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  1. It's a good idea, but I think people listening at home with different hardware can lead to very diverse results. Wouldn't it be better if several people got together and listened?

    yeah in general it will be diverse results, yes... but the primary question, if that specific person can notice the difference of mp3 and wav in his own system, is still answerable by this test...


    Yes, but that doesn't make the difference to CDs because that's what a CD player does as well. Stuff below 20 Hz is usually lost in the rumble filter and since 22.05 kHz is the absolute upper limit for a CD sampler anyway you have to cut it off a little below that both to smoothen the sound a little at high frequencies (a 22 kHz sine wave digitized on a CD becomes a square wave!) and to keep aliasing artifacts out. If you sample with frequency f (44.1 kHz for CDs), all frequencies in the sound appear "mirrored" at f/2, so if an instrument produces a 25 kHz sound that we can't hear, a "mirror image" of this would appear at |25-44.1|=19.1 kHz which we can hear. Because you can't physically build a filter that filters nothing below 22.05 kHz and everything above it, it has to start a bit earlier, like at 20.



    I guess I will have to trust on you for this one :lol:


    It's interesting but probably more technical than you'd think, doesn't have much to do with psychology, more mechanics of the ear and nerve impulses.Uhm...what's your nick there again?

    yeah I bet it doesnt have to do with psychology.. but its the technical part I would be after anyways.. I was always bad at maths but loved physics, and music/vibrations being an integral part of my ideas, I would like to learn the patterns in their workings and make sense out of some things I need to know :rolleyes:


    my display nickname there is Rafael :)

  2. It's a lot more complicated; what gets left out depends on the entire spectrum of sound at the moment and even before. Like a loud hihat won't let you hear much of the high-frequency spectrum even a few dozen milliseconds after. This "psychoacousic model" is the one thing besides speed that makes encoders different, and most had years of research put into them.

    yeah I guessed the whole process of compressing would be more complex, but appart from all that, mp3s in the end do only keep the 20-20k hz range of frequencies, right?


    btw.. ´psychoacoustic model´ seems interesting.. learning music theory is in my ´to do´ list for sure



    Cool, let's do it like this: someone could send me a couple of WAV snippets from various CDs, say a minute each. I'll encode them with a few different codecs and bitrates (I can do LAME and OGG, maybe someone else do Fraunhofer's, XING or whatever is teh shit in the closed-source world) and convert them back to WAV, the same way they'd be decoded when played live. Then people can download them and listen to them as often as they like and on the best equipment everyone can get their hands on, and finally everyone has to rank them in order of sound quality and identify the original (might be someone recognizes a compressed version but actually finds the sound more pleasant).

    get your ass on msn.. :D


    I will choose some cd here.


    maybe someone else who argued they can notice the difference between mp3 should volunteer too, and prove themselves :D

  3. Me can do that when I get some time... On a quick note, it is oretty damn good! Indian fusion...

    true, I have that one too.. once I started doing the review but stopped and never continued


    its been almost a year since I heard it... I left my case in brazil (bad move, dont know why I did it).. will do that once I get back in august..


    btw.. I like this cd´s digipack :) quite classy

  4. I remember reading somewhere that quick blind tests can't be effective for checking MP3/WAV differencies

    why not?


    I mean, its not testing the differences between the files, but the ability of the listener to distinguish those differences..


    I dont see why a blind test would not work.. I mean, sure, if by ´quick´ you mean using some 10 sec samples to compare and not a few whole tracks, then you could be right... but making blind tests with a few whole tracks I guess is effective enough, no?

  5. i don't know everything about mp3's but isnt especially the bass cut off with the making of mp3's?


    if so with classical music there is less bass i assume so might it be easier to find the difference between wave and mp3 in psy than in classical (the musical type they used in the article referred to above)?

    afaik, the default of mp3 is to cut off all frequencies above 20khz and below 20hz, which supposedly are the limits to the human hearing too.... So whether they cut more bass than high frequencies depends if the original file had much information lower to 20hz or above 20khz..


    that being said... I dont know if I could notice the difference between a high quality mp3 file and a wav or flac. Probably not..


    if someone is willing to set up a blind test, that would be interesting... pavel maybe? (though I dont want to test myself with some full on track with billions of sounds at the same time.. rather some good production detailed fat progressive, like antix) ....

  6. a friend sent me a Link in portuguese, from a brazilian dj about some type of people in the parties.. Its really really great, but its in portuguese, so I translated myself (lost some jokes but still daaaaaaaaaamn funny)




    ´Pop´ freak


    Already went to many parties around the world. Doesn´t work and doesn´t pretend either. Is inscribed in some weird art university somewhere. Spend a lot of time going to places with a big trance scene, and complains that ´voov is too commercial´. Ohm tatoo is a must, but doesn´t know what´s bhagavad gita, and for him, siddartha is just the name of some book in his grandpa´s library.


