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  1. if you had studied psychology you would know that subliminal messages dont affect the person.........


    subliminal = UNDER the limiar of what frequency range/wave amplitude the body can hear/see/receive... This means, when it is SUBLIMINAL, it wont affect you because your sensory organs are not capable of receiving such a small/low thing...


    There have been numerous tests regarding this


    As an example, people said that there was, some time ago on the movies, a few times where a coca-cola sign blinked on the screen, and how it affected people.. well, as people noticed there was a coca-cola sign blinking, as small as it was, it means it is NOT subliminal



    straight and normal commercials, conversations and normal-day activities affect you much more... research a little =)

  2. so my comments.. I like dub, and I enjoyed your track.. =)


    now my suggestions:


    do something about that high-pitched melody that starts at about 1:20 and keeps going until 2:20 or something.. It becomes somehow annoying at points, at least imo.. maybe try making it one octave lower, or some eq or some effects in it, making it less... hmm... ´scratchy and pointy´, and making it more ´round´, if you know what I mean.. j so just try different things with it and see if you get something nicer


    also, maybe work on some more percussion layers, that would be a nice addition to your track


    and of course, make it a little longer, and think about making a break somewhere, where you can make a bigger change to the track at one point, maybe change the bassline keys, or whatever...

  3. hahah thanks, frontier, you´re right.. I didnt say Astrix, I say Antix... New Astrix is indeed the last thing in the world I want to hear right now.. =)



    hey trolsk, is that a james monroe own cd, a cd compiled by him or a vynil? I would be interested in the 2 first options (no money nor equipment for vynil hehe)




    and hels


    New Ishq, new Lish, new Jaia?!?! What if the world blows up!!! I can't wait for these!


    Also, Ishq vs. Shulman?!?!?!? What the hell?! That aughta be neat smile.gif


    Indeed, isnt it? I was so happy when they were all announced... Just hope they are not all coming out in the same month, or else Im fucked =)

  4. I'm wating for most:


    Benza - Retrofuturism

    VA - Fluorotronik (Tranceform Rec)


    Freq, Antix? Didn't know about their new albums to be already announced. I guess, I'm waiting for them too =)


    Yeah, Banel from iboga posted on isratrance that these cds were confirmed.. antix I think its for before the summer, and freq, Im not sure, I think for after the summer..


    How about a store I'd actually patronize...



    oh well...


    heh? Sorry, didnt understand it....



    Hehe, yea but it's on a very early stages :)

    There a lot of great stuff coming out this year on Aleph Zero.

    Stay tuned  :rolleyes:


    indeed its probably at early stages, but Im just saying I want it =)


    Yeah, I actually didnt mention any of compilations, but im sure there are many great ones to come, both in the chill and in the prog area =)

  5. Sherlock AFAIK there is no new Shulman album on the way, as he is very busy with his

    Aleph Zero Label and their new upcoming releases.

    As for Bluetech, i didn't hear anything about upcoming projects as well.

    I wait the most for the new Twisted releases, the  Tsunami CD, the new Chemical Brothers new album and the new Mercury Rev album.



    yes, shulman is on the way.. read it yourself




    bluetech wrote himself on some post in isratrance that he was already working on a new album.. it may have not been announced officially by any label or anything, but I guess he wouldnt be lying =)

  6. To be honest I don't really like the cover here... But at least it's something different... But don't let that steal the focus from the music which is excellent... =D




    indeed, from the samples, it seems exactly my taste.. proggy housy stuff =)

    Too bad about the cover, but Im sure the music will make up for it



    well at least the chick looks hot ;)


    I dont know, I think she looks somehow annoying.. hahah. .Cant explain it but I dont like the face..

  7. I like psynews, and its the first page I open when I come to the internet =)


    Its good because of the nice people, varied opinions and discussions.. In the general topics, I find many nice recomendations of my taste, and people who enjoy the same (dub/chill and prog stuff).. Plus, the off-topic here is really important, and where you occasionally get some good laughs, or get to know some nice people more in depth



    I post on isratrance too, but much less than here... The big advantage there is that you are speaking to many artists, and also because it is so big, you can find a lot of information if you know what you are looking for... it sucks to browse through, though, and its ugly =) The worse part, though, is how it is heavily moderated, full of small rules, with a lot of rude people with big egos who have no patience to answer you, and are always waiting for the oportunity to tell how big their *´cd collection´(*dick) is....


    but, if you ignore those just as you ignore the ´killah´ comments, its not bad =)

  8. so the title says it.. what cds that have been announced already are you curious about and waiting for?


    as for me..




