~320kbps Enjoy! Image credit to xyrus02.
  7. Very few artists do what Lyctum is doing. He is absolutely ridiculous. The energy is explosive and monstrous in a majority of his tracks, not to mention his brilliant work with orchestral breakdowns. He's got an excellent sense for melody and energy.
  8. Only when I make tribute mixes to Electric Universe and accidentally include "The Prayer" But anyway, thanks for the listen!!! I'll try to get on your latest request when I get some time.
  9. Thanks a bunch!!! I love getting feedback from all my listeners. If you want a full set archive, you can visit it here: http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=529800 Alternatively, my best mixes are listed on my soundcloud at http://soundcloud.com/ziptnf (oops didn't notice you're already following me )
  10. There were a lot of psytrance releases in 2013, and the last time I made a prog-psy mix, I hammered out a heavy-hitter. Laying it down again this time with more lush, rich, and delicate psytrance. I sorted through a large number of tracks from last year through this year to whittle down to this mix, and reloaded my arsenal with weapons. I dug deep for these treasures, so enjoy the freshest progressive tunes around! Play it loud! Alter Nature - Bursting With Life [Ovnimoon] Flowjob & Motion Drive - Vibrating [iono] Mind Spin - Flow [Digital Nature] Lyctum - Cosmic Web [TesseracTstudio] Nick Sentience - Expand Your Mind [LW] Vibrasphere - Autumn Lights (Mindwave Remix) [JOOF] Solarix & Opposite 8 - Fast Train [utopia Progressive] Pulsar & Liquid Sound & Source Code - Sea Tales [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Smoke Sign - Dazed Goodbye (Harmless Prankster Remix) [GOA] Liquid Space - Offbeat Meeting [iono] Major Source - Genuine [sadhu] Waveform - Magic Therapy [Landmark] Techyon & Mother Womb - Fountain of light [Digital Freedom] Lyctum - They Are Here [Digital Freedom] Image credit: C-91 Ziptnf - Magic Treasure (77:55) 178MB ~320kbps
  11. Following up on Robot Supremacy, I'm dropping another full-blast powerbreaks mix. I broke into a sweat while recording due to the torrential flood of energy. Play this one very loud, preferably while doing some type of physical activity. It also helps if you pretend you're a giant robot, running around blowing things up. Matskie - Psyborg Pt.2 [Divergence] 48K - Shadowmen [YellowFinger] Kwah - Sentient Technology [broken Robot] Beatman & Ludmilla - Moldova (Unconscious Mind Remix) [Ayra] Unconscious Mind(s) - FD Psybreaks [Ayra] Monk3yLogic - Agent of Chaos [broken Robot] Deformaty & Lightspeed - Master Control (Breaks Mix) [VIM] Geon - The Monster [Acida] Four Motion - Dark Winter [Divergence] Aggresivnes - More Contempt (Too Dusty Remix) [Elektroshok] Home Alone - Drop It (Too Dusty Remix) [in Bloom] Decoder INC - Reebown [Elektroshok] Beta & Karl Sav - Peytons Bassface [straight Up!] Blazer - Requiem [Ayra] Fletric - Plazma Funk (BreakZhead Remix) [Ego Shot] Brian Cameron - Serotonin Syndrome (Eshericks Remix) [Perfecto] Nailblaze - Ancients of Future [Distorsion] Soundcloud link download: Ziptnf - Battle Machine (77:29) 178.4MB ~320kbps Image credit to MobileSuitGio.
