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  1. I wish you could see yourself from outside yep, I listen to REAL psychedelic music
  2. thats exactly what I love to hear when reading cd reviews maybe this is good haha
  3. simon p sucks most overrated name in the scene, for sure
  4. so yeah.. after I dont know how long, ott still rocks, 10/10 gonna be nice hearing his live in sonica in july.. hopefully he has some new material ready
  5. It´s like, 2 months away and suddenly a million releases that I want to listen and didnt yet.. anybody has the same problem? Im specially interested in the prog and in the chill area... what do you guys recommend of this new stuff? Seems there is a new androcell album, a new shulman cd, arcana compilation from interchill, new suns of arqa.... what else? and in prog I saw there is a new dousk, sonic cube, flowjob, a new iboga compilation, a proggy YSE compilation, new domo records compilation, a million prog house/ electro-house vynils.... anything more? anybody heard any of those? anything to recommend? help me, this is very very serious
  6. I listen to madonna too.. (her latest cd) I like my dog´s smell, even when people say its very bad.. I bite my nails and I like to disagree with people but I also dont feel very guilty about any of those
  7. didnt listen to it yet... been quite off the new releases.. will check it out when I get home... no no no.. huva network invented the meaning of yawnbient.. ishq is good
  8. there are different times in tegma´s music.. what they played in Brazil in a party in Rio, forgot when it was, was great! what they played in voov 04 was fullonish (not full on.. full onish), and I didnt like it... artists have all the freedom to change their music.. and listeners have their freedom to like or dislike just my opinion
  9. appart from the ones people said, I would add: Kaya Project (both cds) and VA - Butterfly Dawn
  10. lets hope they really returned to proggy roots (which was indeed good), and not the total full onish dissapointment of voov 04
  11. you searching normal hotels? maybe search for hostels
  12. actually it IS an interesting subject... how much of human traits can we ascribe to groups... like an ego to a psyscene.. or a ´shadow´ or unconscious too, maybe... but its still too early for thinking
  13. good tips too ! the bluebird, I remember that one! it was the one me, phaeton and otto matta stayed smoking and laughing our asses off with the people passing by Indeed recommended coffeeshop! oh yeah, stereo or smt like that is very good tip indeed
  14. hmm.. maybe check this link out.. they rate hostels, show prices, and you can even make your reservations through there I think... I cant really give you any specific tips because I stayed at someone´s house... It seems that hotel/hostel prices are quite expensive, so that will probably be the biggest part of your budget... search around, and dont leave till too late to make your reservations.. when is fullmoon, btw? maybe Im going to amsterdam too, with my underage gf, so im also hoping there will be no problem
  15. hey so lets see.. when I went to amsterdam I wanted to see a nice growroom, which I had never in my life (only low scale 2 plants growing from some friends) so I went to this ´cannabis college´ (I think that was the name), which is just a place with lots of information, reports and books about weed.... They have a growroom there, here´s a pic there was a friendly girl working there.. She told us that she and others who worked there are not payed, but they can smoke for free all the weed from that growroom... anyways, she gave us a map of amsterdam that showed a lot of the coffeeshops, and she circled some and told which ones are good, have some special smoke, cheap, etc.. maybe you should go there I dont remember very much the name of the coffeeshops that were the best, but mostly it was the smaller ones.. you just go in, see if it has a nice atmosphere, cool music.. one that had nice music but not so confortable seats was ´the global chillage´.. some others had really confy seats.. some had cheap smoke.. just go in random ones and check it out.. you´re not obliged to buy the smoke in the coffeeshop, but you should definitely buy at least something (maybe a juice or whatever) if you are going to sit there and smoke some weed you bought elsewhere I suggest you walk a lot, without a specific destination... smoke a joint, go stoned through the city.. be careful with the bikes, they´re everywhere haha.. actually, you should rent one yourself, or maybe buy one from some junkie.. Amsterdam is a quite walkable city.. but bike is the best mode of transport for sure.. Also, you will probably notice how its easy to get lost in a´dam.... the streets are rarely straight, lots of canals, the same architecture and building colours everywhere, no mountains to use as guide... so have a map with you when walking to unknown places, and try to understand how the whole thing works.. you´ll get it.. amsterdam is also quite safe, or it seems so to me.. I guess the biggest crime is bike stealing, so use a lock hehe... I never felt threatened or anything.. in red light district, people always say its more shady at night.. I didnt think so.. just a few street dealers offering you cocaine in some alleys.. but you just say no and walk on.. dont get your drugs from street dealer.. you´re in amsterdam, enjoy things that are legal there.. if you want some illegal drug, wait for when you get home and know your dealer, dont get ripped off or risk yourself when you dont have to.. go to smartshops too, not just coffeeshops.. they have all that mushroom salvia whatever else stuff, and cool books, trippy stuff... sometimes there are some little fairs and flea markets or whatever you call it, where you can find some nice backdrops, cheap smoking gear, etc etc.. see if you can go to one or accidentally see one while walking around I suggest do your tripping at home (if you stay in a nice place) or in the parks.. or actually, go to the parks all the time.. the famous vondelpark, in a quite central location, where young people sunbathe on warm sunny days, a few smoking joints (even though its forbidden in public places appart from coffeeshops).. Stay there, watching the lake, the trees.. maybe listening to some music on your diskman or ipod portable speakers or whatever.. I heard amsterdamsee bos (or smt like this) is the biggest park, and quite cool, but its a bit farther away, on the outskirts of the city... maybe check it out, from pictures it seems very nice thats all I can remember for the moment.. maybe some other time..
