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  1. Wow, thanks for all the great leads. I really liked the 1200 micrograms CD!! I haven't even got to sample them all yet!
  2. I would always play my trance/dance music in my room so she had no choice but to listen to it. She started to like it after a while, asking me who does certain songs etc. That's how she got XM radio. So she could listen to electronica. I have made her copies of all the trance/dance stuff I have so far. I'm about to send her some psy trance and see if she likes it. She was a flower girl also, so I think she will! My dad doesn't like it at all. He never really hears me play it though. I don't live with my parents anymore. Funny story real quick...one of my jobs is I work at a retail store in america called "Sears" selling electronics. When it's slow, I'll hook up my mp3 player to one of the stereo systems and play my music. (btw the town i live in they nicknamed it "Heavens Waiting Room". A real statistic shows that the majority of the population in our town is over 50. Anyway, so this old guy walks up to look at DVD/VCR players and you see this odd look on his face and he says "What is that noise"!? Then I smiled and said, "Oh, that's music playing from one of our stereos." He said "That ain't music." I wanted to punch him in the face. jk. Anyway, I can't stand people that don't respect the time and effort that goes into making electronic music. Sorry didn't mean to hijack!!
  3. Just bought Xerox & Illumination, and D-Tek - Broken Disk. :posford:
  4. I don't avidly listen to any other music than electronic. I can stand very little rap, and I loathe punk and all that mainstream stuff like fall out boys etc. Basically all the stuff that's overplayed on the radio and tv is what I don't like lol. I will admit, there are a FEW songs I don't mind listening to that come on the radio, but not many. When I was a teen, I listened to rap and I was big into bass in the car etc. I always liked electronic music though. Any kind except for very repetative house or something of that sort. I like electronic music that you just have to bob your head to. I started merging 99% of my listening to electronic music when I got XM radio. I never changed the station from 82 "The System", which is a completely trance channel. Then I found out about BPM on channel 81, which was a dance channel. My XM radio never moves from those 2 channels. I got hard core into psy trance by accident really. There was this song that I really liked on the trance channel and I didn't know where to find it. I e-mailed the main DJ of the channel and he told me it was "Space Manouvers Part 3" by a person called "Quivver". He said I can download the mp3 at "trackitdown.net". When I went to the site, I saw the access to all the genres, and went through the top 10 of all the genres. On "psy-trance" I found "Bloomonday" remixed by "Domestic". I was like "oh shit that's badass." I bought the CD and it was history from then on.
  5. Wow! Thanks for all the replies! Looks like I've got a lot of listening to do! Oh darn...
  6. Hi! Welcome to psynews. I hardly ever post around here but have been reading for 3+ years. I live in FL too. Boca Raton. We do some psy parties once in a while if you are interested...

  7. Ok, thanks for the help guys. Looks like D-Tek's Broken Disk is gonna get bought. Also liked Twisted System and Alien Project.
  8. In my visor CD holder in my car I have Domestic - Art Making Machine Intelabeam - Looking for a Cure Sub 6 - Saved EP Delirious - Break Point Ferry Corsten - L.E.F. Cascada - Everytime we touch Benassi Bros - Phobia Benny Benassi - Hypnotica 4 Strings - Mainline iiO - Poetica and Dane Cook's Stand up cd's =)
  9. Cool thanks, I'll check those out. BTW, What are some good sites to sample psytrance? I have trackitdown.net, psyshop.com, and israelimusic.com. Thanks!
  10. My first psytrance album I purchased was "Domestic-Art Making Machine". I love the heavy beats, and I just like that style of music. If anyone can tell me some more artists that have a similar sound, or do good full-on, let me know!! Thanks!
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