  12. So this is probably the most interesting mix I've ever done. Firstly, I want to make sure everyone understands that the title of the mix or the genre tag "braindance" is implying no sort of pretentious measure of intelligence on the listener, to where only "smart people" can listen to this. However, you must enter this mix with an open mind. I have ventured into some very experimental territory, playing tracks with rich textures, crystal-clear melodies, and neuron-tickling soundscapes that rely heavily on glitching and programming. I had an awesome time making this. Mordant Music - ModeM [Mordant Music] Access To Arasaka - Nypox [spectraliquid] Sourone - Things Materialize [uP] Ryanosaurus - Binary System [uP] Barry Koota - I Came From There [uP] Whitebear - Earthquake [uP] Bogmon - Demons May Trail (Databrokers Remix) [buried In Time] Shwex & Mumukshu - Elements of Antiquity [Enigmatik] LuneCell - Supernova [Vermin Street] Phsiris - Digital Dream (Itsu Remix) [Enigmatik] Tron Sepia - Flange [Fish 'n Trips] Zebbler Encanti Experience - Psychic Projections (ft. Dante Bucci) [Gravitas] Mr. Bill - Balance (Mindbuffer Remix) [Adapted] Mindbuffer - PanFM (Whitebear Remix) [Enigmatik] Electrocado vs The Mollusk - Circle Jerk [Adapted] Download link: Ziptnf - Intelligence Quotient [braindance/heavy psystep] 1:02:50 144MB ~320kbps Soundcloud link Image credit to hyperblade416. Also made a seizure inducing version. Enjoy!
  13. Yes, I'm so sorry, I had removed this mix to make room for my latest in my soundcloud. Here are several other locations you can download it from: https://mega.co.nz/#!lk9UzYIS!AV1DuG3oX8DcstsK61avFwOhoGtwo1Q-qkop9atiqxs https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwLay-K1p34ETlNrNTdhSXlUOENUdjkyT0xQNmpiQQ/edit?usp=sharing Also, if anyone wants to hear another downtempo/psychill mix of mine, check this one out: https://mega.co.nz/#!5gdUCAzA!be7dHVjjpWRZFXuvdGOwHEcC08IekxcbC3iB8Rqz5xY https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwLay-K1p34ESVBBMDJmSklUYzA/edit?usp=sharing Thanks for the support!
  14. Well I'm very happy you took a listen! Walking on Strings is easily one of the best tunes in the mix. It just floats along, it's gorgeous. I tasted your latest album and while I liked it, I didn't have the same connection that I did with that song. I hope you guys keep it up
  15. Before you start reading, let's clear up the genre tag in the title. This mix showcases a sound that actually combines the three genres listed above, featuring a hybrid of all the sound structures that make up house, trance, and psytrance. This mix stays steady and never exceeds 128 BPM, and I focus on creating a set of the most interesting and accessible electronic music. Lots of groovy, funky, tasty progressive tunes in this one. Enjoy! Human Element - Chain Reaction [Digital Structures] Rhythm Nectar - The Transition [synergetic] Rhythm Nectar - Fine Taste [Nuuktal] Pion & Vertex - Sunrise Tonic (Liquid Soul Remix) [iboga] Kaempfer & Dietze - Shear Force (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) [iono] Interactive Noise - Learning to Fly [spin Twist] Human Element - BeingIn [Mikrokosmos] Elmute - Atmostrange (Perfect Stranger Remix) [ODN] Klopfgeister - Meanwhile in Hamburg [spin Twist] White Resonance - Lady Mistique [uxmal] Magestic12 - Perfect Sexuality (Neon Remix) [synergetic] Simply Wave - For the 80's [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Hoffman & Cyrus - Homework [iboga] J&B Project - Heavy Prophet (Sensual Squeak Remix) [Cherry Pickers] Bakke - Millstone (Paulina Cewe Remix) [Echoes] Vertex - Smooth By (Sideform Remix) [Nuuktal] Stratil & White Resonance - Move On [uxmal] Soniq Vision - Special Universe [Planet B.E.N] Freq & Nyquist - Skyline [Goa Crops] Dunkan - Destination for Summer [shah-Music] Picture credit to lindelokse Ziptnf - Artificial Nature (1:45:41) 242MB ~320kbps
  16. You legit crushed this set. This should be the bar with which all forest psytrance mixes are judged. Killer.
  17. Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like them. Anyone else take a listen?
  18. I tried posting the link but it keeps turning it into a player button!!! Just click the "quote" button on my previous reply and copy-paste the link into your browser.