  16. hey snowball.. when I went to amsterdam in summer 2004, I went to a shitload of coffeeshops and nobody asked me for id, not even once.. and I definitely dont look old.. maybe in a ´bulldogue coffeeshop´ in some main street they will ask for it, but you shouldnt anyways go to such tourist traps, underage or not.. stick to the smaller coffeeshops farther away from the center, maybe even after the ´centiurban´ street or whatever its called (I dont know about clubs though, only went to parks, coffeeshops and smartshops haha) good luck wow, you still remember?!
  17. summer for who ? brazillian summer is now, december till february... or do you mean in july season?
  18. hallucinogen is definitely not my style, I dislike it a lot, goa is not my thing, so my comment would be somehow irrelevant but shpongle is for sure overrated imo... I do listen to lots of different styles of chill, so its not like I dont like the genre or smt.. I dont think shpongle anything special, it doesnt have good directions in the tracks, the samples are not well used, etc etc..
  19. so my voice is good to sample heh? anyways, as I said to you, ban, I love your track! reminds me a bit of Androcell at points, but got this characteristic style which is great it doesnt seem amateur at all.. its time to send some samples to labels imo
  20. yep thats what I said.. regardless of what he is or not, he makes/plays good music, so at least for me, thats what I care about... to others: on one hand, if I look back at what I wrote, it seems some sort of gossip.. which is indeed some lower childish act.. maybe its this weird necessity we have of speaking even when we dont need to.. the fear of unconfortable silences, the desire to make a part of conversations..... or, it could have been something else.. if we have information we consider other people would like to know, we spread it.. it could have been a more neutral act.. Should we only talk good about people? good about music? Are we not allowed to say the bad things too? We can say how this or that artist was friendly with us, but we cant say when he wasnt? Maybe its because you guys identify with him, and when we identify with someone, and that someone/something is attacked, we feel personally attacked... so then you guys try to 'defend yourselves' as if you were him... Im putting all my thoughts about this question here.. One thing that striked me when reading all your posts, is that over and over there is an attempt to discredit my story.. Saying its 'hearsay', it's 'misunderstanding', or whatever.. what about considering the possibility that it was true? I saw that very little... yes, maybe I indeed acted in a negative way by 'gossiping', but that has no relation with the story and how d-nox himself acted... I still am not sure about my intentions and motives when writting that story.. but it happened... so back to the 'two sides' (about my own action).. Either it was some 'neutral' information spreading, and just the same as when someone speaks good about some artist, other people have the right to say bad things about artists... and in that way, I keep my opinion.. or on the other hand, I was indeed childish, and d-nox's mistake doesnt justify my own mistake of gossiping. in that way, I am sorry for how I acted and go right now through a half remorse-of-conscience (half because I really dont know which of the two sides is more true)... if when I die I go through another half remorse-of-conscience for this action, this means you guys were right and I did acted childishly ok thats it for now.. maybe we should go back to talking about their music? anybody also sees some resemblance between dnox - seven hours and dnox and beckers - the day after? Its been a while since I listened to both tracks, but I remembered it seemed the first time I listened to seven hours as if it was a remix of the day after... and another thing: how is beckers djing? is he any good? or is he a good producer only?
  21. bah... whatever man... thanks d3lirious, btw..
  22. I didnt check it out yet, neither of the nyquist tracks.. I was bored with freq.. but then suddenly came his remix of antix - cold nights ... and I was amazed! Totally different, much deeper, slower, 'hollower' music... made me get my hopes back up maybe I should check this side-project out then... how is it? typical freq party-style? or different?
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