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  1. blablabla with this ´club music´ bullshit...


    I am tired of these ´oh, psy is so good, progressive music degrades our genre name and it has nothing to do with psychedelic music´..


    dont you realize that psychedelic is also subjective? Damn.. to me oldschool, full on and darkmusic sucks and are not psychedelic at all... but who cares? Its subjective anyway, so I refrain from trying to insult these genres in music reviews...

  2. ok I just found out that track 2 is ´beckers - switch (klein and juergens rmx)´


    what a bomb!!!!!!!!


    if anybody knows where I can legally download that or where I can order a cd with this, please help me


    and track 1 is a remix of that Daft Punk track (harder, faster.....)

  3. so simon p made a special appearance in this festival I just went to.. nice =)


    Some tracks he played I guess are from the new album.. I liked them (and I dont like the second cd).. if it ends up not screwing up and in the same ´line´ that I heard, I will probably get it :)

  4. o I just came back from a festival called solaris.. I was amazed with some tracks played by people such as Tim Healey (electric tease), tobias, Emok and carbon 23


    I would really appreciate if you guys could help me finding out what are the names of these tracks/artists/cds.. (I guess some are in vynil, but still... )


    the samples I remember:


    track 1 - "Higher... faster" or something like that (some remix of a Daft Punk track I think)


    track 2 - "All I really want is you... you be my party toy" (and some other stuff like that.. female voice I think)


    track 3 - "This is house music..... I´ve played music for a long time, and I´ve come to the conclusion that house music gets the people moving" ( or something like that.. this track has a saxophone and guitar too)


    track 4 - " mother f*cker mother f*cker* (repeating a lot, and with a few effects, and the pitch rises up and down)


    there are a couple of others but I dont remember right now... thanks a lot guys

  5. Just give me something that sounds even a bit like "are you shpongled" and i´ll be a very happy man...beija flor or not!  :P


    Im with you..


    but if its something like ´tales of the inexpressive´ or whatever, I dont want it

  6. Where are these good days when we used to buy acid and mushrooms so we could listen to all the new releases and "feel" them eh?


    hahah I still do that occasionally... getting some psychedelics, waiting for my next cd shipment, and making a cd-feeling session =)

  7. What you are wanting with the proghouse stuff is already available from several places.  Try these...


    www.beatport.com - you can have custom .wav data CDs (ie, the .wav files burned to a CD - you would have to re-burn for audio CDs) burned and shipped to you.  I think they will also have downloadable WAV or FLAC files sometime this year


    www.edmdigital.com - downloadable FLAC


    www.fiberlineaudio.com - will send custom CDs


    heyy thanks thats good news.. Im gonna check those out immediately

  8. nope, I wouldnt buy them.. I preffer downloading mp3s and buying the cds that I like..


    BUT... I have one big problem.. appart from chill/dub and prog trance, which I can get on cd, I have a taste for the prog house stuff too, which is almost all the times only released on vynils...


    As I am no dj, and only have cd-player, I would consider buying from you if you had these vynil releases on FLAC or WAV.. I would consider even more buying, if you could do like spindrift, and sell custom cds, where he prints the covers and burns at low speed and ships to you..


    spindrift.. if you ever get some prog house in your site, tell me please



  9. I dont know about upbeat psy, specifically, but downtempo/dub/chill out, there are a few stores in USA...


    I know about www.backroadsmusic.com and www.ambientairlines.com


    backroadsmusic is located in the westcoast, close to LA I think... I have ordered from them several times, they have a huge catalog of chill/dub/world/yoga music.. the homepage is not very user-friendly, but the owner will be happy to answer your questions


    ambientairlines is in san francisco, I think, but not sure.. their online shop was temporarily down, but maybe its up again.. anyway, they have a walk-in store, so if your friend is nearby, maybe he should check out (considering he likes slow stuff)

  10. again some cheesy brazillian samples in this track...


    I really like how the ´bass´ starts at 3:20 though.. its quite.. jiggly, if you know what I mean.. and the little acoustic guitar a bit after is pretty nice too..


    then it goes downhill, sounds very similar to their second cd, and that brazillian carnival sample sucks

  11. Yes, I like some more world-music, but only if they have nice basslines, a bit of dub in them..


    for quality world music with dub influences, I suggest:

    Kaya Project - Walking through

    Angel tears - vol 3 and 4 (I think the names are ´The Dreaming´ and ´Vision´)

    Gaudi - Bass, sweat and tears

    Adham Shaikh - fusion (has 1 track that I really dont like, but the rest are very nice)



    btw.. I consider this kind of music to be much more psychedelic and deep than many so-called ´psy´ releases



    edit: btw, I just saw on offtopic that you like drum and percussion.. well, kaya project and angel tears have very nice percussion in some tracks.. adham shaikh has one track that is purely percussions too)

  12. I agree with you partly =)


    I also can never post a TOP CD OF THE YEAR, or something like that (specially before the year ended hehe, like many people do)...



    about the people who review so many cds in a short time, it really depends.. I mean, some albuns, I know I love it from the first moment I heard it.. others take time to grow on me.. so it depends a lot..

  13. I am working on an idea but I wont come forward with it until i am 100% sure it's possible to do it.


    you got my support on this one EP.. a prog comp, for african or other cause with no media attention...



    about the UN.. I started getting really doubtful about UN, after I saw that they have this program (some deal involving Kofi anan´s son) where they trade food for oil in iraq!! Damn, so are they also oil-gready fuckers? I dont want to sound like a conspiracy-theory dude, but this looks very shady too..

    I preffer donating to ´smaller´ groups



    and about this downloading business.. Yes I download too, obviously.. but who cares? I got a lot of people into trance who now support the music, I go to shitloads of festivals where my favourite artists play, and I buy quite a lot of cds imo (as much as possible with fucked up brazillian taxes), progressive and ambient/dub..


    the problem, imo, is if you have money and availability of buying cds, but you never do, and you dont go to parties, and you are involved in ´I just downloaded the latest killah´ bullshit

  14. dick trevor is releasing music.. sometimes under Trickster name..


    he plays some psygressive stuff (with a progressive feel, but faster and some psychedelic effects).. I heard him in new year´s festival, and didnt like so much, but a lot of people really enjoyed it.. I guess it was a tiny bit too fast for me



    james monro is kicking big time.. he is involved in a new progressive label in Brazil, Tropical Beats.. He releases some music once in a while, and I think there is a compilation from him to be released this year.. I just heard him in new year´s eve, and Im going to a festival in 2 days, where he plays too.. He is playing fat progressive trance..

  15. I hear good music all the time.. very good music in fact..


    I agree that there are thousands of crappy releases, but amongst them, there are many good artists too..


    maybe I just know where to look.. or maybe my opinion is just more ´including´ than other people... or maybe its because I listen before I buy, so I dont have problem with wasting money on crappy releases



    I even have trouble deciding which cds to buy, from so many good ones :)

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