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  1. Hey, Is this a new festival? I dont remember hearing about it before... If not, has anyone been to it, and whats it like? Are there photos/videos of previous events anywhere? Cheers- -Toad
  2. Hey guys, What festivals are happening this year? I'm trying to build up a definitive list so I know whats going on before I commit myself to any of them. I'll make a start: Life (Ireland): 30th Jun-1st Jul Tshitraka (Germany): 6-10th July Glade (UK): 13-15th July Transylvania Calling (Romania): 26-31st July Full Moon Festival (Germany): 27th Jul-1st Aug Sonica (italy): 2-6th Aug Voov (Germany): 3-5th Aug Ozora (Hungary): 8-12th Aug Shamanik (Portugal): 11-15th Aug Freedom (Portugal): 16-20th Aug Indian Spirit (Germany): 31st Aug-2nd Sep Any more?
  3. Does anyone know if Trancendance is on this year? If so, is the website up yet? Are there any other festivals that people know of in Brazil, Peru, etc.? Really want to do a south american party.... PLUR- -toad
  4. What are your favourite festivals? After going to a good number of European Trance Festivals this year and last, I realised that although some festivals come pretty close to perfection, they are never truly without fault, and there are always some festivals that do better or worse at some things that others. With this in mind, I've decided to conduct a bit of a survey to see what festivals people liked best and for what reason. If you want to join in the fun, please copy the questionnaire below, delete my responses, and put in your own. Please feel free to add comments to back up your selection, and dont forget to put in the year - things change a lot from year to year... Thanks for your help, this should be really interesting if I can get enough responses... -Toad 1. Which festivals have you been to (Trance festivals only) Glade (2005,2006), Sonica(2005,2006), Voov(2005, 2006), Freedom(2005), Boom (2006), Atmosphere(2005), Indian Spirit(2006), Omni(2005) 2. What sort of Trance do you most enjoy (types or artists)? Full-on rising melodies, Funky progressive, Astrix, D-Nox, 1200 Mics, Phanatic, Psysex... 3. What Trance annoys you Techy stuff, unpredictable breaks, non-melodic stuff. 3. Which festival has the best... a) location Boom/Freedom Festival/Atmosphere decoration? Indian Spirit(2006)/Boom(2006) c) atmosphere/people? Indian Spirit(2006)/Boom(2006) d) crowd size? Boom(2006) e) music? Sonica(2006) - Psynema on MDMA! / Freedom Festival(2005) - 1200 Mics rule! f) range of music? Boom(2006) - The chillout was amazing! g) sound system? Boom(2006)/Voov(2005) h) Light/laser show? Voov i) food? Voov(2006) j) markets? Boom(2006) - The markets were so well organised. The restaurant was genius! k) washing/toilets/water? Glade(2006) l) attractions/amenities? Boom(2006)/Freedom(2005)/Sonica(2005,2006) - Having a lake is definitely a bonus! m) weather? Boom/Freedom Festival/Sonica n) camping? Sonica - the shade camping is a great idea! o) transport links? Voov - it has a train station! p) security? q) drugs/drugs availability? Boom - the best acid I ever ate! 4. Any festivals that did really badly at any of the above? (give reasons/comments) Boom(2006) - the music during the night time was really techy and non-melodic. My friend even said once "they're playing Hard-Style"! Indian Spirit(2006) - not enough toilets... Voov(2006) - I know it's not their fault, but the weather ruined it for me this year. 5. Rank the following categories in order of importance to you (most important first) 8) location 3) decoration? 6) atmosphere/people? 10) crowd size? 1) music? 12) range of music? 2) sound system? 7) Light/laser show? 15) food? 17) markets? 9) washing/toilet facilities? 13) attractions/amenities? 4) weather? 14) camping? 16) transport links? 11) security? 5) drugs/drugs availability? 6. Based on the above rankings, what is your favourite (or top 3) festival(s)? Boom/Freedom Festival/Sonica
  5. I had an amazing summer this year, rockin' round Europe with my camera, and I thought you guys might like to share my enjoyment and see some of the photos I took on my travels. This year I made it to Glade (UK), Sonica (Italy), Boom(Portugal), Voov(Germany) and Indian Spirit(Germany). So here's a selection of my photos - I hope you like them. There are more on my flickr account - the addresses for each set are after the photos below. Also, check out the groups on Flickr (links at the bottom). Please feel free to make comments either here or on flickr - I always love to hear other people's opinions... ::Glade:: More Glade Photos ::Sonica:: More Sonica Photos ::Boom:: More Boom Photos ::Voov:: More Voov Photos ::Indian Spirit:: More Indian Spirit Photos Glade Flickr group Sonica Flickr Group Boom Flickr Group Voov Flickr Group Indian Spirit Flickr Group
  6. I'm thinking of going to the Indian Spirit festival (www.indian-spirit.de) but I've never been before and I'm unsure what it's like. Has anyone been who can offer any advice? What's the music like, how many people will be there? Is it worth spending £200+ of my money getting there? Any information anyone has would be gratefully appreciated... Many thanks- -Toad
  7. Do you know where I can find reviews/pictures of the last psybertech? I'm considering going, but I'm not sure...
  8. Thanks for the post - it sounds great. Do you know if it will be easy to get to the festival by bus/train? The Crystal Matrix site says that it will be near Paco dos Negros, but I cant find that on a map. I will be coming from the UK so I will probably fly to Lisbon. Will I be able to get there? Thanks- -Toad
  9. TheToad

