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NEW PROJECT: Old School Goa Trance live videos


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New project playlist created: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkAqGLhQtsJ32najDKbzsmiqfNYNX6Se3

I would like this playlist to contain as much OLD GOA LIVE VIDEOS as there are available on YouTube.

It should be a LIVE VIDEO collection - not a "live set" collection ... there are many recordings of live sets out there, but for this I want videos, i.e. moving pictures - I want to see how the DJs looked like, what equipment was there, what people were there and what they wore. (This is not so much important right now, but in a few years down the line it'll be all the more interesting for everybody, I believe... ;) )

It's a bit tricky as to label what is old when it comes to live videos ... in my terms I'd be thinking pre-2000 but I find it seriously hard to dig up such old videos, that's why you find a System 7 one from 2009 in there for example ... and Son Kite from 2004 ... I was not sure whether to keep them in there, but at the moment it's so few videos that I leave them in ... and if you have stuff up to 2005 or even later, hell, just recommend it, I'd be thankful. I can separate lists if we get enough videos - but I'm not gonna do that if we are still under 30...

Maybe you know more stuff? Help me extend the playlist, post your suggestions here and I will include them and be thankful :)



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18 minutes ago, staffan said:

Maybe something like this?


Magnificent! Thanks a lot - all of these are going in ... except the last one - I love Triquetra, but I'll have to make a newschool list first ... probably going to be the next project B)

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On 7/26/2020 at 12:09 AM, RTP said:


Magnificent! Thanks a lot - all of these are going in ... except the last one - I love Triquetra, but I'll have to make a newschool list first ... probably going to be the next project B)

Why did I put the Vimeo link for OOOD? Lol, here's the YT and some more suggestions. =))


Juno Reactor and Astral Projection.



Two old videos with Miko, California Sunshine.



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On 9/10/2020 at 11:52 PM, the goa constrictor said:

this is lovely!

and I think the 2004 Son Kite video is old enough. Colours is one of those defining albums that helped formalize a new sound n style. That seems relevant when considering validity =)

Hehe, thanks ... I leave the System 7 in there too as long as I don't find a better one...

On 9/16/2020 at 1:20 PM, MikroMakro said:

Look up COGOA and IrisWolong on Youtube, superb collection of authentic videos from Goa, live videos footage on the beaches and other DJ sets etc. There is also a classic Maharashtra 1992 Goa party.

That is highly interesting!

Even though I found out (thanks to comments) that at least one of the "live" videos is made by combining audio from a different sources ... I have mixed feelings about this, because it's un-tellable to the non-knowing and I want the content to be most authentic - however, what's better: an original but crappy audio or a comparable but good audio with tracks from that exact era ... but fact is some videos are really good and I'll just surf through and include them, we only have a finite number of the old ones anyway...

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Collection of Old Party Vids



Solipse - Ozora 1999




Goa Party 1992 in Vagator-Goa



Solipse - Zambia 2001



Party in Goa - 1999



Hallucinogen - 2006 (ok I know that´s stretching it a bit already)



1992 - Arambol - Goa



1997 - Unknown location



more to come soon ...




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On 4/25/2021 at 9:12 PM, Scandinasia said:

Hello. Has this been updated ?

I admit: I don't update it often ... but I try to do it casually ... to give the YT algorithm the impression that there's more often coming somehting new...

Some already got removed again by the algorithm ... it informed me that six vids were gone :o

Lost In Time they are, I'm afraid. But we still got enough to make the list a joy to watch ^_^

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