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  1. Just one more advertisement for you guys to come to Brazil to the Ypy Poty rave (25-27th january).. Really good live acts/djs (ypypoty.com)

    Come on guys, if you have the money, I really advise you to come (not just because I live in this country, but because it will be great)

  2. Hey, just telling again to all you guys who are in the position to come here to Brazil, come to the rave Ypy Poty (25-27 january if I am not mistaken). It will be very very very good, 1st for the rave itself, the djs, the people (brazilians are really open and friendly) and also for the place. It will be in a beach, surrounded by nature, and most of all , I'll be there, so it will never not be fun hahaha =)


    Algum brasileiro ta indo pra lá? Responda ai..

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