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  1. well no need to mention that genres are very arbitrary decisions of subjective opinions, right? each one calls whatever he feels like and all that shit


    but to me, what is full on?


    I cant define exactly, but when I hear that over-used rolling bassline, those same kind of breaks and build ups and those scratchy sounds and many many layers, I call it full on...



    is all psytrance high bpm? well.. not really .. I mean, if you consider prog inside this ´trance´ category, then there are low bpm trance.. and also on the un-fixed borders between trance and house, it can get as low as 130 or even less bpm...


    I preffer the lower bpm stuff myself.. 140 is already too much, but I can accept.. above that is too much and I cant even stay on the dancefloor.. 130-135 works the best on the dancefloor for me :)

  2. Chill and ambient is what I've been listening to the most lately..




    I second seraph's reccomendation to


    Shulman - in search of a meaningful moment


    Bluetech - Elementary particles (but also Prima Materia.. the double cd is very nice)


    now a few more and a bit of descriptions:


    Kaya Project - Walking Through (has some nice percussions, a bit of mid-eastern feeling and some, but not a lot of vocals, all very well chosen, and quite a bit of beautiful acoustic guitars)


    Angel Tears - Vol 3, The Dreaming, and Vol 4, Vision (more explicit mid-eastern influences, vocals, percussions, and nice basslines)



    Ott - Blumenkraft (Spacey, twisted psy-dub from Twisted Records, very well made, huge basslines, cool effects, samples... One of the best out there, everybody should give it a listen)


    Abakus - That much closer to the sun (very warm and beautiful chill, happy summer melodies meet well-worked dub basslines... Music to smile)


    Easy Stars All Stars - Dub Side of the Moon (if you like pink floyd, check this out.. Not a substitute, but for sure a nice complement.. Dub version of pink floyd's classic cd... need I say more?)


    V.A. Butterfly Dawn (has some very nice tracks from abakus, nada, tripswitch, etc.. If you like abakus, try this one too)




    those are the ones I mention for now, hope you find something you like :)

  3. WWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWW, these TOP party line-ups are kkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!  :o  :o  :o    B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B) 


    I don't know most of these acts but i bet they rock tha flora!!!!!!!! :o  :o  :o  :o


    DJ OTT, wooooooowwwww, he totaly destroys tha dance floor nuclear bomb like :angry:  :angry:  :angry: 


    Booommmmmm Shanker B)  B)  B)



    hahaha funny reply :lol:

  4. ok so he did say it




    even if I dont normally like beatless (ishq is an exception), Ill check it out



    btw, is that correct: exception? seems strange... you know when you write or say a word and it sounds strange? now I dont know if its like that hehehe

  5. both are important imo.. the form is like a gift wrapping.. if you give a present for someone, and its wrapped around this ripped ugly pink brown and grey paper with santa claus and badly drawn mickey mouse, its not going to make a good impression... :D


    so yeah, substance may be the main thing, but I do think its good to have a nice form too..


    btw, for great dj with perfect form and substance: tim healey (electric tease)... omg, honestly, the funny gay guy is rocking everybody, perfectly mixing good rock, electro, trance, house and tech, and making even fullon-only people dance like hell :)

  6. well i really like shpongle...

    but man traveller u need to chill...

    u r son in awe of anything twisted does that u get defensive when people spealk their mind and don't share ur point of view...

    i mean do u get paid by twisted to promote them like that or what???

    i wonder sometimes...


    hahah indeed




    btw, seraph.. you say FSOL ambient, but is it beatless stuff ?

    I´m curious to check out because I´ve heard a lot about them indeed.. Im gonna check your reviews :)

  7. well, I dont think shpongle is so great either.. I mean, first cd was indeed pretty good, second cd I didnt like at all (not to say completely dislike most tracks)...

    I heard simon p recently on a party.. he played a few new shpongle stuff... It was quite nice, seems more like the first cd, but I would not go as far as saying: ITS FUCKING AMAZING, GENIOUS, KILLA


    I think it is indeed a bit over-hyped, but its not boring and whatever as spindrift said


    btw, spindrift, I think shulman and bluetech have nothing AT ALL to do with shpongle (and I am more fond of them than shpongle)...