    ´Roots´ freak

    Dreadlocks or long hair, but the ´cool´ thing is also to suddenly appear with short hair. Doesn´t return calls (loses the cellphone every month), gets the email max once a week, but always forgets the hotmail password so is constantly changing emails. Already traveled a lot, and always flights like ´Sao Paulo/frankfurt, through kuala lumpur´ that last for 14 days. Doesn´t speak properly any language, neither his own mother language, but can get around on many of them with a big mix. Until he remembers the names of people, needs to be presented hundreds of times. Many times these people can stay awake for 4 days thanks to.... ahmm.. yoga.. They have mystic, cabalistic, sanyass or just plain weird names. Their main motto is ´Love your chillum as you love thyself.´


    the ´raver´


    Went to one festival, got ´bitten´ by the psy fever and changed his life. At the first sign of the day, puts on a pair of ultra-cybernetic sunglasses. Many times is also seen at night with them. Very equiped, never appears without the vicks inhalers, smoking papers of all kinds, gums and everything (and at occasions mixes up through which hole each thing goes). And has at least 4 packs of marlboro, which he distributes around with a big smile, and offers to light it up with his zippo (making those typical noob tricks to make the ´TCHACLA´ noise with the lighter). Knows the names of bands but never know whats playing, and always brings a waterbottle - and not beer - to the dj every 5 minutes. Thinks of tatooing ´MDMA´ on his left arm, because the right arm already is covered with a tatoo of a north american indian, a dolphin or a tribal. Calls the other party goers as ´my brothers´. At times he says the vibe of the ´cold blue fridge´ is starting to come close, so takes another ´half-I-dont-know-what´ to not lose his ´groove




    The DJ


    Shows up in the parties during the mornings. Is always in a corner talking to another DJ, normally with serious expressions as if they were discussing the future of humanity - but they´re usually talking bad about someone. If any unknown asks ´do you have some mdma´, makes a snobby face, but never admits he also wants some. Has all the songs he wants, but constantly wonder what hidden gems are in another dj´s wallets. Thinks his name is on the VIP list, even when he didnt talk to the organizer. Defends with all his might the profissionalization of his activity, including the right to play under the influence, and to play his extra ´just another quick 8 tracks´ before he lets the next dj.


    The wannabe dj


    Never leave the dancefloor. Compulsive mp3 trader, with withdrawal syndromes when away from their internet. Are sensitive, and visualise in the dj carreer a chance so that they can present their history, their feelings. Criticise at all times the lack of playing possibilities, even if with only 6 months of carreer they already played in a couple of parties. Before playing they make a promiss to the Saints, strong praying and even stretching, they know the sound like anyone and are always updated - sometimes even too much. Need to understand at all costs the difference between the genres and want to produce music, but dont want to invest money in it. Sometimes they get a ´spot in the sun´..



    Lost on E


    Screams: ´faaaaaaaaaaaaaaster djjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj´ at 1am. Professional Ear-eater, makes sure that he tells in the smallest details how life is fantastic, and asks things like ´Hey dude, did you ever come to a party with such a vibe like this before?!´. Loves the dj cabin and to dance on top of the speakers, and at 5am is already fully sleeping


    Mary Pick Up (aka Dj Hunter or Mary Headphone) - subdivision of the ´freak pop´. They preffer foreign djs - but a national one, as long as a first line and also cute is accepted. Knows all the trance-sensual dance steps, sends ´friendly´ looks to the djs and make sure they are intimate with all of them. If they need, they get a ride even with the milk truck to get to a party. Make Italian, French and Aramaic language courses, and their favourite exercise is carrying dj case. Already got yelled at by their mom for feistily saying ´do I know you?´ in the breakfast table.

  7. its been a while since I bought some cd, but I bought mostly in saikosounds, sometimes in psyshop, and sometimes chill music in backroadsmusic..


    in terms of deliver speed and price, psyshop and saikosounds were similar to me, but saikosounds´ very good costumer service, readyness to answer emails and freebies once in a while (stickers and stuff) made it a more attractive place to buy.. psyshop is effective but they got a bad attitude imo...

  8. So since you hated "Be real" & now REALLY hate the new album,

    if I loved "Be Real", would you think I would REALLY love "QNT" ???



    I thought the same thing :)


    let´s see.... I will wait for to hear them live in 2 weeks and not hear the album before

  9. Double Dragon



    What about you ?

    yeah I was also very into these artists.. afaik steve from Double dragon still produces downtempo as puff dragon


    fabel, or Alhad, had moved to brazil a few years back and was playing/djing more housy (and reallly good) stuff in some parties.. he was suppose to release some tracks as chris melchior, but its been a while since i´ve heard of him..

  10. the ´PLAY SOMETHING FASTER` candy raver


    Usually standing just in front of the dj, going nuts when the cheesiest 150bpm psy is playing, with a lollypop in the mouth to relieve his jaw tension from the 5 ecstasy pills (or from the first ecstasy pill in his/her life, or from the rectum-introduced x pill)


    Whenever some slower music, specially if a prog dj comes, no matter if everyone is enjoying, this person will keep raising up his/her arms and saying ´fasteeeeeeeeeer!!! ´ .. this person is usually in the first year of knowing about trance



    The post-goa ´mass´ Israelis


    You recognize them by always being in groups, smoking their chillums and screaming all sorts of variants of ´boom bholenat´, each trying to be more original in each saying. They usually sell crappy smoke and diluted acid, which sometimes they may even say its mescaline or something that sounds more exotic... Can be quite agressive sellers and have been seen to be fighting each other for ´market territories´.


