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Ephedra: Another Place on Earth (OUT NOW!)

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Available in both digipack & digital format here: BANDCAMP

We are very happy to present the new album by Ephedra entitled "Another place on Earth" 
After 3 crazy years filled with tons of positive and less positive events, Alex is back with 9 Goatrance tracks filled with nostalgic melodies, crazy acid lines, deep atmospheres and much much more!
We hope you will enjoy the ride, the madness continues! 


Artwork by: Pieter Pan 

Mastering by: Tim Schuldt 

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  • GoaMadnessRec changed the title to Ephedra: Another Place on Earth (OUT NOW!)
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Ephedra, you know I love you. But this is more of the same and less experimental or breathtaking than your previous offerings.
I feel like you've rushed the album to make the album. It's hard to find emotions in tracks, as they all sound very samey and not so surprising.

Shoot, I hoped for something bigger, more melodic, sometimes some faster music.
I'm left a bit disappointed. You can do so much better. You will.

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9 hours ago, Tsotsi said:

Ah man, I feel like I should get banned for this. Ephedra's Bassline is plenty strong. Stronger than Vodka even.

... no, it's well deserved, because the bassline obviously was not stronger than what the guy had whom you adressed with that line :wacko:

I will compensate with a like for the album :)

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