  19. This mix is definitely my strongest effort in showcasing the most complex psytrance I could find with the maximum level of energy possible. I listened to and sorted through thousands of tracks to prepare for this mix; the artists I selected are far and above the best producers of full-power psytrance. To finish out the year, I'm laying the hammer down with my most intense mix yet. Biogenesis - Funk-Daddy Brakes [Nutek] Freeze & Punchline - Electrical Signals [Nutek] Vibraddict & Sycmos - Up & Down [b.A.B.A] Underbeat & Masticate - Elephant [DNA] Bliss - Stay Sharp [Nutek] CPU & Biogenesis - BreakBots [Nutek] Dapanji & Mystical Complex & Programind - Bass Download [Phantasm] Brain Driver & Jaws Underground - Next Generation [infractive Digital] Damage vs Wired - Fight The Aliens [Terror Lab] Azax Syndrom & Dapanji - Wake Me Up [Drive] Brainwash & Magneto - I Have a Voice [Fractal] BPM - Dancefloor Demolition Squad [Geomagnetic] Brainwash - The Rebel [Fractal] Iron Madness & Dapanji - Radio Head [biomechanix] Ziptnf - Fractal Geometry (1:06:38) 153MB ~320kbps Play it loud, folks. Thanks for all the support for the past 4 years! Not stopping anytime soon!
  20. Hey, sorry I didn't provide a link! Mixcloud is lame in that it doesn't let you download it, and Soundcloud was being lame because one of these tracks was copyrighted and they took my whole mix down. You can download it here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/71483/Ziptnf%20-%20Cloud%20Travel.mp3
  21. Ahhh... time to ramp the energy wayyyy back. Close your eyes and expand your consciousness. Explore the clouds, listening to the strings, pianos, and beautiful melodies, letting your mind drift up through the stratosphere and into space. Enjoy your journey Skysurfer - Here Comes the Sun (Piano Dream Mix) [Manifold] Amethystium - Ethereal [Neurodisc] Jaia - Epsilon (Tesseract Remix) [iono] Murya - Carl's Last Interview [uxmal] Chronos - Free Falling [soundmute] Apple & Stone - Authentic Reaction [Kontor] Asura - Everlasting [Altar] Timewave - Re-Entry [Mistique] Koan - Selena's Song (Blue Mix) [blue Tunes] Marvin Wilson - Imagine Instead [Alex Tronic] zerO One - TransfOrmatiOn/bu_ist (Phutureprimative Remix) [Waveform] Myk Bee - Colours Of Nature [Mistique] Image credit to Singglefritz. Ziptnf - Cloud Travel (1:12:42) 167MB ~320kbps
  22. Dude, what are you smoking? The download link is from sound cloud.
  23. In this mix, I look to take down the oppressive king of psybreaks (go check out my buddy Dave King!!!) with my own arsenal of weapons. Enjoy an hour and a half of overwhelming strength. Kiwa - Drop Control [High Grade] Robosapiens - Bodies (Hedflux Remix) [Dead Famous] Abdomen Burst - Epinphrine (Hedflux Remix) [scarcity] Bad Tango - Analogue Hedgehog (Unconscious Mind Remix) [Logariddim] Beta & Karl Sav - Iron Peach [Arya] Beta & Hironimus Bosch - Reality Grinds [AUX] Hedflux & Neurodriver - Energy Vibration [broken Robot] Acidova - Break The Dream (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Rune] Kaba - More Oxygen (Matskie Remix) [Divergence] Aj Myst & Red Ant - Dune (Too Dusty Remix) [Perfecto] Too Dusty - Push Up The Bass (Blazer Remix) [Hard & Hits] Blazer - Pulse [Houseplanet] Sonic Element & Trance Arts - Reformation (Monk3ylogic Remix) [Perfecto Fluoro] Aggresivnes - Futurasia (Blazer Remix) [Perfecto] Far Too Loud - Rock That Beat [Funkatech] Parallax Breakz & M Spark - Sun (Retroid Remix) [Ego Shot] Destroyers & Aggresivnes - Freshquim (Identity Revealed Mix) [The Pooty Club] Kid Panel - Sunglasses [Hard & Hits] Yreane - Double Talking Jive (Kid Panel Remix) [Kick It] Odissi & Arma - Ostem [Arya] Ziptnf - Robot Supremacy (1:28:35) 202MB ~320kbps Image credit to Jessada Nuy.
  24. Anybody aware of Soulacybin? Local talent around my hometown, but has a classic psydub sound. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/soulacybin-self-existing-earth http://soundcloud.com/soulacybin
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