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  1. quivver feat nikki mack - not givin up (dnox and beckers rmx)
  2. ok so we all agreed simon p sucks.. can we move on?
  3. atmospheric housy detailed story-telling music... or powerful bass-ridden tech-house style or that dirty electro feeling ... or aerial melodic ´baby has woken up and sun is rising´ prog house or breakbeat or dubby chill or mid eastern islamic vibes or or
  4. after hearing atmos live recently, I wouldnt say it will set new standards, unfortunately... nice well done music, but doenst stand out and make me go like ´wooooooooow wtf I want this!´ I hope im wrong and he just wasnt inspired in his live and didnt play the best or smt
  5. lots of things have been mentioned already.. though nobody mentioned the antix cds (actually Lull was mentioned.. but also check out ´twin coast discovery´.. ) but anyways, the best proggy music is many times released on vynils only..
  6. im very interested by sufism and the dervishes... (quote in my signature is from a sufi).. There is definitely a lot of very deep knowledge to be found there... I will check the music you posted as for more mid eastern music, in the psy chill area there is angel tears, which are israeli, but they do lots of mid-eastern sounding music.. kaya project, as mentioned.. and some others that I cant remember right now.. but specially check out Omar Faruk Tekbilek .. veeeeeeery good music (not psy chill though, very ´real´ mid eastern sufi music.. actually now that I remember, some of his songs did get remixed into chill tracks, like in VA - Natural Born Chillers )
  7. yes its a nice album... its been a while since I listened to it though.. it might be that it grows old fast, but I think its more because im in one of those phases where I just listen to upbeat music, and probably after this summer I will go back to chill or smt
  8. you mean, trentemoller remix?
  9. yes, when ppl talk about progressive psytrance, they talk about what you described.. except in essence, ´progressive´ means innovative, so following that formula which you describe is not really progressive... and there´s also the fact that there are many unfixed borders.. sometimes ´progressive psytrance´ goes over to progressive house, like beckers, for example... but it´s still more or less ´in the scene´, since most progressive psytrance djs will a few beckers tracks
  10. if any of you guys going there listen at all to prog/electro/house or stuff, you should check out a brazillian dj that is going to play there, called Matera..
  11. so yesterday I heard his live set... I cant say i was dissapointed because I wasnt expecting anything... It was sort of.... hmm... boring... I mean, the music itself wasnt bad.. it was well worked, quite nice ´round´ tracks, using a lot of lower frequencies... BUT... it didnt stand out at any point.. There was no moment where I got goosebumps, or when I thought ´damn I really want this track´ or anything... was quite normal.. also, no stage presence at all.. I wouldnt expect much from his new album.. maybe its nice for home listening, since it was well constructed tracks, but nothing groundbreaking later in the party played thomas penton... which was also nice.. he started with a few of his tracks, and then moved on to some of that style which nearly everybody is playing (beckers, luke dzierzek, etc).. his mixing skills were good, and choice of tracks were good too, but nothing mindblowing.. no stage presence either and then came a couple of local djs, which were much better imo than atmos and penton.. one of them is playing in boom.. his dj name is Matera.. so check him out if you are there.. blablabla
  12. I should check all of those out
  13. I dont like ´psy sounds´... dont find them psychedelic at all will check this out though, its not the first time I heard about it
  14. quivver feat nikki mack - not givin up (d-nox and beckers remix)
  15. wow so he´s a travelling man heh? belgium, israel, and next weekend he comes to brazil ! gonna hear him and thomas penton.. hope its nice atmos´ live in voov 2004 was sort of boring, but I generally like his releases.... so lets see whats up next weekend and if he doesnt do anything good, there will still be chance for him to show us in sonica
  16. Im up for some contrast right now vibrasphere - tierra azul next up: Iron Maiden - power slave edit: and now Iron Maiden - Revelations
  17. el audio? its some prog from few years ago, right? dont remember exactly but I think I liked a lot a couple of tracks
  18. that sucks man! I hate these type of organizers and yeah I thought the ticket buying system was very confusing too im also goign there, and hopefully wont have a problem with them
  19. I dont like it in general... but I do like some names such as andy moor, flash brothers and luke fair .. (dont know if you can consider it in the same genre)
  20. looks beautiful indeed! I only heard one track in a bluetech mix and I love it! I should definitely check this out
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