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  1. see, now I have no problem with what you wrote.. you can say that you dont agree with me, sure.. but saying 'grow up and stop talking crap' is not the best way to say it... well whatever, I guess we all had enough of this already..
  2. please have some more respect, will you?
  3. I posted what he said when I wrote the story.. my friend went up to the guy and said smt like 'sucks what happened heh? but never mind him' and the guy said smt like (copying from other post) ''what can I do, he wants me to speak english, but I dont! I never had the money and nor the opportunity for it.. this sucks, I feel bad' and I dont know how your friends are, but my friend wouldnt like about something like that, and his lie be consistent enough with what the guy said... it happened, traveller... maybe he was stressed, or whatever, but I dont care, it was a bad attitude...
  4. I was there when my friend talked to the guy after it happened.
  5. it happened I dont really care though, his music and dj skills are still good, and thats what matters.. im not planning on being his groupie or becoming a close friend, so...
  6. I heard things that I wont talk about here.. but what a friend did see himself (and I was there in the later part of this story): in Alto Paraiso, dnox was staying in this small hotel/bed and breakfast place that a friend of mine was too.. He wanted something (I dont remember exactly what).. and he was asking this humble guy who worked here for what he wanted... But the guy didnt speak english (like most brazillians dont) and d-nox kept insisting that the guy had to understand him.. He was being quite agressive, really making the guy feel super-bad, be ashamed.... and this lady was translating for the guy, but dnox was like: "no, I dont want you to translate, HE has to speak english, its his obligation" (or smt like that.. ).. and the humble worker was really unconfortable with it.. later a friend went to talk to the poor guy.. and the guy said like: 'what can I do, he wants me to speak english, but I dont! I never had the money and nor the opportunity for it.. this sucks, I feel bad" now tell me thats a good attitude of his? sorry but even if Im super stressed out, I would never humiliate some poor humble worker for something he simply cant do and another time, when dnox posted some mix in isratrance.. the link was of a streamed set... so my friend friendly asked dnox if there was a downloadable link, and he very harshly answered NO... but then of course there was a downloadable link, and it was posted on isratrance by this other guy... plus other stories... maybe he was stressed on all these times, maybe whatever else happened.. but when I see some things, and hear many others about this person, its hard to not form an opinion... maybe he's a nice guy and im mistaken, but maybe he's a nice guy sometimes, and a not-nice-at-all guy at other times, and you all just didnt see this other side of him
  7. the problem with dnox is not his music and taste... it seems to me that his attitude and ego are not very nice... what a shame.. he has such a nice stage presence, really interacting with the crowd and playing really well.. but once he's off the stage, his ego and attitude show up and what I personally saw and also heard, is not good at all
  8. I would love to see motion, solead, fitalic and andre absolut.. and would also very much like to see again ticon and oxyd the biggest possible problem of this festival is the police (same as with trancendence, because its too close to brasilia)... but the place for sure kicks ass.. I would go (and would also go to soulclipse... they are very different for sure, hard to compare)
  9. yep the freq remix is the best here imo too... I was very surprised with how it sounded 'hollow'... awesome change from his old usual stuff, that was already getting boring..
  10. yep I agree btw, I dont consider myself perfect at all either... but I like having an ideal and aims that I try to reach.. and being as open minded as possible, while still being down-to-earth is one of them yep Im also a fan of the electro-clash, electro-house styles that come out nowadays... btw, tiefschwarz is once in a while played for the psy people.. they can make some very good electro-oriented stuff (but also some weird things too hehe) exactly! Even though I tend to like some genres more than others, I usually dont really care if its commercial or underground, from this or that genre.. as long as I like it ,its fine I mean, Im quite enjoying the new madonna cd, so I cant say Im against everything commercial
  11. very well said krell I agree with almost all.. except with when you said "its natural to be elitist"... in psychology we have seen that when people identify with a certain group, they tend to adapt their perceptions in a way that things coming from their group are better than things coming from other groups... I think on one hand it may be natural/genetic because taking care of our own groups guaranteed our survival to some extent (though this is also in some way not an absolute fact, since an inter-groupal work seems to give better results, and there are examples even in nature). but I think that the 'elitism' you talk about is mostly a social factor, having to do with our 'lower' need of belonging to a group, of being socially established... But just as the whole point of psychedelia is, as you said yourself, to break boundaries, to see from different perspectives, to increase the potentials and discover new possibilities, then we must grow over these 'lower' social needs and realize that these definitions and boundaries lack much when comparing to flowing Reality, and how this Reality is All-Embracing, and not exophobic and elitist as the action of some appear to be.
