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  1. hey!


    im just starting to play a bit with music softwares too, so there will be other people with more ´pro´ opinion, but what I can say:


    fruity loops seems to be the easiest program to start...


    for a full and very big range of possibilities, the combination would be Cubase (basically the sequencer) and Reaktor (to build soft synths, etc)...



    as for artists that use only synth, im pretty sure there are but I dont know any names.. oh, I do know one name, but it´s more dub/ambient music: Bluetech.. and his music is very good!


    Im sure there are things that hardwares are good for, but until you get to a level where you actually really need it, I think its quite some time (years?) of fiddling and playing with software...


    lets see what others have to say =)

  2. thanks a lot!


    I am having trouble importing the vierring (sequenced synth) to cubase...


    From what I understand, you make a midi track, and you choose on the selector for the in/out to be the reaktor vst... now, as it seems, either you play the notes while you record it, or you open the key editor and ´draw´ the keys there, right?


    but neither of these work for vierring.. maybe because its a sequenced synth.. so how do I insert the sequenced synth and get some sound out of it inside the cubase sequencer ? (and I want to use one of the pre-set sequences inside the synth, and not have to type it note by note on the editor, if possible)


    thanks a lot, and I hope Im not being annoying with these questions hehe =)

  3. maaaaaaan, this vierring sequenced synth is so awesome! perfect for the housy and dubby stuff I want to make



    Still no idea on how to do nice basslines...


    (btw, my question upthere still remains... I am having hard trouble making melodies by using the mouse.. cant I use my computer keyboard and somehow link the keys to specific keys in the virtual piano keys on the synths? Im sorry if this sounds dumb, Im just really a newbie)

  4. thanks slyman... I hope I can ever understand all you said hahaha =)


    no but really.. Im messing with things here, and I hope in 1 week Im a professional musician already (lol, kidding)..



    ok stupid question (do you mind if its a cubase one? Im trying to use both now.. really hard hehe)... in vstis like novation bass station, there is a keyboard (piano) on the screen.. but it sucks to have to go with the mouse clicking on the keys.. can I do something that I use my own keyboard somehow to click on the keys, like, making a virtual piano on my keyboard so that I can somehow play as if I was playing the real thing?

    does it make sense?

  5. ok so, I wanted to check out if I can make some music... I just got reaktor 4, and I have no idea where to begin.. do you guys know any good tutorials, or can give me some tips?



    Is reaktor a self-sufficient program? I mean, could I, theoretically make all the steps of a track with it?


    any tips you can give on reaktor, or name of good vsti s?



    how do I get a good sounding bass and beat?


    Im a reeeeaaal newbie, so please be patient... =)

  6. appart from the ones that were said:




    also has a few psy and ambient (even some hard to find, occasionally)..



    as for ambient, there is:



    (huuuuge catalog of ambient/dub/world/yoga music... The owner is really friendly and open, and always answer and helps with recommendations.. but the homepage is not user-friendly at all... kinda expensive, but completely reliable.. I've ordered several times and no prob) .... Located in USA




    (also has some ambient/dub music, located in usa.. I never bought from there, so I cant say if its good or not...)



    (chaosunlimited's downbeat division.. has some nice chill/dub/ambient music... I heard well about it, but never ordered myself.. Located in UK)












    but hey..



    "alack of reality - yep"


    who´s to judge what is reality and whats not? Is going to a job from 9-17, monday to fridays, reality? Or is travelling through all different places in the world reality? Or is staying at home watching tv reality?


    To me, going to psy party and having anything to do with this ´culture´, is just as reality as anything else... or I might say, just as unreality as anything else...

  8. hey kiph.. im not sure if thats how people really use this term...


    from what it seemed to me, psygressive is not the same as progressive trance in the normal psychedelic scene... like, for example, if progressive trance is antix, then psygressive would be something like latest genetic spin (as opposed to early genetic spin, which was more to the normal progressive side)


    but whatever, genres are always a matter of discussion...


    (ps.. I preffer normal progressive than psygressive)

  9. are you on about "my head feels like a frizbee"?

    (coz that ends in a samba bonanza style ending)

    I suppose the ending on this track is a little all over the shop - seems like they lost the will to carry on in a sensible way :)


    p.s. we'll leave you mother outta this...



    haha yeah that part is also one of the ones that make me not enjoy them so much...


    but I was really talking about star shpongled banner.. in the end, when there is this ´ooooh ooooh ooohhh ooohh ooooh, te pego, ooohh ooohh oooh´... or whatever heheh... maybe 1 minute before the end




    anyway, as I said, I like the ´are you shpongled´ cd... I hope their third to-be-released cd is more like the first, than the second.. or at least something different from both..



    p.s. my mother appreciates it =)

  10. Well, its going pretty well I guess, as at least until now, nobody said anything about my mother yet hahaha



    Shpongle is great and to speak of anything less is heresy.

    Join the whipping queue with asura!


    hahah thats what I thought


    well, in the end it obviously has to do with taste...


    but say, for example, the track star sphongled banner... more towards the end, there are 2 things that for me are too irritating.. first is that it becomes too noisy and trancey in a hallucinogen style (not my cup of tea, sorry.. In terms of trance, im more into the slow prog stuff).. and the worst, is this sample, that comes from this Brazillian Carnival festival.. and it comes from such a cheesy and dumb situation, I cant even listen to it..


    and other tracks with some vocals/samples that I dont really like, or too noisy moments...


    so in the end, it doesnt seem to me that its all so geniously put together.. seems more that its the guy´s taste, and not necessarily something impressive.. (my opinion... of course for some it may be genious and they are just as right)..




    and asura.. I didnt hear the entheogenic´s first album.. I did hear the second one though, and its pretty nice... not the best album ever, but quite enjoyable...


    oh and btw.. I hope people use their energies on whipping your ass first, and then are too tired to whip me hahahahah =)

  11. appart from the ones I already mentioned:



    adham shaikh is pretty good..



    j viewz is very nice too


    I absolutely loved the on air remix by Midival Punditz, but unfortunately I dont know anything else from them.. Im sure its good, though =)


    I like Youth a lot too... nice stuff..



    I normally preffer the more dubby types of chill, but for some more ambient and generally beatless stuff, Ishq is one of the few that I have really been able to enjoy..


    as for more sexy loungy chill, I really enjoyed the compilation Chill Pill.. specially 2 tracks: Tao of groove - she ran around

    and jazzelicious - sambossa

  12. Ooze - definately. I wish they made another album, the first is my all time favourite chillout. :)


    indeed their album is genious... I heard the live this NYE, and I was impressed...


    The thing is, the first part of the live was from that first cd, and this part was great.. the second part was stuff I didnt know, more beatless, less basslines, etc.. I didnt like so much..


    and I read an interview from the beginning of 2004, that seb was working on the second ooze cd.. I wonder if it will be like the second part of their live, which I didnt like so much .. I hope they keep working on the bass and beats

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