    So overal: Its good, and it creates this nice feeling (as someone in this forum once said: ´shroomy/earthy´ vibe.. which is a very good description of it), but they make mistakes sometimes (second cd has many mistakes), so its good but not exceptional




    talking about FSOL, I heard a lot about them but never anything from them.. can anybody give me recomendations on the best cds? (I dont like beatless ambient)

  8. oops, only now I realised that its only 5 djs and 5 live acts, sorry



    and EP.. So penton is not good dj heh? still I would like to see it for myself :)



    btw, there are a few there which are not trancey at all... tim healey, tiefschwarz, glen c (glen maybe just a bit)....


    and I still like the trancey side of things anyway :)

  9. Live:




    Phony Orphants





    Dj Sets


    Tim Healey (electric tease)

    Andre Absolut


    Thomas Penton

    Diogo Gomes

    Frederik Flanger

    Tom Anteater

    Glen C


    Tiefscharwz (a little eletro to make the e-people angry :)








    Angel Tears

    Kaya Project

    J Viewz




    not bad heh? :)

  10. I agree that this is not a greaaaaaat album, but it has its moments, as you said


    and indeed, phony orphants 2003 album rocks big time, and totally stands above the average... So does antix imo...



    I still think that there are a couple or maybe 3 tracks in the freq album that totally rock, and worked wonders on the dancefloor last summer

  11. ep, just one thing.. I think it has NOTHING to do with age...


    I´ve seen old people who have are not conscious at all of drug´s good or bad effects, inspite of all their experience, and I´ve seen young people who are totally conscious of all of drugs good and bad effects, even without direct experience


    its not about age..

  12. my psy experiences were here at home , lyed down on a sofa , headphones and some good Goa records playing at my stereo.

    Psykadelia is the feeling , you can take some drugs (acid , mescaline etc) to spice up the feeling (dont know more cause ive never took drugs , but i dont need drugs to know im a damn Goa freak B) ) .


    I still think you dont cannot really know ´psychedelic´ unless you´ve had that definite specific chemical change in your brain..

  13. I like the term (was it terrence mckenna that used?) that psychedelic drugs make you ´triangulate reality´ or something like that.. So you get different views of the same reality, therefore making a better judgment of what goes on.. Its like a GPS system.. It only works once there are 3 different sattelites comparing your position, your relative motion, etc.. If there are less, you dont get an accurate reading..


    If you are looking straight into a cube, how can you know it is 3d unless you are able to walk a bit away and notice it´s depth?



    now, that does not mean all people should try it.. far from it.. actually some people should not try it at all.. But I think for those with a right mind, no history of psychosis in the family, right situation, unhappy with current models of reality and trully trying to understand whats ´out there´, then psychedelics may give you a glimpse or show you the way (it doesnt take you anywhere, though.. just shows you where to go.. you still have to climb the ladder by yourself)

  14. BTW i know how this all start, psyculture i mean. But as i like to say people are coming from Africa, but not all of us are black!!!


    well, actually thats controversial and there are opposing theories :)

  15. gnome.. why is sex on psychedelics pointless? I think its a very very deep experience, not pointless at all



    overdose.. I dont think all of the problem is in the quality of ecstasy.. I mean, yeah sure, a lot of the problem is, but a lot of the problem is also on HOW it is used.. people taking big quantities, not drinking enough water or drinkint too much, etc etc... So just making something pure would not be totally good, without the right information ..



    and eleria.. yeah I agree, psychedelic experience is not supposed to be something only for parties.. actually a few of my biggest trips were in the nature, and not in parties

  16. well, there is the relation between the ´forefathers´ of psy music and psychedelic drugs, but Im not going to talk about that..


    as for myself.. I can trip pretty well on the music itself...

    but I wouldnt call it a psychedelic trip.. Anyone who took a strong psychedelic knows that even if you can trip without it, its never the same, when you´re straight you cannot shift too much your general perception, and cannot have visuals so strong and colourfull...



    So I enjoy both.. when Im straight, and when I take psychedelics.. Each have disadvantages and advantages... I do like to, in a 5 day festivals, say, trip 2 days, and stay the rest of the days straight... not a rule though, as I´ve been to festivals where I am just completely straight or where I take some psychedelic every day

  17. ok so.. lemmi.. you really think they became commercial? the way I see, more people dislike what they do now than before.... so it seems they went the opposite way of commercial.. going commercial would be doing full on, as I see...


    but of course, I know what you mean, its not so innovative as people say..


    btw.. good electro music? check out floorfiller dirty cd... I quite like some tracks there.. in 2004 there was a very very nice vynil electro release - mylo - drop the pressure


    check it out =)

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