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  1. I had never heard about it... but I quite like drum druid´s track on butterfly dawn... then, you say there is youth involved, and I also like his second comp and his tracks... Shpongle varies, so I cant say.. but seems like a very nice cd.. is it available somewhere?

  2. Little off-topic but I would really really love to hear Hallucinogen & Juno Reactor to remix some IRON MAIDEN tunes. Now suck that all you goa guardians!  :lol:



    iron maiden actually has some kick ass instrumental stuff... I dont like the vocals, generally, but they have some really impressive ´story-telling´ music..

  3. I heard penta in transit festival, in september last year, and I really didnt like... It was too fast and noisy, thousands noisy of layers, plus samples, in a 150bpm track or somethin... It sounded like radio interference mixed with fast beats... too fking neurotic for my taste... I did see some people going wild on it, though, so I guess like always, its on the ears of the listener =)


    about this ´psychedelic´ discussion.. I dont think it´s anybody´s right to claim which music is psychedelic and which one is not, because music touches each person in a different way.. for some, maybe even britney spears may be psychedelic... Old school goa doesnt touch me or make me feel different in any way, so I dont think its psychedelic (for me) for example...



  4. I have no idea how to define full on in exact words, even because I think no genre actually has a very clear dividing line to establish it´s borders.. There are cross-overs to all sides.. But whenever I hear one of those typical rolling basslines and lots of ´bleep and scratch´ sounds, I internally label it as full on..



    now, I dont like full on.. Its a matter of taste, obviously... It just sounds too noisy for me.. I cant get the ´deep trippy´ feeling I get with dub/chill, and neither the ´groovy sexy´ feeling I get with progressive (or some prog house) music....


    To me full on sounds like the same sound always, but I guess maybe for people who are not into progressive or chill, it must all sound the same to them too...


    then there is the link between full on and people who just got into trance, ecstasy-heads and also with the ´majority´ (so it seems pop´), and this is an argument people use against it.. But for me, that doesnt matter.. I dont care if its listened by ´newbies´ or ´pros´, or if the majority likes it or not.. I dont listen to it simply because I dont like the sound

    (but I dont deny that when Im in a party with friends, Im always making fun, sometimes pretending Im on ecstasy and imitating those funny faces and mouths, and dancing like one of those muscle-dudes on ecstasy hahaha..)



    also one thing I thought is that maybe also I didnt listen to the good full on, or didnt give it a chance...

  5. its not the first time that this happens. a while ago some brazilian song "eu quero namorar" by a commercial band i dont know of , was remixed by GMS!! it seems that this stupid fashion is coming up so get ready that someday youll get another subgenre of fullon subgenre called poopypsytrance....


    yeah amithaba, that one was lame.. not only do I really dislike gms and all full on clones alike, but that song they remixed is totally lame and pop.. you know, the type of songs that 13 year old teenage girls scream and raise their hand in excitement and start singing along in their parties =)


    (nothing against a 13 year old though... just an example)

  6. My experience of a chat in addition to an already existing forum (in this case, it is the Lucid Dreaming discussion forum at www.ld4all.com that also has a chat), is that the chat conversations soon get very out-of-topic as there simply isn't that much to exchange about the actual topic; in this case psychedelic music. We already see this forum getting out-of-topic quite often, and I think this would be even more so if a Psynews chat were started. But sure, it would be great if we would like to befriend each other and get more personal with each other, but not as a mean for more psychedelic music discussion in my opinion.


    Take this forum, for example.. there are more posts in the off topic section than in the general section... so you can be sure that in any case, a chatroom would be somehow off topic =)


    but Im sure if you wanted to know something in specific about music, or wanted to start a music discussion, people would definitely continue your discussion...

  7. there was a topic a couple of weeks ago about this I think...


    indeed a chatroom is always nice, but I think the real ´owner´, mars, does not have time for this.. (psynews version 2 rings any bell?) So we should use some chatroom elsewhere... sonicblend would be the best option imo...