    Astrix 2006

    I take it from your witty psudonym for Astrix that he's not your favourite artist He does seem to polarise opinion somewhat. Just out of interest, what is it you dont like about him? And who do you like better/best? PS. Thanks for helping even though you dont appreciate the cause...
  10. I agree - the music in the night-time was pretty awful. Really techy stuff. Not enough melody or interesting rhythm. The stuff during the day and through the last night was good though. I dont understand how you could be too hot to dance - there was artificial rain on the dancefloor, a fire truck showering the dancers, and an army of people with water pistols and water sprayers. I was really enjoying bouncing around shooting people with my sunflower super soaker during the day when it was too hot. I was dancing as hard as I could, and I was cold from all the water!! I had to leave the dancefloor to warm up! Anyway - dancing in the blazing sunshine is what Southern European festivals are all about! I have arrived back in the UK to rainy weather and cloudy skies, and only wish I'd spent more time raving in the sun! Apart from the slightly dodgy music at times, I think Boom has to be the best festival I've ever been to. Such a well organised, reasonably priced, friendly and beautiful place. I will definitely go again next time!! One thing I would say, is to take a leaf out of Freedom Festival's book, and have the dance floor nearer the water so you can dance and swim at the same time! There's nothing like it!!
  11. Does anyone know of any psytrance festivals going on later this year (september onwards) in or around europe? I've just spent my summer galavanting round Glade, Sonica, Boom and Voov, but I have arrived back in the UK wanting more. Where is the sunshine? Where's the music? Someone please help... Thanks- -Toad
  12. TheToad

    Astrix 2006

    Nice one. Thanks dude. Dont think i'll make it to Atmosphere this year (this weekend!) But the indian spirit festival sounds cool...
  13. TheToad

    Astrix 2006

    Can anyone help? I missed Astrix in May (doh!) and I would really like to see him do a live set again sometime. Does anyone know if he's playing in the UK again anytime soon? Failing that, anywhere in Europe? Thanks in advance- -The Toad
  14. Hey everyone! I'm thinking about coming to Boom 06 but unfortunately (for me) my brother's wedding is on the 5th August! I hope to fly out on the morning of the 6th August and come join all you guys for the last 3 days. Is it going to be worth it, or am I completely mad? Does anyone know the best and easiest way to get to the site? The boom buses aren't working that day, so I was thinking of hiring a car, but it's quite expensive! Are there good public transport links? How expensive are taxis from the nearest town? Thanks in advance- -Toad
  15. Then come to freedom festival! www.freedom-festival.org
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