  12. I dont like this 'old or new' discussion maybe thats because in my opinion, there isnt such a thing as someone 'creating' music.. Music is out there.. Reality is out there.. you either let it flow through you, or not.. maybe something that you think sounds similar to something else, was very creative at the time, and was a really 'flowing' creation from that artist, or it can be something that you never heard before or you think its really new, but in fact its just some easy copying of already-existing things in an order that makes it non-recognizable for you what I just said is not necessarily related to dnox and beckers, but just a note on this 'its new, its not new' discussion
  13. they (specially beckers) make awesome party music great stuff to listen both in clubs and outdoors.. and its very good to see those girls shaking to it imo it's not as refined for home listening as other stuff like antix or chable, but its much better than most of these psy whatever music people listen to best tracks imo are: flash brothers - past will be the future (dnox and beckers mix) audacity - my brand new desire (beckers remix) can kosmas - che malakita (dnox and beckers mix) you're a star (club version) road movie btw, as for tiga.. tiga makes some very weird and many times not-so-nice music.. but the one dnox plays in some of his mixes, 'you gonna want me' is quite good, with catchy vocals
  14. http://www.discogs.com/user/sherlockalien im pissed with them, though.. tried adding a release, made it all perfect.. and I dont know what the hell happened with it.. it wasnt added, the 'submissions pending' dissapeared of my discogs page and I got no mail or anything informing about it and I also noticed that lots of ppl here add their non-electronic cds too.. so far I added only the electronic ones (and only the ones I still have today hehe.. too bad I lost some good ones like prodigy, chemical brothers, michael jackson and co ) so maybe I add the non electronics some other time
  15. infusion - six feet above yesterday (double cd) currently at track ´best in snow´ awesome cd.. mixture of rock, electro, trance, breakbeat, house
  16. moani relax! life is good... this is psynews..
  17. come on moni, relax Im sure you didnt expect all answers to be serious.. this is psynews, its impossible a serious-only thread and it was funny
  18. 1. CDs that spinned in your CD-player the most (artist albums). either ott - blumenkraft (still running very strong from 2004) or antix - twin coast discovery 2. CDs that spinned in your CD-player the most (compilations). va - butterfly dawn 3. Best label. iboga or tribal vision 4. Live acts that impressed you the most. antix, krueger and coyle, tiefschwarz 5. Live acts that disapointed you. none actually 6. DJs sets that rocked your dancefloor. d-nox, antix @ rio de janeiro club, and dj Mau Mau´s tech house madness 7. DJs sets that made you leave the dancefloor. koxbox and a million of other full on sets 8. Best party. antix @ rio club 9. Best festival. trancendence (except for the police) and universo paralello 04/05 10. Best deco. trancendence 11. Best drink/beverage. açaí 12. Best drug/trip. too many good trips 13. Best moment/experience. when tash arrived in my house in rio 14. Worst moment/experience. when tash left my house in rio 15. Best non-psy. madonna
  19. INXS - taste it (absolut and decompressors vaporized mix)
  20. well yes I honestly think that there are no bad tracks at all in antix and ott album, all tracks are perfect gems in their own way
  21. abakus is very very nice but track ´magenta´ and ´lux boutique´ are not so good... so its near, but not 10/10 for me
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