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  1. Hehehe Eleria, I think its an Age thing. :)



    well, music listening habits and tastes obviously has to do with age, with where you live, with your personal growing and history, etc, but its not at all a cause-and-effect relation and there are many exceptions (which im sure everybody here knows)...


    I for one am very young, I guess, and dont like shpongle.. not my taste..



    (I also dont like most beatless and too ambient stuff like (from what I heard) steve roach, pete namlook, etc...)

  2. indeed great break in the son kite - on air track.... I love it how the little sounds go transforming until they come back full power... if you know what I mean :)



    I´ll post latter some others that I enjoy

  3. well, since im not in the isratrance mood and I have no problem with repeated topic (hehe), let me answer for you:


    there were a few albums this year that were near-perfect for me


    Kaya project - Walking Through (if you like music with a bit more of mid-eastern feeling, nice acoustic guitar, a lot of real instruments, but still nice rocking basslines)


    Waterjuice - Melbaphonics (Overal faster, mostly in the 110 or so bpm area, very very nice darker chill, twisted, evil, very nice basslines, never gets boring, excellent cd)


    Phutureprimitive - Subconscious (´subterranean dark chill´, huge basslines, very well made atmospheres)


    I guess you also know Ott - Blumenkraft.... if you dont, what the hell are you waiting for? get it immediately....


    and I guess you also know Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun (very nice basslines, happy summer smiling dub/chill)


    and one of the best compilations imo (2003 I think...) is V.A. Butterfly Dawn...Tracks by nada, tripswitch, prometheus, adham shaikh, etc.... very very nice one, no bad tracks




    *probably sucking on a lolypop that turns into a whistle once its finished, and stomping my feet dancing all around



  5. bah, and I actually thought most of these artists you guys mentioned make bad full on (sorry, just a bit of bashing.. hehe)


    The only 2 full on artists I could enjoy a bit was Protoculture (still brainless music imo, but easy-listening.. almost like pop), and tikal (they wanted to do prog, but because of no money they started doing full on... this shows a bit in their music, so its not totally copy paste stuff... I can listen to some of their tracks)

  6. well x dream is ok.. some nice moments, some not so nice...


    they have this hard-hitting tech/electro-like feeling nowadays, which is nice and a big 'show' in their lives... but its not the best music out there, neither in psytrance and neither in tech/electro....


    lets see whats up next

  7. as it has been said, a psychedelic is necessary for it to be really psychedelic....


    but if I discard that, and try to describe why it is psychedelic..


    well, its the fractal-like patterns in effects, the story the track tells, the emotional feeling it creates, the mixture between continuous repeating and always-changing, all of these which seem to reflect psychedelic characteristics (but not create it, imo), and also characteristics of the subtle laws of the world (hahah ok I tripped a bit too much on this one)




    btw, whats this normal trance you guys talk about? tiesto and similar?

  8. I know there is a LOT of beatless ambient.In fact,ambient is beatless music !!


    Thats why im asking about ambient with beat?Do you think you can call this ambient?

    Or you just dont know who to call it?Or you think psychedelic ambient really exists?


    well genres, who cares... You know what I mean, chill out, ambient, whatever... :P

  9. well I dont see whats the problem... Just as saying good things about an artist is subjective, so is saying bad things... There´s no left without the right hehe The dark side is important too... :)


    So as long as we dont act as if our opinions are facts, then its no prob saying who we dont like and why...



    Well for me, there are so many I dont like that I would fill a whole page...


    just add the genres:


    oldschool - Too many layers, melodies dont get to me, not good enough production


    full on - too fast, too typical, no importance of details, all sound the same


    beatless ambient - music to sleep...



    no offense to anybody who likes these styles.. and maybe there are exceptions, but not many (eg, on beatless ambient, ishq is an exception)....



  10. Wow - that's very weird... That's the EXACT same track... Well, at least from what I can hear from the 45 second snippet @ Psyshop... Can anyone shed some light on this?




    well there is an SBK track in that comp... so maybe this K2 is from Krueger, so its just released under a side project or something... no?

  11. I just did hear 2 tracks which were well commented here (mahadeva and people can fly) and didnt like it at all.....

    not one little bit...



    its not my taste


    edit: and no I dont like full on either

  12. not the best for me..


    in fact, there is no ´best´... each with their own characteristics, and each artist brings and fits a certain mood and atmosphere.


    His music does not reach me so much as to some others, but he does stand out of the average, that I can say for sure... and he has a ´funny´ side to his music which I enjoy somehow

  13. yeah I´ve got it..


    Its great!!!


    Im gonna mix a bit of my description with descriptions I read somewhere:


    Its subterranean, tribal dub chill with huge basslines, mixing primitive feelings with futuristic tecnology


    Its really good stuff, and the few vocals that are there are greaaaat (not words and singing vocals, but very beautiful and fitting female ´aaaaaaaaaaaaaah´s sounds or similar...)


    buy it, you wont regret it



    very talented producer...

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