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  1. ( j/k... sorry for the cocky topic title, just wanted to get your attention ) David Amo and Julio Navas Dj Set March 06 even if you´re just a little bit into prog music, check it out.. if you´re not.. check it out too (im guessing this is the right place to post dj mixes, right?)
  2. nice I sort of understood where the ´goose´ came from, I think hehe I got a suggestion make some bigger change after the break or smt... change the pattern of the bassline, choose some different effects, I dont know.. make a different theme, you know? because, you obviously chose for the more ´full´ progressive, with more ´ripping sounds´... so since its not a more minimalistic approach, then for it not to get boring, you should really make some bigger changes in the flow of the track towards the middle or smt.. thats what I think at least
  3. not too many proggy ppl around... im gonna take a listen... wait a bit
  4. abakus vs joe satriani pink floyd vs ott ooze vs bluetech angel tears vs kaya project tim healey vs dj tocadisco david amo and julio navas vs martin h antix vs chable dj mau mau vs dj nukem
  5. free cd?! I think I´ll write a review then
  6. yeah atmos voov 2004 was quite boring.. but I have big expectations for his new lives/sets this year, and the new cd.. hope its very good blabla
  7. nope, I dont mean they are good lyrics ´per se´.. but they work quite good in that track, giving that kinda dirty electro underworld feeling... it´s ´catchy´.. as for trying to offend me for listening to house.. thats very silly... as if trance was a better genre than any other... of course there is ridiculously bad house music, just as there is ridiculously bad trance music... not to mention that the borders are not at all fixed.. what I like of house is not the ´stereotypical´ one.. its more like prog house, that blends in with trance a lot, or electro-house, which is very cool stuff too (and both are very often played in outdoor trance parties, exactly because of that.. the prog crowd enjoys it a lot, and its not so far away.. its just a different attitude towards music)... plus, traveller... yuo think that haldolium cd you so often talk about.. you think thats pure trance? yeah right... it got a lot of house there too
  8. jon gurd - lemon sherbert more powerful electro than full on powa!
  9. I used to very much dislike singing too... but now I think it depends a lot.. examples of good singing imo.. in chill: J.viewz - your country J.viewz - room for me, room for sweets Ott - Smoked Glass and Chrome (can that be considered?) in upbeat: Antix - hiding place Beckers - Switch examples of bad singing: too many to list
  10. I agree with reger, till his post then came some funny questions and I definitely think you should ask some of the funny questions... normal interviews are boring
  11. (sorry, edited cause I posted in the wrong place)
  12. http://aero-groove.com/DJ-Mix.htm here are some nice prog dj mixes
  13. I saw faithless last year... I thought they sucked! I used to find a few tracks nice, but the live was quite bad.. maybe also because I was expecting mylo after them, which was much better
  14. hello as it has been said, most psytrance is indeed fast... if I was you, I would start checking out the progressive side of psytrance, which is a bit more similar to what you listen to: slower and ´housier´... There is the so called prog-psy, which is a bit more like psytrance, and there is the genre which some people call cross-over progtrance, which is sometimes very influenced by progressive house and all... also note that when people talk about progressive trance in the ´psy´ scene, they dont mean progressive trance like some people call tiesto and stuff.. anyways. a few names for you to check out in the prog trance and cross-over prog trance: d-nox and beckers antix andre absolut minilogue haldolium ticon luke chable
  15. so far it didnt catch my attention.... was like: nicey... lets see if I get to like it after a few more listens and yes.. lock this topic.. reviews in the review forum
  16. 3 that I think of right now: pink floyd - pulse ott - blumenkraft antix - TCD and if I can include dvd too: ´rainbow bridge´, but only the end, with the jimi hendrix show...
  17. im more with you... preffer interchill and LSD than those ultimae and iboga comps.. (with few tracks as exceptions, but mostly interchill and LSD are better)
  18. the egg - walking away (tocadisco rmx) I would love to see this track get played for a psy crowd, see the reaction... it fking rocks!!
  19. its really good.. gotta listen to it again.. cant really make any criticisms..
  20. bella´s http://tashira.deviantart.com/gallery/
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