    New Antix cd

    New Phony Orphants cd

    New Freq cd

    New Jaia cd

    Lish cd





    New Shulman cd

    New Ishq cd

    Ishq vs Shulman cd

    New Bluetech cd

    New Androcell cd

    New Abakus cd

    J.Viewz cd



    maybe some others I forgot

  9. I think in terms of quality and stuff, its pretty nice.. I listened a few days ago and forgot to comment, so I dont remember things more specifically


    unfortunately its not much my taste, as this is more of the calm/bass-less type of ambient, and I am more into the dub chill... but thats just personal opinion

  10. ok question 1: does mixing technique count the choice of tracks too, or just the beatmatching or whatever ability?


    question 2: do mixings I heard in a live also count for the ´dj with most technique´ ?




    james monroe was one of the most memorable dj sets that I heard, both in terms of mixing and choice of music...


    minilogue, if a live counts, was pretty impressive... like, you almost cannot know when they are changing tracks..

  11. oh ok, so let me be the third to recommend phutureprimitive then...


    I got mine through www.backroadsmusic.com... from USA.. has a huge catalog of downbeat/yoga/world music, but not user-friendly homepage... you can mail the owner and he is very happy to help you and recommend things too...



    phutureprimitive is a bit more dark, with some nice percussions, deep tribal feeling but of course with phuturistic effects too.. thus, ´phutureprimitive´ hehehe

  12. I have both bluetech and shulman.. I really like them both....


    entheogenic I heard on mp3, thought it was quite nice but nothing amazing...


    as for bluetech, the fact that it is a double cd is a bonus, and the cover art is really great too...


    Shulman is a bit more twisted and at times unpredictable..



    if I had to choose between the 3, I would probably choose bluetech, because it is a double cd, and next buy go for shulman...


    I suggest you listen to samples or mp3s before though

  13. thanks for the tips guys, Ill try them out as soon as my sister leaves (she is using the computer with the music progs)..


    btw.. nah, I dont want to do GMS type basses.. I would probably be playing in the dub-music realm, and slower proggie/housy trance too...


    when I find something good, I write here... this morning I was trying out the z3ta+ vsti, and maybe there are some nice things there.... but while I dont find it, Im still using the simple sequenz bass in vb1...



    and towelie.. yeah I thought about that... recording a real bass guitar for dub would indeed probably be the best.. the problem is, I dont have the proper equipment to record, and neither know how to really play one (I could try if I had one)... so for now, I try to find a synth bass that sounds the closest to a real bass

  14. hey nemo, thanks for the link, it is indeed nice for us beginners =)


    anyway, yeah I had heard about the sine wave, but the problem is that I cant find where to choose it... I mean, in novation bass-station.. I can only see where to choose the lfo waveform (?), and you can only choose triangle or sawtooth... or you choose the osc 1 or osc 2 waveform, but only sawtooth or square, to choose from...


    so either there is a hidden menu in the bass station, or I choose it not from inside the prog, but in some effect menu or something, or I have to use some program like soundforge ? (or Im just dumb and its some other simple thing to do..)

  15. ok so, while I dont get my sequenced synth problem solved, I´m working on the percussions and bass..


    now here is my problem.. I simply cannot get a clean bass.. all of them are ´dirty and scratchy´ (sorry, thats the best way I can describe)... Im trying to use both vb-1 or novation bass-station, and even after fiddling and fiddling, twisting all sorts of knobs and looking at all pre-sets, I can only get these dirty sounding bass



    the closest one I found was the sequenz bass from vb1, after a bit of messing around, which is the more ´tight´ one of the presets....


    is there some effect that helps in doing the basslines? maybe something to make it more ´carved´ or powerful (sorry for the subjective words, but thats the best I can say)...

    or maybe some other vsti?




  16. well, first let me tell you, Im more into the proggie stuff in trance, and I dont know the proper names of effects and everything to do a good review, but here goes my opinion:


    the first thing I noticed is the lack of power in the kick and bass... maybe some eq there...



    at 3:40 comes the part that I really really like, the best in the track imo hehe... this trippy, less ´scratchy´ part of your track.... Well made... The thing is, the sample after that takes a bit too long to come in, so it seems for a moment it is going to be the beginning of a different track... maybe make the sample a little before


    I somehow like this acid kind of synth lines at 5:15.. reminds me of some older stuff that got me into trance, like infected mushrooms or green nuns of the revolution..... then the development after this is quite nice..



    so I dont know what else to say.. I am not so much into the ´scratchy´ sounds, but thats just personal opinion, not about the track itself.. as for the track, I would say try to make the kick and bass more powerful...


    and hey, probably its not your style, but if you can do more tracks with the ´clean´ style as in 3:40, I would really like hehehe... nah, but continue with what you like of course... and good luck =)

  17. thanks for the help... but I couldnt do it.. There is no right clicking in the ´reaktor starting´ sequencer, as right clicking does the same as left clicking there (If I understood you correctly, open the reaktor synth inside cubase, and from there, trying to right click the button to start the sequencer, right?).. Maybe I dont understand this ´controller data´ concept yet, and thats the problem.. thanks for the help though


    any other try... somebody?


    if anybody can make any sounds come out of a reaktor sequenced synth inside Cubase, then please tell me how =)

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