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  1. I always have a really hard time to choose ´best ever´ artists...


    vibrasphere chill tracks are absolutely amazing


    sandspider is very good stuff too


    nada (and abakus) have really gotten to me too...


    ott rocks too!


    angel tears, inspite of the damn ugly covers have amazing music...



    and promising debut artists: kaya project, androcell, bluetech and kukan dub lagan



    for sure more that I forgot but these I mentioned are very good and I´ve listened many many times without getting bored =)



    oh yeah and a few days ago I saw a live from ooze, and was stunned... I mean, I was on acid, which made me notice some little details and layers in different ways, hehe.. but it was incredible, very very nice build-ups, amazing visuals (I specially remember some underwater sounds mixed with flying metallic birds haha)

  2. "and where can i find music form bluetech? i live in america so dont say a music shop "


    man.. america has quite a lot of ambient music shops..


    check www.ambientairlines.com for example


    or a really great one (maybe a bit expensive and confusing website, but the owner is really friendly, and the catalog is huge) is www.backroadsmusic.com


    both in the west coast, san francisco or LA area I think...



    if not there, you can order in other online shops, like www.psyshop.com or www.saikosounds.com

  3. " Didn't you get the other CD "Prima Materia" with "Elementary Particles" though? That one is like 65 minutes or something..."


    yeah I did... I thought you were talking only about elementary particles =)


    actually I preffer elementary particles to prima materia.. There isnt one single track I dont like in elementary particles, while in prima materia, there are a couple or maybe 3 that are not gems imo.. but overal, excellent buy, very good music, artwork, etc




    btw.. maybe you guys should try androcell.. its different, but it also has this emotional melodic quality that abakus and bluetech have

  4. I agree that it´s a wonderful album! I got it recently in the mail and was very happy.. not to mention the nice cover art too =)


    and lol at ´yawnbient´ with huva network hahah... Indeed its somehow too slow for me, except for a couple of tracks, but some people seem to love it.


    But I disagree that abakus is shallow... I like it very much..


    anyway, back to bluetech.. to bad it´s so short heh? 45 mins or something...


    I love it... Recomend to everybody, great stuff

  5. depends.. I always have a hard time finding the ´favourite´.... it changes depending on the mood, situation, etc...


    lately I´ve been digging bluetech, androcell... this year the ones I most listened to was Ott and Abakus.... Im waiting to arrive Adham Shaikh (which is for sure excellent), the new Gabriel Le Mar, the new pitch black cd and the new sounds from the ground cd... maybe some of them will become favourites..


    I´ve been listening a lot to some compilations too, like Wider Horizons, or Natural Born Chillers...


    and different more world-like chill, as Gaudi -bass sweat and tears have been constantly playing in my stereo too...

  6. hey krelm.. Im listening to the second part, but Im going to have dinner soon.... Is the stream saved somewhere where I could hear it some other time? maybe pm me (and I would be very glad if I could hear the ´bruno gomes and banel´ mix again)



    btw, your own mix was very nice.. some ´fat and dirty´ stuff in the end, with nice percussions hehehe

  7. hard to choose the BEST... each party has it´s own characteristics..


    like for example, voov this year was great overall... transit had a bad location, bad organization, but the most amazing line up... antaris was when I met this special girl, and was nice overall..


    or trancendence 2003, in Brazil, had one of the most amazing locations ever, waterfalls near, free water, etc, but the bathrooms sucked...


    ypy poty 2001 (or 2002?) in Brazil was amazing in all senses... but I dont remember much about the music..


    so it changes.. advantages and disadvantages.. I can say, though, that I never went to a totally bad festival or parties, and that I dont regret going to any either..



    djs and live acts? well that changes a lot for me.. Freq has been one of the tops this year.. or in the chill out, ott was amazing... but who know´s, maybe in a few months I see some other amazing stuff, and many others.. I cant compare, each in a different way hehehe

  8. Hello...


    so guys, here´s the thing.. I always wanted to try to make music (specially ambient), but my computer just sucked too much.. now I will get a new computer this coming week, and I would like to start fiddling with music-making... I used to play the piano when I was a kid, but I dont remember shit.. probably if I take a few lessons, or just start doing it on my own, I get the hang of it again, at least a little..


    so where should I start? What softwear would it be nice to start? Fruity loops? What version? and I just read an interview from bluetech, and he says he uses almost only software, and he really likes Reaktor.. is that a good one for me to use? What about plugins, can I get good ones, are they easy to find?


    another thing.. (sorry for my ignorance) but most artists use keyboards to play (not the computer ones.. I mean the piano-like ones).. So is that necessary ? How do you connect that to the computer?


    any other hints and tips you guys might have, please say



  9. this cd is awesome... I expected something different, so on the first listen it didnt impress me.. then second, and third, and I was like: wooooowww


    Some tracks are just amazing.... ayahuasca deep fall, what a bassline (right towelie?)... the next track chaine a chaine too, very good.. and that track with the pigmy people is very beautiful... in the cd with 15 tracks, I loved 8 tracks, liked 4, and thought 3 were ok.. no bad tracks... so I guess that´s good



    and towelie.. would you mind telling me where you think the samples were? for example, the track 2 (where ott also has the same lyrics) is not sample, as it seems, but its recorded by gaudi by these singers.... it´s a famous poem, so it might explain why it was already used before..


    and also, if you had bought the cd you would have see that the (great) booklet explain exactly what instrument and in what tracks the guest musicians play

  10. Now what the fuck is this all about? Just because she's a girl you all start discussing her looks? Is it that hard to focus on the music? Do you have any idea what it's like for the few female artists and DJs in this scene, being judged based on their faces and the size of their breats? It's always the same when a female performer is discussed... just drop it guys, it's about music.



    I dont fully agree here.. I mean, yeah for sure it sucks if the girl artists are MUSICALLY judged because of their appearance... but if we keep it separate, her physical from her musical talent, I dont see how it would be a problem to discuss about either of them...

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