  8. Well, it doesn't really matter what artist is being remixed as long as the end result has something to add or offer. Rude Ass Tinker has remixed Aimee Mann's "One" and Mc Hammer's "Can't touch this" and the end product is really good. What makes his remixes special is that they are so fundamentaly different from the original and you only recognize small parts.


    Remixes done by the isra-clones will be crap 99% of the time but that should come as no surprise as their standard output is 99% carp. A Britney Spears remix could be very cool if someone with talent and a twisted brain (read Texas Faggott) remixed it.


    Psy-trance has always been inspired by pop culture, just look at all the samples, especially the multitude of obvious Matrix samples. The trick is to put these samples in a new context and the same applies to the remixes.


    I'm still waiting for a psychedelic Ghostbusters theme song remix.


    very well said.. thats what I meant.. It doesnt matter which artist is being remixed.. what matters is what comes out..

    Just like I said, minilogue remixing michael jackson came out really good, groovy stuff... minilogue kicks ass

  9. not really surprising...


    but I dont think the artist that is being remixed says anything about the track..


    Like, for example, minilogue´s remix of Bille Jean from michael jackson.. I really dig that track and I dont dig michael jackson, since I was like 10 or smt..



    still.. I know what you mean... full on just keeps on getting worse... But at least I dont like this genre anyway, so I cannot get dissapointed =)

  10. so this cd arrived yesterday.. Im still on the first listen..


    I really dig all of this.. Its a slooooow cd, no ´cross over psygressive´, housy and groovy stuff...


    I still need to listen a bit more, but I really dig most of the tracks.. There were 3 tracks that I didnt enjoy so much though..


    I didnt like so much the qualia track.. Too fast and.. I dont know.. a bit too much for me.. I also didnt really enjoy the 2 guitar tracks (7 and 8)...

    I still am on the first listen, so probably I will notice different things and digest these tracks a bit more, but for now:


    one of the best prog compilations lately, together with prooved vol 2 and playground...

    The cover, I liked a bit more than what I saw on the internet.. I digged the ´case slip´, and felt it was somehow ok the colourfull interior of the cover.. I still didnt like so much the front cover, but its not sooo bad..


    btw.. the people who zombi thanks on the cover are the people to watch out for... life is progressive =)

  11. I am somehow a purist when listening to music.. I want to get as best listen to it as possible, so I like to be concentrating and really listening to the music, not doing something else (appart from dancing or smoking a joint or whatever)... If I go do some exercise or whatever listening to psytrance, I feel I am somehow ´wasting´ the music..



    so I normally do my stuff without psytrance/chill.. at max some yoga listening to chill



    I´d like to exercise a bit more than Im doing though.. Just weekly soccer and trail-hiking, and daily stretching is not enough.. I wanna sweat everyday.. gotta start moving a bit more

  12. I could advise you to come to brazil... awesome girls, beautiful nature and very good parties.. but I guess you wont come, so lets talk about europe



    well, I would advise you to go next year, not this.. why? because I wont be there this year hahahah.. nah but really... If I would go to europe, I would consider going to the following 3 festivals:

    Sonica in italy (for the location and the chill line up)


    Voov in germany (great fucking organization, and I loved the music last year)


    Samothraki in greece (I heard lots of bad stories about cops, but since they are doing it again, I guess they will have solved this problem.... but man, the line up, the place and the people seemed fucking awesome)


    and of course, anything else that would come my way... but if you go next year, maybe we meet =)

  13. hey psyangel, thanks, but my prob is in the cubase itself not reaktor.. thanks anyway =)



    hey shpongled.. tell me something.. what did you do? Can you tell me also which synth you used, so that I do exactly the same thing?


    I mean, you put to add a vsti, and choose ´reaktorVST´.. then you went in the little ´browser´ and choose ´library, instruments´ and then chose your synth.. then the little ensemble panel appeared.. now, did you do something in the cubase sequencer too? like choose a chanel, and putting the out/in as the reaktorvst? did you have to draw the notes on the ´midi key editor´? and then you just put play, both on cubase and on the reaktor window inside cubase, and some sounds came out?

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