    The ´lost ones´


    Usually came with someone, but god knows with who, and later took too much of something and got lost.. You know, they are those who surprise you at some random point during the party, just coming up to you while you are in the food queue, and say something like: " Hello intergalactic warrior! I notice the stars are sun and bed, we go the dog and tomorrow I eat tortillas" , and then they dissapear... You may eventually see this person again, with the head inside a garbage bin or maybe sleeping on the main dancefloor right next to the speakers

  11. D-Nox and Beckers: Left Behind [Electribe 1CD]

    Compilation: Set:7 Declivity [iboga 1CD]

    Puzzle: The Missing Piece [Materia Records 1CD]

    The Ataris: Space Invaded [Phantasm 1CD]

    Bitmonx vs Dj Fabio: Plugged [Plusquam 1CD]

    Compilation: Get Your Wonk On [sonic Dragon 1CD]


    there is a major lack in progressive releases imho.. there is about 10 fullon releases to 1 prog...

    there are some more new prog to check out... Vibrasphere, antix, haldolium, lime light 3 (and maybe suncontrolspecies) :)


    Im still deciding whether I will check them out, or wait to be surprised by the music this summer :rolleyes:

  12. it was the easter party not nye.. cuz snaaps ass was in costa rica then.. Although he would rather have been at the party :P

    About fullmoon festival: i think they have learned alot from the beginning and they are def professional. But i do not agree with some of their decisions at all. The prog stage last year for example was a disaster. Not because of the artists or sound but because of the set up. it was pathetic to put it gently :P The artists were up the hill far away from the dancefloor in some cheaply build shack with no deco and the bar was where the dj booth should have been. The deco was dreadfull and there were 3 lights shining constantly all night.

    If you stood on the hill in between the fullon and the prog floor the difference was sooo big it was unbelievable. Fullon floor was massive and fat and progfloor thin and ugly.

    I really hope they will change that this year.

    I hope so too, because I dont want to listen to good music in a shitty set up (like in tshitraka, blargh) :D

  13. I was treated very well when I played at Voov experience... But now they have new organizers, who I don't know anything about...

    afaik, the organizing team for voov is the same, except antaro is out, no?


    anyways, he was the key org imo, so I would be careful with vuuv from now on

  14. its been a while since I bought cds, since all my money is going to travelling


    but, I do like the digipacks, if they are well done.. seem special somehow


    what I dont like about digipacks is when they dont come with a booklet/tracklist sleeve, because Im definitely not gonna be carrying them around and I like knowing the tracks if I didnt memorize them yet :)

  15. hey abasio


    good taste, seems we like the same chill music



    but lately I havent been listening much to it.. this pre-summer vibes in europe makes me want to go party and listen to upbeat stuff, but Im definitely gonna download this mix :)

  16. antaro @ voov

    (old school sanyass crew, everything working as it should, train station stop inside the festival, good prog taste)


    boom crew

    (massive but still so much thinking, natural/ecological choices of all kinds and not just for the image)


    whoever organized ypy poty

    (best festival ever, nothing to say)


    swarup @ universo paralello is nice too

    (seems like a cool shanti guy, festi with reasonably diverse line up, always managed to keep police away)


    small prog crew of Rio

    (organizing for example Satori, a killer party in a beautiful private island.. always good line up, last time was trentemoller, flowjob, oli from mos, true to nature, oxyd, etc)



    and the worse one so far: Alex Boshke with Transit festival... lol.. ´full story coming soon, prepare for transit 2005´ and all that shit haha.. fking greedy bastards with a ´door´ between the camping of the festi and the dancefloor where they didnt allow ppl to bring water or anything.. not to mention faking location pics before the party, so it seemed like a great nature place but in fact was a shitty concrete commercial location with redbull tents, view to buildings and a railway crossing through the middle of the festival

  17. I remember going to a concert by them back in 99 or smt in Rio... Was really great! They were full active in their huge equipment table just running from one side to the other, and really cool synchronized projections behind them. The music was great too at the time


    but since then I havent heard much of anything from them.. Maybe if I have the oportunity some day again I will check them out :rolleyes:

  18. Since I have gotten it, I have gone from a rocking state to genius state. It took me around 3-4 listens, but now I am sure that this is one of the best albums released so far 2007, I will ALMOST go as far as to say that it will be on my top 3 list for this year. Lets now wait for the following:


    Son Kite/Minilogue and Atmos. :)

    and antix and haldolium and maaaaaaybe ott



  19. has anybody else downloaded it ? :drama:

    is it an older one? I had downloaded, yes.. track at min 29 if im not mistaken totally called my attention and I made a thread asking the name of it... its from Secede


    but I dont have the set here anymore, and dont remember if I knew other tracks sorry :rolleyes:

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