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    now i'm really intrigued what sort of keyboard play we would have seen in this thread.
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    I was looking through this forum and came across this thread and your pdf and i must say it makes things MUCH easier to classify the different psytrance genres than EVER before. Personally it would be nice to have the other sections (origins, more examples) with their retrospective subgenre sections but I can understand that it allows people to go through the basics first before it gets that much more complex. I've been working on my own project for breaking down and explaining genres in chronological cd length playlists for just over 10 years and its clear this next year I should spend the time on trance and psytrance and going more in depth with them as you have illustrated and exploring the subgenres a whole lot more. Most of those lists are old and I've added onto them rather than break them apart into different lists like Hardcore and Drum & Bass. Anyway your lists are so comprehensive I may need to go through my existing ones and see what i may have missed out on. Most of mine were based on multiple sources and posts on this forum a couple times, like with Full-On. Anyway it will be good to compare and contrast and then look into subgenres i haven't checked out yet. I'm looking into Nitzonot this week. I'm seeing many things i agree with but other albums seems a bit weaker choices. If you're up for feedback on improvements I'd love to help. Agneton and Psygreg seems like the great experts of that. [edit: update] I was actually looking into Psycore when i found your thread. That still seems a little under-documented as a whole but it seems like the black sheep of the psy/hardcore families. Anyway I just wanted to first say thank you and also show what I've compiled on my side of the internet. Hopefully I'll be catching up on Psychedlic Trance all through 2020. Anyway glad to meet you and thanks again!
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    The only thing, I can say regarding this album, is: It's my guilty pleasure.
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    New subgenre, climate metal
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