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  1. Thank you so much! Warms our hearts and gives us a boost to keep working with the songs. Hahah! Challenge accepted
  2. Between 2'00" and 2'27" it's actually a decent psytrance song.
  3. [...] especialy one by ypsilon5... We've got one new songs up at SoundCloud and Bandcamp. https://ypsilon5.bandcamp.com/track/chronica Upcoming live performance in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 11th of March and _possible maybe perhaps_ in Belgium in late November. Not sure yet Thanks for wanting a new album. We'll try as hard as we can. There are two, or three, more songs in the pipeline so it might turn in to an album eventually. Sorry for taking so long Cheers! David
  4. Which track are you referring to? "Carbon"? We didn't just think outside the box on that passage. We blew the box to tiny pieces =) Maybe we went too far? Thank you. We are.
  5. Thanks for listening! Any track in particular that you liked more, or less, than the other? You think? Interesting. For one part of the track we wanted to do something influenced by Infected Mushroom. A bit glitchy, stripped down, weird worked through effects and so on. But I guess we're bound to influence ourselves too since we've been doing mindXpander tracks since 1992/93...
  6. Wow! Thank you :-D Thanks for listening! We're really happy that you enjoyed it. We just had to let the track explode into classic goa towards the end.
  7. Thank you! You know we appreciate that you both dance like hell when we're performing a live set and that you're buying our songs. We really do! Thanx! And just a few words about Bandcamp and why we're no longer releasing CD's. Before the release of another album for another project we thought a lot about when and how to release new material. A trance album traditionally weighs in at around 70 minutes of playing time, and is released by the record company as soon as it's all done. It's then usually sold as a CD from a web store, costing €15 or so. This just doesn't work well for us. First of all, we want to be able to release whenever we have something we feel ready for release, whether it's a single track, a collection of 3-4 tracks, or more of a complete album. We don't want another eight year wait until the next release. We also feel that the plastic disc is more or less dead - a legacy product- and introduces unwanted manufacturing and distribution costs. It's also inflexible in another way since you would have to buy the complete thing even if all you really wanted was a single track from it. We don't really like the concept of filler material and only want to release tracks we feel are worth releasing. As platform for our releases we have chosen Bandcamp. From there, you can listen to the complete tracks (and we will post the tracks to SoundCloud as well, for your streaming pleasure) and also purchase them on an album or track by track basis in a format of your choosing, even completely lossless FLAC/ALAC. The source of the
  8. Haha! Thank you! :-D We sure do - play live that is. A little now and then actually and we put on a heck of performance at a forest party earlier this summer. We brought modular synthesizers, computers, Launchpads and keys... Here's a YouTube clip (shot by Trinodia - another great act!) when we were performing "Carbon": We've released two tracks, as stated in my original post. But we have a couple of "live set only" tracks up our sleeves which we might turn into releases if there's enough interest.
  9. Right. I do remember that one. I think I performed in front of two, or three, ppl sitting down Which was good because I had huge troubles with the backing track. We switched to laptops and sequencers as the backing track after that...
  10. Nice! Do you remember where the gig was? And it's not live if you're not going wild on the keys - right?
  11. Hi, We've released a couple of new tracks - which are readily available for both streaming at SoundCloud and downloadable at Bandcamp. We are now label independent. We've skipped the CD business and are concentrating on releasing tracks directly when they're ready. The source files are 24 bit wave files, so if you're choosing to download lossless files they are indeed lossless. So, first up; "Mining Time" was released earlier this year and marks our return with a bit of a twist in our style and sound as we've evolved when it comes to sound design, sound programming and composition. Ypsilon 5 - "Mining Time" SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.co...on5/mining-time Bandcamp: http://ypsilon5.band...ack/mining-time Secondly, a track written a few years back have been dusted off and updated. We've performed it during our last couple of live-sets with raving feedback so we just had to release it. Ypsilon 5 - "Carbon" SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/ypsilon5/carbon Bandcamp: http://ypsilon5.band...om/track/carbon And thirly - for all hardcore Ypsilon 5 fans - we've put together an EP containing five (yes, 5!) old tracks as they are. Some of them have been on good old mp3.com so you might recognise them. Anyway. We feel that we should bring "Submit To Fate" back in the set since that was a track that really could get the floor going. Ypsilon 5 - "The Legacy EP" http://ypsilon5.band...m/the-legacy-ep Thanks for supporting us during our 15 years as (some or less) active producers. There are more in the pipeline and new track will hopefully be released before the end of this year. I know you've all heard that before - but this time we mean it! Again. Thank you for all the kind words we've found through out different forums both as comments and as reviews. It really warms our hearts and inspire us to keep going and exploring the goa-trance genre. The best way to keep up-to-date with us is via our Facebook or Google+ pages. Facebook: https://www.facebook...-5/109793731550 Google+: https://plus.google....093155928/posts Yours truly -- David
  12. Still in progress. I'm held up at my office a lot, but we're working on it. Suntrip gave us some more ideas to work with, so hang in there :-)
  13. Behold :posford: Sound clips @ Ypsilon 5
  14. We do to! ;-) I'll see if I can put up some teasers on the website this weekend. I'll post a link here in that case.
  15. I think there are a few pieces on the new album that you will enjoy - hopefully. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thank you! :-)
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